Misty Memories Of Mom

Misty memories of my Mom came to me this late afternoon.


I had been in the office all day and as I walked into the kitchen, the view outside my window was full of magic time and late afternoon fog drifting, eddying around the sagebrush across the road towards the creek…and it hit me…all of a sudden I was a young girl getting home from school on the school bus…climbing down the stairs of the bus, I turned and said “Have a good evening Red”…yes my bus driver had red hair and he was called Red by all the locals.


As I looked towards the house, I could see a golden glow of warmth emanating from within. I knew Mom was cooking something special for dinner and she probably had something good for an after school treat!


Mom loved to cook and always had snacks, and good stuff…I hurried up the steps as Mom opened the front door saying “Oh Honey, let me help you with that school bag”…she often had a dress on with her apron and a welcoming hug and smile.


I could smell something sweet and divine…homemade chocolate cake for dinner desert and warm chocolate chip cookies for my snack…all made with Mom’s love:)  She usually had our beef in the oven…my favorite was her roast beef with potatoes, gravy and fruit salad! Mom was a loving wife and always a very classy lady. This photo was taken in town at my Grandma’s house on Easter…we had to do photo ops and I wanted to go hunt Easter eggs with my cousins by the dang dozen! I was being a stinker too…and I remember a swift swat on the patoot!


Mom’s life was Dad and me…along with a few cattle dogs, lots of cows and several horses…she taught me so much about marriage by example and living life in a small community. In this photo we had been busy with the photographer all day taking photos of us as my Dad was President of the Pendleton Round Up…he was very deserving and truly the “Cowboy’s President” and we were excited for him and his recognition…but we were all tired!


Once I had explained all the details of my day at school including the bus trip home, I settled in front of the TV and ate my cookies while watching Flicka or Fury or Sky King…now it is my camera that settles me…I love grabbing shots to share:)

Me and Red 1958

And all was well in a simple country girl’s life growing up:)


Have a Wonderfully Wild Weird Wednesday! HRCG Over And Out But…I’m On A Roll With My Camera…I Might Catch Ya! Click Click Click!

Photos Of This And That On HRCG!

Photos of this and that on HRCG is me sorting through over 3000 photos.


Minnie Mouse telling me….”Ahhhh Mom, don’t worry I am with you…I will be your nurse and your heart…I will make you smile as you recover from BC.” And she did:)

HSL PHOTO SHOOT 4-7-10 077

Remember you can click on all my pictures and they will enlarge:)

Curt-Annie-Ry 011

Annie’s time…hooking on with son Curt!


Pat and Jack…


Dasher and Kiah!


My sweet Melody:)




Incredibly quiet and beautiful!


Wishing you a fun-filled week wherever you may be!


Stay tuned as I did not make a dent in the 3000 photos:)

Dreams Call Softly…

Dreams call softly to my heart as autumn slowly slips by…


I love the colors and the beauty of the land in my simple world! My imagination runs away as I can see and hear two young boys, my Dad and his older brother, riding horses bareback out here…galloping along playing Cowboys and Indians teasing one another back and forth…simple dreams and imaginations of two young boys playing in God’s country.


Often our sunsets are full of fire with licks of flame in the clouds above, double-click on the picture and you will see the flames, and maybe Puff the Magic Dragon…incredible beauty on a typical autumn night.

Me on my horse Red

Dreams are so much a part of us…as children we believe anything is possible, I’m Annie Oakley in this photo:) And yet as we grow up, we often loose the ability to dream as we have been told to grow up and work to earn a living. But we long for our dreams and no I am not talking about a bigger house or a new car, I’m talking about life dreams…the dreams of who we want to be or what we want to do with our life.


Often we can feel the dream but do not know what to do with it…sometimes its right in front of you but you can’t see it or can you? I struggle with that at times as I have many dreams for my life and for my life with WB.


