Simple Moments…Simple Times…Simple Me……

Simple Moments…


Bring Me Joy…


Moments In Time…


Make Me Smile…


Simple Times…


                  Thankful Moments…


Happy Horses…


Happy Tucker Girl…


Our Sweet Never Dull Life…


Grabbing My Camera…


And Smiling…Yup…Thats Simple Me:)

Waiting On Dinner

Waiting on dinner…staring intently…a few impatient paws in the snow.


Melody is like a clock, when its time for food, its time for food…she nickers for us to get our rears in gear!


Yummy nummy for my tummy…munch munch munching…mmmmm…”Mommm, my hair is a mess so don’t take my picture now!!!”


I met these guys at the Round Up…they were curious about what I was up to?


They were doing some serious munching on their lunching:)


Sharing a fun picture of my Leo mare Lottie with her new filly, Lilly who was only a few days old…Lottie was a special one…I keep looking for another Leo bred horse like her but Leo is not common anymore. I had to watch Lottie as she was an easy keeper and could gain weight by just looking at grass or hay.

CCI00000 Marcy and Lil Toot

Little Toot was waiting on din-din too…I still have the cookie jar  that you see on the counter, its white with colored cookies on it…I also have the old cupboard painted green as it was the original cupboard when the house was built. I stripped the paint off down to the original wood and it came out beautiful! And I still have my red hair with no gray at all in it…yee-ha:)


What About Bob?…and why is he in this post? He goes where he wants, he does what he wants and he does not care about you! I tried one time to shoo him away from my two horses who were in the corral next to the barn as they were worrying and wondering what he was…he just looked at me not budging an inch, instead he pawed the ground while making grouchy grumpy bull sounds…fences could not keep him in…he always got out and went visiting the neighbors cattle…great!


This was across from our house in the mid 1940’s…the pit you see to the right of the picture was where they slow roasted b-q beef all night to feed everyone…they always had a great turn out.


A picture of history, the way life used to be when we had time to make a connection with others face to face instead of fabricating life on social media sites.


My Dad and one of his close friends came up with the idea of having a local country rodeo…they called it the Juniper Joust.


Wishing you all a happy….fun….and relaxing weekend! HRCG and Minnie are over and out for now! And where did Bob go?

Magical Colors In December Skies…Yippee Ki Yi Yay!


Magical Colors In December Skies…Yippee Ki Yi Yay!!!!


This just in from “Juniper Canyon” the fog has lifted…the fog has lifted!!! Blue skies with enchanted colors have returned, hurry and go get your cameras out…lets go:) Yee-Haw!!!


“There you go again chasing after dogs, clouds, sky and whatever…Mom, seriously you need to be only worrying about me and taking my pictures!”


The contrast of the various blues, greens, golds took my breath away after so many days of darkness…thank goodness God parted the skies for a while to give us all hope!


And Miss Yippee Ki Yay herself was having fun too…she always goes with me on my hikes with my camera:)


I could on and on about this beautiful incredible view…I am very blessed to see it!


One of the gnarly trees that we grow on top of the hill behind us. It is using all of its potential…and is a great photo opportunity for me:)


A different angle of light and colors.


The one and only time I like weeds…remember “farm girl/cowgirl girl here”…weeds can give a lot to your photos as they add a different view…they are rather funky…and mysterious.


Miss Ki you are so photogenic with your colors and cute face:)


This is home…


Extraordinary wildlife above, with inspiring blue skies.


And very cute doggies below! Isn’t she cute:)


Looking out the back door up towards the hill…


Watch dogs…seriously trained watch dogs…go ahead and make their day!


One more shot of the hillside clouds playing hide and seek with my camera.


Miss Muddy Fanny Anners:)


Next years crop was farmed with no till care and is already beautifully green.


My “Little Red Bay Horse”…Annie you are cute…and no I am the boss mare silly girl.


“And with all that said Mom…I am the Boss:)”


The winter storms are once again coming…maybe bringing snow this weekend!

Sunsets…Horses…Moon Rising…Spring Evenings

Spring evenings are magical here as the earth begins to turn green everywhere and sunset time brings soft light and incredible skies.

I never grow tired of looking at this view…

The CRP is getting greener and is full of life.

Hey Mr. Buck Buck…love his Buckskin color…and he is such a good boy!

The sun is beginning to slowly slide behind the canyon hill….

