Hit And Miss Photography With HRCG…

Hit and miss photography with HRCG is just that…you are along for the ride…so hang on…and here we go!!!


Annie has her radar finely tuned in!


Aussies on alert..where’s the food and who do we get to bite?


Horses make my heart feel good:)


My model kitty, Minnie…she loves to pose…and I love her stripes and her colors…Minnie Mouse is the Queenie of my House! She’s the cat…who knows where its at…just ask her:)


Melody gave me her heart with her huge brown eyes, as they melted into my heart, when I first met her…


Incredible weather this Spring here in Juniper…on the wow scale it is a 99% wowzer!


We can have crazy weather and crazy times in our life and yet…God gives us a double rainbow! Dreams do come true! Do not ever give up your dreams, no matter how hard life is…hang on to your dreams as God gave them to you!


“Meowsises…Mom hangs on to her hope and her faith…and me:)”


Ms. Ellie…is so cute and a very smart girl…I love Aussies!


“Mom, what did you say?” “Huhrummph, dogs are silly!”


Juniper Canyon Gold….


God Bless America!


God Bless The Red, White And Blue!


Home Of The Free…Home Of The Brave!


I love nice Quarter Horse butts…


What’s a quarter horse butt? And a cattle ranch? Don’t you mean “Minnie’s Kitty Ranch”?

Ranch House Remodeling…Hang On!

Before we began the remodel…before the siding was off…we had a yellow house.

Today our house looks like this…a rather naked tongue and groove house, almost a 100 years old. When I was little, I vaguely remember it being white…my parents put the first siding on it when I was 6…and then the yellow siding when I was 19. Today the insulation guys came and blew the walls full of insulation to help with being energy-efficient and to lower the electric bills next winter.

I think Minnie is ready to start her own blog about how “NOT” to remodel your house!

Between the pounding on the roof and the various people who come each day….”Geez Mom can you please stop it!”

I know Minnie I know but we have to finish it. It looks sort of old and pretty bad except for the new roof:)

The last time we remodeled we started here in the kitchen…

And found out we had a chimney that was hidden. Mom did not tell me about hiding the chimney when she remodeled the original kitchen. I always wondered why she had a funny shaped closet over there and we found out:) The wall that you see beside Bill we opened up…

To the living area so that when I was cooking I could still visit with WB or guests…this is looking back from the living area.

Yes we saved Mom’s GE steel kitchen…I will show you in a minute.

But first I want to show you one of the original 1920 red fir cupboards with the breadboard still intact. When Mom remodeled the kitchen in 1960 taking out the original kitchen she saved this cupboard and also the pass through cupboard for storage down in the basement…they were painted a mint green with pink trim….along with several other paint colors that I found when I refinished them. I remember my Mom making pie shells and cut out cookies on the breadboard…I would stand on a chair next to her and help:) I do have the original red fir top but switched it out with this awesome piece of pine from one of the old mills around here.

Both cupboards are back in the kitchen where they began…when our cabinet maker came to our home the first time he immediately noticed the old growth red fir floors…he said 30 years before he bought a bunch of antique red fir wood at a lumber auction and the wood was old then…would I be interested in having him make the kitchen cabinets out of it? Yes…Yes…Yes! I strive to return the house to the original build and era of 1920 and the kitchen turned out beautiful…classic and simple as he modeled the cabinets after the original kitchen cabinet.

Minnie was really “NOT” impressed with totally re-arranging her kitchen either…the carpenters left for the day and she came out of hiding to see what was going on…see how amazed she looks:)

Here is Mom’s steel GE kitchen in the shop now…and in this picture, T and I are making Norwegian Lefse…also known as potato cakes. Yummy and very good:)

We have a ways to go but before we know it, the house will be done:) I can plant my flowers…Wild Bill can sleep better again…and Minnie will be happy having her house back in order:)

Until then…she is staying on the coffee table keeping an eye on me:)


Blue skies smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies do I see
Bluebirds singing a song
Nothing but bluebirds all day long…Nothing but blue skies from now on:)

Versatile Bloggers Award…Wowie Zowie!

Versatile Bloggers Award…Wowie Zowie!

Yesterday afternoon as I was putting together my secret family spaghetti sauce…I had a humbling surprise. Creative Noshing  sent a note saying that she had nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award!

I was so excited to be nominated that Minnie and I did the happy dance:) Well ok she watched as I did a quick disco move or two…

Then she rolled back over and went back to her afternoon nap!

When I first started this blog last summer, I was not sure what tags were or categories or really what was Word Press and how did it work? I have learned that this is a community of fellow bloggers with stories to tell and pictures to share. I have read beautiful inspiring words that reach down deep to touch your heart and occasionally even my toes…very gifted writers that have the ability to tell the story in one word. Photo images that are simply breathtaking…gifted photography that pulls you into the story that is being told through that one image. The creative and artistic element that involves so many artists on Word Press is helping me to grow and learn…thank you for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and artistic ability

Thank you to Creative Noshing  for nominating me. You have given me encouragement and determination to write better and shoot more pictures:)

Now I am to share seven interesting things about myself and nominate seven other blogs.

A picture of WB and I visiting with a fellow survivor and friend…we are on the right. Tough Enough To Wear Pink Day or TETWP happens every Thursday of the Pendleton Round Up Rodeo…cowboys, contestants and everyone in the crowd comes to the rodeo that day wearing pink. It is a day of hope and celebration for survivors…I was in charge of the arena presentation for the survivors…which included their family members…as those who are in our family are very much survivors with us. TETWP raises money and awareness each year for local cancer survivors with support to help with their healing physically and emotionally. TETWP is a national organization that has spread to every rodeo whether large or small…check it out in your area:)

Seven random things about me….