Instead of pursuing our dreams we go with the flow of the life we live, eventually our dreams get pushed to the back of our life…we have too much to do and not enough time to get everything done as it is…so we put off our dreams for a few more months that turn into a few years as time passes by…


What are my dreams? I have several but the biggest dream I have is to write a book of my life and the various chapters I have crammed into a few years time. Mainly I want to write and develop my skill more and just write. I also want to shoot photos and learn how to take the best shots, with the eye and ability to do it automatically…and it’s game on:) I tend to do that now every time I pick up my camera as it fits my hand like a glove:)


My dreams of writing are not to be famous…I want to help others by sharing the wisdom I have learned in my life. I have lived through a zillion circumstances…both hard times and good times with some great stories to tell. I became a family counselor in 1995 and the last few years since I heard of EAGALA, I have been interested in using horses to counsel people, which would meld my love of horses to helping others heal their hearts and would be very cool:) Those are just a few of my dreams…and I have had them for a long time:)


Hang on to your dreams, don’t let life and work crowd in causing you to loose them, keep your dream in your heart and believe that someday it will come true:) I do believe our dreams are God given to give us hope as hope develops perseverance which develops our faith in the things we can not see. The greatest gift we can give to ourselves is to dream, believe and to never give up our hope that yes we can develop those God given dreams, they can come true:)


What is your hope and your dream…no matter how outside of the box?


As I take off for now….I leave you with a verse that has played through my head all day…see if you can figure out what song it goes to?

All the leaves are brown,

And the sky is gray,

I’ve been for a walk,

On a winter’s day.

I’d be safe and warm…

Hot Rod Cowgirl Ropes In An Award!

Hot Rod Cowgirl ropes in an award!


I am always so very humbled when fellow bloggers and readers, photographers and writers, present HRCG with an award. When I began doing my blog I had no idea that we would be given awards by our peers…the best part is that I also get to pass them on to other well deserving bloggers too!


The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award Was Given To Me By


 Go check out Ginny’s wonderful life-giving blog…she writes with honesty and her true self as she seeks to encourage any who read her blog about life and memories. She loves to laugh and shares her life through her words and the different pieces of her life…and she hopes we will share our life pieces too:)

Telling our story, our history and life, can bring us a sense of peace down deep in our souls. Being a born writer at heart most of my life, I know the power of writing out our thoughts, our worries, and our memories. Writing our thoughts and worries down truly helps to empty out our concerns and emotions. There is something cleansing when we write our words and thoughts down on paper when we are struggling. Interestingly enough, when we do that, the struggle becomes less of a struggle and we find peace in our hearts instead of obsessively worrying. Writing out our worries helps make them less controlling of our thoughts. I know for me, once I get my worries  out on paper, I can get on with life and not dwell on them so much. I am more at peace with whatever it is that I am worrying about, and somehow the answer to solve the worry comes to me…now if I kept on fretting, I don’t think the answer would be clear to me. Writing is good and it is healing:)

To accept this award, I have to follow some rules and,

Here are the rules for this award:


1.The Nominee of the Wonderful Team member Readership Award shall display the logo on his/her blog. 


2.The Nominee shall nominate 14 readers they appreciate over a period of 7 days, all at once or little by little.


Minnie is licking her lips in time for a treat!

3. The Nominee shall name his/her Wonderful Team Member Readership Award nominees on a post or on posts during 7 days.

Here are my nominees for

The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award!

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14. http://catfromhell.wordpress.com/


Annie was watching the sunset with me a few nights ago. We have been getting some of the smoke from Central Oregon’s fires and the sunsets, sunrises and last night even the moon have been spectacular.

Thank you again Ginny for this awesome award, I truly appreciate it:):):)

Be sure to check out Ginny’s blog Chasing The Perfect Moment, she has a wonderful way with words and sharing her heart, leaving you with something to ponder on and apply to your own life.

Here is the link to Ginny’s blog  http://chasingtheperfectmoment.com/


Our on fire sunset last night…you can see the smoke cloud over us. I am hoping and praying the fires will be out soon and no loss of life.

Be sure to head over to Ginny’s blog at http://chasingtheperfectmoment.com/

I end this post today with remembering Jack…our barn kitty who was more than a cat, he was Jack The Attack Cat…and very much loved!