While I fill water troughs and check horses…

My Sweet Melody…such a pretty girl:)

Heaven above is painting the sky colors and hues that we can not make ourselves…as it is God’s way of blessing us with His nightly creation…

O beautiful for spacious skies,

For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!
America! America!

God shed his grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!

And as the sun-kissed the earth one more time with golden colors…I was blessed with this view out the window…the incredible moon sitting on top of the hill.

What we call a “Harvest Moon” as typically we often have beautiful moons like this during the heat of harvest and summer…

And lift off…the end to a perfect spring day in Juniper Canyon….

Wishing you all a blessed Sunday…and a great start to a new week on Monday!

I will be updating some new pictures of the house remodel as it is beginning to change quite a bit!

Hot Rod Cowgirl’s Horse Power and Horsepower!

Often I am asked, how did I come up with the name Hot Rod Cowgirl? Am I really a cowgirl? What does Hot Rod mean in your name? How can you be both a Cowgirl and Hot Rod Girl?

 The pictures will help to explain the how and the why:)

Horsepower and horse power represent my life. I love my horses and I love horsepower! This shot is perfect…I can see both at once in my view:)

I grew up like this…horses and cows…on a large cattle and wheat ranch…in the middle of nowhere!

Horses have been a large part of my life and my heart…from the time I was 2 years old:)


Then I met WB…and my heart became his…this country cowgirl turned into his Hot Rod Cowgirl!

Horsepower…My Classic Hot Rod!

Horse Power…My Classy AQHA “Fanny Annie!”

 “Hot Rod Cowgirl.”

Happy Horses…Happy Heart!

 Cadillac Truck…Cowgirl Style!

Hot Rods…Horsepower!

Hot Rod Cowgirl, Hobby Horse And Dog Maggie May.

 Original Cowgirl Cadillac…Miles Of Memories.

Go Fast GTO Horsepower!

Hot Rod Cowgirl Cutting Loose With Horse Power!

Hot Rod Cowgirl’s Cadillac 4-Horse Hauler Deluxe!

Cowgirl’s Hot Rod Husband…

And Her Cowboy Husband…He Has A Dual Look For Me!

Hot Rod…


I hope that helps to explain it…we live on the ranch and operate our successful hot rod business here…we live the western life  with our horses, Aussie dogs and…Hot Rods!

Hot Rod Cowgirl Is Headed Down The Trail…Ta-Tah For Now!

Round Pen Training…Developing The Foundation Of Trust

Today we finally have a bit of a break from the rain and blustery wind…make that a deluge of rain and dreary gray weather…I know I know…blah and blah…grumble and complain.  The rain has kept me indoors the last week cleaning of all silly things, so I took a break one day and sorted through some old pictures on my back up drive…it was fun to look back on lots of good memories…good people…good times and good horses of course:)

March’s last week of blahsay (is that a word?) weather was much like the day in this photo…wet…cold…gray…and dreary. This picture was taken a few years ago in the round corral…Cowboy son had come home to visit for the weekend and while he was here, he wanted to work with Fanny Annie. He was working on desensitization with Annie, which is important as it begins to lay the foundation of trust. She is learning to trust in her human no matter if the plastic sack is scary or not…

This teaches her inner trust in us so that when anything unexpected happens on the trail or anywhere we go when we ride her, she will not freak out being triggered into the fear or flight instinct. As he asks her to move about, he is watching her body language…looking for the try in her to trust him…waiting for her to turn towards him with two eyes…instead of her hindquarters, which is a lack of respect.

He had a ways to go yet with her as she is yet turning away from him. As we waited and watched you could feel the rain coming as the air was heavy with mist and a feeling of ominous blahsay…it has to be a word, as it fits the dreary day!

He continues to move her feet about…it is not mean if it is done right…she is learning that her world is safe with her human leader…just as it would be in the wild with her herd…ultimately she is learning to trust. Horses are born with the biological fear or flight mechanism…it is what kept them alive for centuries. In the wild when a predator approaches, the lead horse in the pack will alert the herd to move out if danger invades their world.

We humans want to ride our horses like no big deal…but unless we first develop trust with them or a very good trainer does it before we purchase the horse…we likely will deal with a spooky jumpy horse and be upset or worse, either the horse gets hurt or we do or we both do. A good foundation is a must when you raise horses and if you purchase one then you need to be sure that the horse has been given a good foundation of trust and consistency. And remember if for some reason you end up with a horse that is not so great…it is not the horses fault…they are doing what their natural instinct says, “fear for your life horse”…and that would be due to lack of foundational training…with daily training and relationship. We would not expect to buy a lion and bring it home for a house kitty…and expect it to be fine to play or cuddle with us…horses are the same way…they are much more vulnerable to pain caused by humans as the human did not know or understand the horse.