 1: The end of July 1993 at about 9500′ elevation behind Yellowstone Park I was gathering and moving cattle with several neighbors. We had about 500 head gathered as we moved them up Pinion Ridge, which is a dividing ridge for the Columbia River, The Green River and The Mississippi River. As we started up this massive ridge a Wyoming thunderstorm had begun…the lightning struck all around us, starting small fires that the snow would put out…yes we were in a blizzard of snow too as we climbed…it was so bad near the top that the only thing I could do was pull my hat down lower and allow my horse to follow the one black cow we could see…I had no idea where I was and where my neighbors were. We were all in a storm cloud that boomed with thunder and flashed with lightning that was brilliantly white in the snow. Finally we came into a clearing…the storm faded away and the sun came out…the herd was together on the grassy meadow with all my neighbors. I sat in the sun soaking it up and was visiting with a neighbor when he said “Oh look Doc is trying to chase a Buffalo out of the herd…it looks to be 3-4 years old…lets go”…no one will believe this….and Toto we are not in Kansas anymore….a buffalo in the herd…what?

2. I love to write….as evidenced above! I have written as far back as I can remember…being an only child it gave me something to do with my imagination.

3. I love photography…I am self-taught and still learning…I get truly excited when I walk into a camera store to look at new equipment. Photography and writing go hand in hand…they feed my heart and spirit and I love doing both.

4. My office is in my parents old bedroom…I spent many nights in there due to the boogie man or the wind blowing or the house creaking…mostly the boogie man.

5. I am a tall person and a short person in one….my leg inseam is 36 as I am mostly legs and that is the tall person part…my arms are long too and I can bend them in weird ways…the upper part of me is little….when I sit down I sit short but when I stand up I am tall.

6. My husband “Wild Bill” builds custom cars…we own and operate Holton Secret Lab LLC…www.holtonsecretlab.com This  is a 1928 Dodge Coupe that WB customized and built with various details….such as a V-12 Jag engine….WB had to custom build the engine compartment to make the V-12 fit…the name of the car is “Jagged” and he is still working to finish it…the above picture was taken in our shop in May 2011.

7. I went to a small school 8 miles from the house…in the four-year high school there was between 35-45 students. When our youngest son began 1st grade in the same school he had two kids in his class….himself and a girl.

8. One more thing….see I told you I like to write….I am living in a house that I was born into on our century farm….my Grandfather Gunder built the house for my Great Grandmother Anne Marie in 1920…my parents moved into it in 1939 and WB and I moved into it in 1980.

My choices for the seven blogs:

The Simple Life Of A Country Mans Life

Real Ranch Wife

Veeder Ranch

My New Favorite Day

Brian Gaynor Photography

Sotardalen Nokota Horses

1001 Scribbles

If the above mentioned nominees feel moved to play the game, here are the rules:

  1. In a post on your blog, nominate 7 fellow bloggers for The Versatile Blogger Award.
  2. In the same post, add the Versatile Blogger Award.
  3. In the same post, thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog.
  4. In the same post, share 7 completely random pieces of information about yourself.
  5. In the same post, include this set of rules.
  6. Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs.

It was hard to pick only seven as every person on Word Press is very good!

Congrats from HR Cowgirl!

Minnie Mouse Is The Queenie Of My House

Minnie Mouse Is The Queenie Of My House  and My Life:) She is my constant companion and bestest ever friend.

Today Minnie wanted to add a blog entry… so I’m turning it over to her:)

 Uhhh Mom can I finish my bath first…I am so embarrassed that you caught me…I am very fastidious about my coat and stripes not being crossed up anywhere.

Meow and Hello, my name is Minnie…Mouse…and I am the Queen of My Mom’s House…I am a Cool Cat who knows where everything is at!

 I will be 17 years old on Mother’s Day this year…am I not the most precious and extremely wise kitty you ever saw? Emphasis on “Precious and Wise…”

I love rolling and playing on my Navajo blanket as it scratches my fur…and it feels sooooo good!

I’m a tiger…no a cheetah…a cougar…I’m bold…I’m rough…and tough… “I’m A Country Cowgirl Cougar Cheetah Cat!!!”

Ohhhh that feels so good to roll around and make my Navajo into a big fat wad with me inside it:) Hee hee as Mom then has to find me and straighten it all out again…kind of fun to make her work:)

Whew I had a workout…stretch…roll…romp…meow…I worked on my obliques and kitty muscle!  I hope Mom has the heating pad nice and warm for me:)

And of course I have several cat tv movies to watch on my laptop under the table…I love my Cat DVD shows with lots of birds and cool squirrels…wowie zowie meowie!!!

See how pretty I am…my heat pad is very complimentary to my colors and I love laying on it next to Mom is her office. Whenever I see Dad head towards the office I race ahead of him to be sure he does not take “my chair”…sometimes he tries to race me but I always win:)

I hate being picked up…I let Mom do it but no one else…she likes to cuddle and hug…uh…hurry up and put me down:) I love my Mommy and even though she gives me hugs like this and sometimes takes me to see the vet in the Burb…which I hate….I know she loves me a lot:)

I am the “Queenie of Mom’s House”…my name is Minnie Mouse….I know where it’s at cuz I’m the cat!!!

Hope you all have a meowie zowie day!!!

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