God Bless You Jack The Cat….we will miss you and forever hold you in our hearts. You were our Mighty Hunter and Mighty Warrior…now you can run through the fields of heaven and play with all kinds of God’s glorious gifts.


I know God is holding you tight, loving on you right now rubbing all your special places…we love you very much Jack and I know we will see you again our Kitty Angel.

May you all have a Terrific Tuesday Evening wherever you are:) HRCG over and out for now but not for long:)

Talented Country Orchestra Performs Nightly Symphonies!

Talented country orchestra performs nightly symphonies where I live!


The gifted musicians give their all with award winning music that fills our country nights, as it drifts into our open windows with a soft canyon breeze that gently caresses the night air. As the day begins to cool off, the symphony begins, singing me to sleep with an orchestra of various cricket musicians…they are on the first movement and it is truly beautiful to hear…with an occasional deep-toned rib-it from the frogs…and then silence…as the second set of musicians adds drama to the night.


Hearing the screech of a hawk passing overhead, begins the second movement…as one of our dogs follows with several barks…and then our pack of dogs head out to give several more barks…setting off the coyotes, howling with different pitches to make it interesting…and on cue, night owls begin hooting on the hill behind the house in one of the trees…and then, silence once again….out of the stillness of night, one cricket will begin with one chirp, then another cricket follows and soon the symphony begins again.


A few summer nights each year, the night does not move with the usual rhythm of sounds. Often when we have a storm coming, the crickets stop…it seems darker and eerily still…no breeze…just the sound of a deep silence…you know something is up! It becomes an odd kind of night but knowing the signs of our animals and country life…we usually know when either a storm is coming or someone or something is sneaking around.


Minnie Mouse is taking in all the night moves with us, as she loves the night sounds too….she likes to sleep in the windowsills at night so she can smell the night smells and see whatever her eyes can see and listen to the various sounds…once she has had enough, she curls up next to me on the bed sleeping in peace, as she dreams of magical kitty memories, exploring warm summer nights. I do the same thing…as memories of growing up come back to my mind, going outside barefooted, walking through grass wet from the dew, looking up and seeing a million stars overhead…softly saying, star so bright, star so light, first star I see tonight…closing my eyes and making my wish.


I still run around barefooted, walking across the gravel if necessary to capture a great photo opportunity or just to go see a horse….WB thinks its weird that I can do this but he does not have country calloused padding on the bottom of his feet like me. His feet are prettier as numerous horses have stepped on my toes…breaking several that healed crooked and look gnarly from being squished. I’m always barefooted in the warm summer months….inside or out, as I love the feel of my bare feet on the old wood floors in our house.


Summer nights in the country are created for us to sit outside to be part of the miracles of the night. I love the front porch swing, gently swinging as we watch the stars….trying to figure out the constellations. “Did you see that?” A falling star or a satellite passing by…as the heavens of spring and summer are incredible…and then fall comes and brings on occasion the Northern Lights…what a WOW experience the first time I saw them here! I could not fathom seeing the curtains of colors and lights in the dark night sky…I was struck with awe! God created beauty all around us if we will just stop…shhhhh…listen and wait…there…did you see it, the falling star?


Look for God’s blessings in your life…I know you will find them!


God brought Minnie into our lives as a little kitten, that needed a home. She was a little over 4 weeks old and I fell in love with her sweet face, her eyes and her soft mews…she has been our constant companion and my shadow, for 18 years now…we celebrated her 18th birthday on Mom’s Day weekend. She is a gift from God in our lives, having gone through loosing parents, surviving surgeries and living the ups and downs of life to the fullest…she is our nurse and often our clown. Tonight she sleeps curled up next to me, gently snoring, dreaming away.