All horses want to get along but if they have been abused and if they have not been handled correctly or right…then they are spooky and fighting for their lives…they do not know if we are safe or not until we begin with them from the beginning. By the way I refresh my well-trained older horses in the round corral if needed…often both of us need it:)

Here Cowboy is touching Annie softly on her shoulder area asking her if she will settle in with him but she is still tight and tense…not quite ready to listen…

He continued by moving her off again…in the direction he asks…always when you work your horses, if you ask them to go to the right and they go to the left…you stop them and turn them back to the right…they must go the way you ask…again this is good communication and respect.

Annie is beginning to settle…she is facing him and you can see in her eyes that she is thinking…she wants to hook on to Cowboy…the first step that all is well and  she is safe. “Annie will you hook on to me now and follow me?”

For the sake of your eyes and boredom, unless you have horses, I fast forwarded the process and the pictures a bit 🙂

Ry is in the corral now as he listens how to connect to Annie, as she is looking for that sign of trust that Ry is safe too.

Touching Annie on her forehead is reassuring to her that all is well.

I have found that horses have a bond with children that is hard to explain…they are very soft with kids.

Dropping down to her level…we are showing her we are not over her but we are partners in this relationship and as partners you will be the safe leader…submission and trust are critical in your relationship with your horse.

Still working on trust here but making good progress.

Incredibly beautiful…as this is the moment when trust is being given between horse and human…see how Annie is looking at Cowboy…when your horse gives you their trust it is a sacred relationship.

One of my favorite pictures of Annie and Ry…she is such a sweet girl…and he is becoming such a cowboy too:)

That rainy gray morning…Annie gave her heart with her trust…she relaxed…joined in and  became soft.

The lesson ended with Annie introducing herself to Bo-Bo…he is the best dog…and father to our dog Dasher.

From here on we continued to develop Annie’s trust. The most important part of the relationship with your horse whether young or old is consistency…that is the key to the whole deal of your horses knowing that they are safe in this life with you:)

No more blahsay…hoping for a sunshiny today…is that the right spelling for sunshiny??? It is a word right?


“Monday Monday, so good to me,
Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be”.

A bit of help from the Mama’s and Papa’s.

Howdy Y’All…Let’s Go For A Walk About On A Beautiful Morning In Juniper Canyon…

Howdy y’all…lets go for a walk about on a beautiful morning in Juniper Canyon…its a bit brisk but the sun is out!

It’s a beautiful morning…doo-doo-doo-doo…

Think I will go outside and just smile 🙂

Just take in some clean fresh air…ahhhh.

Aint no sense in staying inside…

It’s your chance to wake up and plan another brand new day….either way its a beautiful morning…doo-doo-doo.

Did anyone recognize the above lyrics…a few of the words may not be right but that was the song in my head as I wrote:)

“It’s A Beautiful Morning” by the Little Rascals.

Here is a little rascal herself…Kiah says yeah…come on let’s go feed the horses!

“Did I hear…hay?” Melody is all heart…I love her eyes…so big…soft and pretty.

I’m coming girls…hang on…the hay is coming.

 Fannie My Annie is playing peek a boo…

Remember this is “Fannie Annie”…chick a boom chick a boom…she is all Fannie!

Mel is sending me deep equine thoughts…”Look deep into my eyes…give me some apple treats and a good rub…keep looking deep into my eyes.”

By the time we finished feeding, the sun was fading and a few clouds were rolling into Juniper.

I went looking for interesting shots as the light was good…I love figuring out what to shoot and how as I learn this art of my heart.

Gray reflections of life in the puddles of black and white…all part of my life…in the wintry light.

Today we are faced with stark winter views that stretch into the horizon…yet as time spins by…soon warm spring days and flowers will bloom with vibrance and new life…as once again the cycle repeats itself.

In the mean time…Melody says “Hey the wind of winter is starting to blow again…I need my sweater.”

From a sunny blue sky to a silvered shade of gray…ripples and dapples of time slowly march across this puddle of earthy color.

