Remembering My Dad…

Happy Birthday Dad! I love you and miss you!

Hot Rod Cowgirl

Remembering my Dad!


I’m a bit late in posting this, as I was nursing WB last September with his recovery from surgery a few days before the article below was in our local paper…read the 50 Years Ago in the Days Gone By below.


50 years ago may seem like a long time ago but, vivid memories rush back to me of Round Up and my Dad!

Dad's 50th

Dad was the President of the Round Up when he turned 50 on September 17, 1964 during the second day of the rodeo…and he was pleasantly surprised with a birthday cake in the picture above.


He loved Round Up week as it was the one week a year he took for his vacation from the cattle ranch…


Dad was inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 1990…he was known by the cowboys as the “Cowboy President”…


Dad lived with a fused knee or…

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  1. bobmielke
    Sep 20, 2017 @ 00:23:34

    My life has so drastically changed since I got into blogging, not as a result of blogging, but just life has taken me down a different trail. I’ve lived in Uxbridge, MA for almost two years now, forced to move from Beaverton, OR because of high hosing costs. God opened doors here in New England, providing me with a great government housing unit I now call home. For $521 a month I have a great apartment with all utilities paid by Uncle Sam. My medical needs are completely covered by Veterans Medical benefits allowing me to live on just Social Security & a small pension. I’m set. All I had to do to get all this is give up my life in Portland, OR. Funny how the rug can be pulled out from beneath your feet! Still, I’m healthy and reasonably happy here. The climate couldn’t be more different than in Oregon. Short of winning the lottery I don’t anticipate my situation changing anytime soon. Never say never as God is, and always will be, in control! God bless!

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  2. bobmielke
    Sep 19, 2017 @ 18:07:07

    I don’t visit your site or any site much anymore. I do keep track of the Pacific Northwest after moving to the other side of the United States in New England. Hard to believe it will be two years October 3rd. I miss the rain, the pristine roads and wide open spaces. I miss the clean air and beaches. Good yp hear your life is full and that you’re still posting. 🙂 – Bob

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    • Hot Rod Cowgirl
      Sep 19, 2017 @ 20:54:41

      This year has become the year when I thought things would kick back…instead my life seems to travel at warp speed. I am a planner or organizer and every day, as soon as my foor hits the hardwood floor both WB and I are on the run. My life these days consist of business and never have time to write or photograph…my wrist recovery went well but that slowed me way down as a few weeks before I had the vertigo attack which I am yet dealing with day by day….some days I feel great, then Monday and today not so great. So I just keep on a going and try hard to follow my Dad’s advice to aways know that no matter how hard life is or how hard of a situation you are chosen to face…keep moving and keep going. The older I get the less time I have energy wise to accomplish a blog, catch up the quick books, take business photos and try hard to keep up with the house dust and allergens. It is just WB and I so no extra help around as in kids or family. My Mom was an only too so I learned from her to just get going as it is up to you and with God’s help you can do it girl:) As always it is so so good to hear from fellow bloggers that I follow and try to keep up with….so many I have lost touch with and that makes me sad…I think I have been blogging since 2010or 2011. If all I had to do was get up, I would write, work with my horses and take tons of great photos! Thank you so much for checking in with me:) Have a wonderful fall season!

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