Jeeping Evening

My hubby of 37 years adds his own input on the nighttime symphony…softly warming up for a good night of snoring, that begins with a soft clicking sound in his throat that builds to a crescendo of rumble, roar and then he SNORTS! Waking himself up, he clears his throat and drifts back to sleep…silence…finally I begin to drift off myself…ahhhh…and just as I was about to drift into sleep…Minnie begins snoring too, keeping it amusing for me! I have a nighttime symphony on each side of me and out the windows too:)


The soft breeze tonight is telling me that soon in a few more weeks…the wheat will begin to turn from green to a reddish gold as the heads will begin to dry. I love the smell of it in the night air…harvest memories will flood back into my mind filled with days of old, good times and fun times. These are the sounds of country silence and the sounds of the nighttime symphony…they are the sounds of an ordinary country girl’s life.


Have a magical, musical, country night! HRCG over and out…..

Sky Pilot Painting The Skies!

It’s that time of year again when I find my camera glued to my hand…


As the landscape outside my window is constantly changing with the various light and weather. Often WB and I may be in mid sentence when I say “Wait, hold on, I’ll be right back, I have to grab that shot with my camera”…thankfully he is very understanding:)


From the beginning of day…just as the sun is coming up…I zip out and click click click!


Until the end of day when I look for a night time shot.


With lots of life and HRCG shots in between:)


“Ah, hey you with the camera…over here Mom…let me give you my Queen of the House Look and Pose”. Miss Minnie Mouse…you are definitely the Queen of Our House!


I was driving to our small town for groceries, when I had to stop and pull over to grab this shot. I loved the pattern of the field against the foothills of the mountains and the clouds that day were perfect. When the clouds are huge and puffy with lots of shadows on the landscape, and my camera eye and imagination are one…then the creative part really kicks in!


One of Wild Bill’s latest restorations of a 1957 MGA for a customer…classic and beautiful! I enjoy doing the photo shoots of the finished restoration for the customer…often the vehicles we do for them are true desires of their hearts.


I heard a sweet knicker and a sigh, it’s my girl Ms. Melody, “Mom, who needs that kind of horsepower…we horses have true horsepower!” I know Melody, you are much faster and have lots of torque…and you can spin around faster and quicker than any car!


And with this incredible Juniper sunset that I was excited to capture last week…wherever you are, may you be blessed with a wonderful Sunday, day or night. HRCG over and out for now…but never for long…click click click:)

What Gives Writers And Artists Their Fire?

What gives writers and artists their fire? I take it for granted that we all think about words and photos the way I do but we don’t. I have known all of my life, that God blessed me with the desire and passion to become a writer of words and life. I am drawn to writing words that create visual pictures…words that become alive and draw you into the story or maybe the memories of your life. Writing is my heart, as the words explain the me that I am and the whys of my life…words of feelings…words of emotions…words of heritage and memories…and the words of a country cowgirl…words upon words upon words. Writers write to share what they feel and see in the moments of tender memories filled with times of faith…times of hope…times of life. I think they are born with a desire to tell the story as the seed has been planted in their hearts to write the words.


Writers are different as we see and feel the actual word…we see emotions and feel life differently. Quietly our soul takes in all the words we hear and the pictures of life we see…the writer in us takes both the seeing and feeling emotions, weaving them into a story to share. Our words are poured out onto the golden pages of a book full of stories and memories, both real and fiction. If we are really good we can make you guess what is real and what is fiction. I think my writing and the ability to feel the words and to see the story in a quick snapshot blink of life is partly because I grew up by myself, with just my parents and our ranching life in the mountains and here at home.


I never knew any different way of living, I thought everyone moved to the mountains to summer on a cattle ranch…now that I know differently, I feel very blessed that I had the opportunity. I carry the memories of almost 40 years, working first with my parents on the ranch and then with Wild Bill. My world has been full of horses, cows, kitty cats and dogs, and various critters…the sky and clouds…the elements of weather…hard days and good days…life was all of that and in my mind it was a novel of golden days…the days of my life. The one soap opera I watched for a couple of years, was of all things called “Days Of Our Lives”…go figure, I was doing what I knew as I actually do see the days of my life.


I began to shoot pictures of my life and the life moments around me during the last two years…I bought a quality camera and once it was in my hands I hung on to it and slept with it if I had to! It was the missing piece to my life of words…it was the part that fit with the creative visions and the words I had inside my head and in my heart. If done correctly, one picture can tell the story from beginning to end…one photo can do that if you are good and that is what I strive for. I want to be that good with my camera…so I take 1000’s of photos every week…keeping some and trashing the others…I love learning:) When I read the story and saw the photos of Vivian Maier a few years ago, I was in awe and in photography heaven…she was incredible and had such an eye for the right moment and the perfect timing to capture the life of her subjects and the life of America. I would love to see her work in person! Here is the link to the web site of her images…enjoy.  http://www.vivianmaier.com/  She was truly a very gifted artist of life.


It is the same with words…you have to write and I write a zillion words each week both on paper and in my head in order to develop what is already there inside me, writing your thoughts and words, keeps you fresh and wide awake! I write stories and heart filled memories of life, mine and also of other lives that I have seen and been part of. It is crazy how I can feel another persons heart and their thoughts…their emotions and feel what they are not saying as easily as what they are saying. No it is not some woo woo thing or a new age technique. I am blessed that God made me with the passion and ability to write, feeling the words of the story I see in a blink second of another persons life or the scenes of life that travel through my world. I love it and will never grow tired of words and images.


Switching gears, I want to thank you for wondering where I have been and if all is well. I am here and we are doing fine. I hope to post my first of many award nominations that I have been given to share soon:) Somehow my “life went into hyper-warp speed and lately I have felt like I am Lieutenant Uhura on the U.S.S. Enterprise on Captain Kirk’s bridge traveling at warp speed to do battle with the Klingons in some new galaxy!” I think I need to write more and get outside with my camera…my imagination is getting a bit weird! No I’m not a Trekkie but I did like Star Trek in the 60’s.


As I sign off for now I will leave you with a couple of verses from “Alabama” with their song called “I’m In A Hurry,” as it fits:)

“I’m in a hurry to get things done…Oh, I rush and rush until life’s no fun…All I really got to do is live and die…But I’m in a hurry and don’t know why”
“Don’t know why I have to drive so fast…My car has nothing to prove…It’s not new, but it’ll do 0 to 60 in 5.2”
“I’m in a hurry to get things done…Oh, I rush and rush until life’s no fun…All I really got to do is live and die…But I’m in a hurry and don’t know why”


Right Tucker? “Rrrruff-righto Mom.”

I wish you the best of days or nights where ever you may be. “May God Bless You With A Totally Terrific Thursday or Fantastic Funny Friday!”

Juniper T Ranch Quietly Changes Scenery As The Seasons Of Life Continue On…

Juniper T Ranch quietly changes scenery as the seasons of life continue on with Autumn’s golden light on the landscape…where did summer go?

Life has been a bit crazy and I have not been able to blog as often as I usually do…I love to write and write and write…I love to photograph tons of various pictures to share with you and I like to yak a lot:)

I have missed reading your blogs…which makes me sad, as I enjoy hearing about your lives and seeing your photography…seeing a glimpse of your world.

A week ago Thursday my hubby Wild Bill had surgery on his neck. He was pulling hard on a wrench under a vehicle on the hoist last July and all of a sudden he heard a snap and loud pop sound in his right shoulder…instant pain…but “Mr. Tough Guy” did not say anything to me until about 5 days later…”Oh, uhhhhh MJ…can you call in and get me a doctor appointment, as I did something to my shoulder a few days ago and it hurts like heck.”

I have NEVER heard those words uttered out of his mouth before in 36 years of marriage…so I knew he was in pain. I was able to get him in right away so on July 25th he had the first MRI and our family Dr. sent him to see a shoulder specialist. At first they thought it was either a rotator cuff tear or that he tore his bicep muscle.

We had to wait until later in August to see the shoulder specialist. He ordered more tests and we saw the MRA’s and the MRI’s and you could see his bicep was still intact but had several frayed tears…and the rotator cuff was ok thank goodness! The Dr. was going to set up bicep surgery and Wild Bill was saying how much the back of his arm hurt too as well as he had two numb fingers on his right hand.

The Dr.’s eye brows went up and he said ok that is indicative of a neck issue. I want to send you to a nerve Dr. to do a nerve study…sure enough we heard his nerves screaming in agony in his neck on the nerve study and the next stop was the spine Dr….we saw him in early September.

Note: The above picture of WB was taken before his injury…and he was having fun!

Bill injured his neck July 20th…that is a very long time to live with the kind of nerve pain he was living with…but he did and we saw the Dr. who did another MRI on his neck and you could see the two vertebrae under the two that were fused 6 years ago, and a very distinct nerve under the bottom vertebrae looking pinched…surgery was scheduled for September 27th.

In the mean time I teased the heck out of him:) Imagine that! I have found that humor always helps:)

It was tough to have to wait as he was suffering intense pain..I have gone through a lot of surgeries but nothing like what WB went through. Nerve and bone pain is the worst pain you can have. I had lots of nerves involved in my surgeries but not bone…and yah nerve pain hurts and once it heals it is annoying…I get an itch and scratch but can not feel it….LOL:)

While we waited WB sat out on the patio with me in the evenings…we have not watched TV since last March…once the  time change happens with Spring Forward, I want to enjoy each hour of daylight. Winter is coming and it will be dark again at 4:00. During this time of the year I want to be in the middle of the glorious light and experience the clouds and feel the warmth. I love the evening light, the beauty all around us…seeing the wildlife, watching my horses, petting the dogs, counting the stars, hearing the crickets and frogs and just taking in all the wonderful country smells of summer and fall:)

 I love the colors of the sky during the magic hour each evening as the sun slowly sinks down to its bed for a good rest while the moon takes its place.

And if we’re lucky it will be a harvest moon that slowly peeks out at you.

And slowly rises over the hill across the road.

A shot of the log fence with our 10-12′ sagebrush that you see across the road in the background along Juniper Creek. We love our sagebrush and it is amazing when you stand in it as it truly is that tall. When I was growing up I spent hours over in the creek catching tadpoles and pretending various scenarios that always revolved around my horse and I…we played Annie Oakley or I was tracking buffalo or elk or cowboys and looking for the Native Americans:)

As September 27th drew closer we both became nervous. WB has only had two surgeries in his adult life…when they took him to surgery in 2006…I cried and could not stop. I took his clothes out to the car in the parking garage and was still trying to stuff my tears and emotions…and then I heard this beautiful music coming from somewhere or someones car. I looked around and did not see anyone…the music was a song I knew from church about God… how He loves us and will always watch over us…I knew then that WB was going to be ok and he was:)

This time when they took him to surgery I began to choke up and tear up trying to not let him see me doing that…it is so hard to see your loved one go to surgery as you feel helpless, worried and scared. Just as they began to take him through the swinging doors I noticed there was someone walking towards us down the hall…it was two of our best forever friends John and Tara…with big smiles. I grabbed the arm of the nurse to stop Bill’s gurney for just a minute so he could see them too. What a blessing it was for us that they came to be with us:) Having Tara spend the day with me was answer to prayer…she is a sister to me. And John, who is our family too, stayed to visit and encourage me before he left to join his wife for the day. John has been with us through lots of life stuff…God is very good:)

The surgery went well…as the Dr. lifted the bone off the nerve that was pinched, he said that even though WB was sleeping he let out a sigh of relief. Later when WB woke up in his room he said “Wow, my shoulder does not hurt anymore.” The Dr. also repaired the vertebrae using new bone and once they were done they attached a steel plate to the vertebrae with steel screws. The surgery was about three hours with almost two in recovery.

It is not an easy surgery or recovery. In 2006 they went in through the back of his neck and this time they went in from the front of his neck which involved moving the esophagus over to be able to get to the vertebrae. WB’s pain has been pretty intense the last week…he has three months to go before he is able to resume all his normal activities.

In the picture above right across from our house…see the joys of country living…dust gently hanging in the night air…drifting closer and feeling welcome enough to come into my house! It does add to the picture but darn it as I just dusted the house!

The first month of recovery is the toughest…the most he can lift is 5 pounds and he can not reach up over his head or reach to the sides or reach towards the floor etc. We have been home a week now…in fact they allowed us to go home that night about 9:00…I was Nervous Nurse Nellie…but it was good for him to be home and to sleep in our bed. And I have gotten into the role of being Nurse Nellie which means I give him his meds every 4-6 hours 24/7…and give him the stink eye when I see him doing something he should not do!

“Don’t worry WB, you will be perfectly fine…it just takes a bit of time to heal”. I love his smile:) Besides the surgical pain the hardest part right now is that he felt he would be further along after a week…this recovery stuff is all new to him yet…so I watch him like a hawk as he wants to do more but NOT now WB. I feel like a nag but he forgets and will start to bend over to reach for something and I say “No…Wild Bill, quit that”…then he looks at me like a little boy who was caught…it is hard for him to just rest and rest and rest and not feel guilty for resting. I remind him that yes I know…I had to be very good for six months after my year of surgeries…and it took me a good year to regain all my strength and energy back but I did and WB will too if I can keep him under house arrest:)

Melody says it will be ok WB…and do you happen to have one of those awesome Apple Berry Treats for me?

And Kiah loves you and says all will be fine Dad…now can I finish getting into your lap?

I have not fallen off the planet or quit blogging…just taking care of my hubby to get him well and healed back up:) Whenever I get the chance I head outside to capture pictures to share with you….which is a vacation for my mind and heart…I love the artistic part of me that gets fired up:) And I want to develop it more and more and more:)

I hope you have a wonderful Fall evening and weekend wherever you are…look around at the beauty that is all around you and smile:)

HRCG over and out for now!

The Pendleton Round Up 2012…Let ‘Er Buck! Hot Rod Cowgirl Is On The Move With Her Camera…Stay Tuned!

Of course you remember last year right?

Lots of horses…

An All American Rodeo…Not Just Any Rodeo But…The Pendleton Round Up!

Get Set…Get Ready…And Let ‘Er Buck! The 102 Year Old Rodeo Officially Started Today With Horses, Cowboys and Cowgirls!

Rough and Tough…Here Comes The Round Up Princesses!

The Pendleton Round Up Queen Follows…These Girls Know How To Ride Fast and Hard!

Bucking Chutes Waiting…

Pick Up Men Helping!

Friday Morning 2011 Westward Ho Parade With 101 American Flags!

Contestants Warming Up…For Their Chance Of Winning Pendleton!

Cowboy Horses…Patiently Standing…Taking A Break.

This Is Pendleton…its boogie time!

Turn and Burn Girl…Rock On and Go!

Traditions And Heritage…Wild Bill Taking The Oxen Through The Westward Ho Parade.

Me Riding My Horse Lottie Helping With The Oxen…Lottie Was 4 Years Old Here And Such A Good Girl!

My Dad On Gypsy…He Was President Of The Pendleton Round Up 1963-1964.

My Mom Attending A Round Up Function…She Is In The Middle Of The Group, In The White Suit.

The Budweiser Horses Came To Visit When Dad Was President….I Got To Meet Them All In Person:):):) They Were Incredible!

Little did I know that Wild Bill and I would move to Wyoming and mange a 110 mile ranch for three partners and one of the partners was Paul, who owned the Melody Ranch in Jackson Hole and whose Mother was a Busch…this picture shows me with the long red hair…to my right is Margo, a lovely lady and friend, to my left is Paul with his Mule “Honey Buns” who was really cool and that is my Wild Bill in the flat hat…actually back then it was a WY. hat…and behind us in the near distance was the incredible Wind Rivers!!!! That is the Continental Divide (not a very good picture of them so I will do a post one of these days on our time there with better photos)

Ok I had to slip one photo in so you could see what i saw every morning and every night and all day long:) The Wind Rivers were incredible and I got to wake up to it every day and watch lightning storms over it every night…I loved, loved, loved Wyoming:) It was the life I grew up in…the American West…horses, cows, mountains and weather, elements of Mother nature…and life…sweet cowgirl life:)

My Dad was asked to be Grand Marshal of The Westward Ho Parade a few years ago…and at the time the main horses we had were younger and Lottie was the oldest, so Dad asked me if he could ride her through the parade. I of course said yes and then I got to work…she had been in parades before but she was only 6 years old and I wanted to be sure that she remained calm with Dad. As soon as I could I got hold of the serape behind the saddle and every late spring and summer evening in Juniper Canyon, I had the serape tied behind my saddle and Lottie and I rode…no make that galloped up and down the hills out here with that serape flapping and rusting against her to get her completely broke to the sound of it and the feel of it.  I was worried as Lottie did not like men for some reason…and she would buck them off! Ask Wild Bill…and he is good horseman!

God heard my prayers and Lottie did not buck with Dad…he was the first man ever to ride my mare and not have an issue:) I was sooooo relieved!

This Week I Am Taking Pictures Once Again Of My Hometown Rodeo…Next Week I Will Post What I Shoot So Stay Tuned:) In The Mean Time Let ‘Er Buck!!!

Hidden History On A 100 Year Old Ranch!

The last month we have been designing our new horse set up across the road from the house with corals, barns, paddocks, power, water for the auto waterers and etc. In the process we had to move some things….and in moving some things we came face to face with my Grandfather’s life here homesteading and farming our land.

This may not look like much…but it is the history of this ranch being dug up.

Do you know what it is? In my life time it was a water trough…see the pipe in it and the cement bottom.

In the late 80’s and 90’s it became my hotwalker anchor…you can barely see the old water trough as my mare Lottie was in front of it. But what was it originally?

Shez Allotta Leo aka Lottie was one of my best horses…I loved her tons and miss her even more…she was used to the hotwalker and she liked to play around on it like she is doing here. For those of you who wonder what a hotwalker is, it is a form of an equine exercise machine for the horse…I would put my younger horses on it to let them walk out and warm up…it is the same as a treadmill is for us.

So what is this big old rusty water trough anyway? A  flower-pot or a kettle pot for a huge barbecue…hmmm…no I don’t think so…however it can make a perfect flower-pot full of flowers and memories, blooming beautifully like the one above next year. But what the heck is this historical thingy that we dug up???

What was this massively heavy and huge round wheel like formation…hmmm…we are going to alot of effort to save it…so it has to be something near and dear to this country cowgirl’s heart?

Ka-plunko….cough cough geezo Wild Bill…he is laughing at me…he did that on purpose…the big smarty pants..har-de-har…pay back buddy is a b****:)

After WB heard that the payback will be not fun at all…and I am still coughing…I think I scared him…WB lifts the old water trough/hot walker platform, trying to stand it up in the correct original  position.

Could it be one of these?

Yes, it is one of the iron wheels off my Grandpa’s tractors…it looks like my Dad cut the cleats off of it…taking the old iron wheel, pouring a cement bottom into it, making provisions for the water pipe to come up and fill the trough…Dad had two of them fabricated into water troughs when I was growing up…I loved the one that was at the barn the best…

It’s now the one you see in the corner of the yard with all the flowers.

I got caught drinking out of it with my first horse “Prince” when I was 4 years old by my Uncle Rich who gave me a swat telling me to not ever drink out of the horse/cow trough again…your Mother would kill me and your Dad if she found out:) Ok and ok…I never did after that…until we moved to the mountain cattle ranch…Dad taught me how to drink water out of creeks and springs on my belly…oh my gosh pure cold mountain water was the best!!! And I loved drinking with my horse after a day of gathering cattle or even if we were just out for a ride….it was heavenly:)

And that is what history and heritage is all about on a century farm and ranch…it is about finding some odd-looking thing that connects you to your Grandparents. When you live on a 100 years of down home with family history, pay attention to what you are throwing away…what you think is junk may be the very thing that saved your land or built your home. Next summer this old iron wheel will have a new purpose in life…and will be blooming away in the other corner of my yard…it is already in place:)

Have a beautiful weekend wherever you are…look around and enjoy all the life that you see.

And remember…no matter how busy you are….stop and smell the flowers of summer…soon they will be gone:( I am not ready for summer to be over, but I do love fall too:)

HRCG over and out until next time!

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