“I luv ya Ms. Melody…I’m getting your ear muffs and coat:)”

Have a warm sunny day and if it is a dappled gray day outside…then stay nice and toasty warm on the inside…spring is a coming:)

Toodle-ooo and ta-ta for now:)

Winter Wonderland Has Transformed Juniper Canyon Into A Twilight Zone

Winter wonderland has transformed Juniper Canyon into a twilight zone of frozen earth and frozen air.

For several days now we have had heavy fog and frigid temps.

The landscape has become a monochromatic world of frozen tundra.

While the trees are clothed in a whiter shade of pale…and gray.

The heavy frost is slowly transforming ordinary things into weird shapes and  images.

The trees though held captive by the bleak grayness are beautiful in their own way…if you look for the beauty amidst the stark contrast with the sky.

Both man and animal alike is feeling humdrum from the gray days…as evidenced here from Melody to Patio Horse…. “What are you staring at me for?”

This kind of weather wears on you after a while and yet…there is still an odd beauty to the frozen days…our lone evergreen shrub looks frozen yet festive for Christmas!

My log fence is dressed for the holidays with its white garland…can you say brrrrrrr.

Melody is still not sure about “Patio Horse”….”Annie did you see that weird horse over on the patio….I tired to talk to it but it just looked at me with its frosty glare and icy hair.”

” Patio Horse” is a bit threatening with its eyes staring at you.”

Ooooops the grayness and surreal twilight zone pulled me into a warped sense of reality for a moment…sorry for the lapse…ok moving on to decorations….let’s forget weird and dreary for a minute!

This is one of our traditional decorations…not sure where my Mom got this Moose but she loved it and I dig him out every year.

And this is my Christmas Angel that I have had since I was little. She is one of my keep sakes and yearly traditions…the first decoration I get out right after Thanksgiving.

“Wild Bill” brought the tree home last night on “Melody” who was not thrilled as you can see by her look. I am hoping to get the tree decorated tonight!

The front porch wreath is up to welcome visitors…with a cherry Merry Christmas!

However our handrail looks a bit hairy and icy today and not too welcoming.

One last tree shot…despite the mundane days if we look hard there is beauty to be found all around us:)

Could not resist this fun shot…Happy Monday!

Last report I heard was that “Patio Horse” was running wild….keep your eyes open for him!

Cowboys..Horses…Aussie Dogs…Late Fall

Cowboys…horses and Aussie dogs…always make  for a good story and good photos!

October snuck in gently with warm temps the first week but now is letting us know that our late fall-summer is officially over. I had to finally change out my capris and t-shirts for jeans and sweaters.

I never get tired of taking pictures of clouds and funky colors…out here where I live…this is what we see on a daily basis…I keep my camera handy for shots like this!

We are to get rain this week finally…the farmers need it for fall seeding for next year’s crops.

Can you see the deer…they are my early morning and evening visitors.

I love how the light filters through the clouds this time of year with soft beautiful colors that bathe the land in golden hues.

This is little “Buck”…he is our newest family member joining us here on the Juniper T.

Buck is special to us as he belongs to our Cowboy Son. We first knew Buck when he was two years old…he lived out here for a while on the ranch while Curt broke him to ride.

The round corral was built that year with Buck in mind.

When our Cowboy Son and his wife called us to see if we would like to own Buck, we immediately said yes! They live in Seattle now where the weather is gray, rainy and muddy…they felt that Buck needed to come home where he would be out of the wet weather for his feet. A decision that was not easy.

Buck is the classic old-fashioned quarter horse build which I personally love:)

Curt trained Buck and he trained him the right way!

This is a horse that listens and trusts…it was not easy for Curt to leave Buck as they are very connected in heart and spirit.

The relationship you have with your horse is profound and truly from God above. Horses are incredible…beautiful…spiritual beings and they love us…they feel and think.

You have not been loved until you are loved by your horse…it is a very special bond.

Cooper…you are such a good boy… I love you too:)

Curt is getting ready to ride bareback…making the halter lead rope into a rein…and talking to Wild Bill.

Wild Bill is making some profound point…I wonder what he is saying…hmmm?

As you can see…Curt truly takes Wild Bill seriously:)

Camille and her herd of Aussies! We all love our Australian Shepherds!

Cowboys and horses…and the women who love them.

Riding Buck…with Cooper following.

Camille keeping her eyes on the gang…”You guys sit and stay and be good.”

This picture brings back old memories…Curt on Buck with Coop following.

Summer night 2004…Curt on Hobby with Buck following.

Coming down the rail…2011…I think I have seen this before?

Yep pretty close…Buck is following down the rail as a colt in 2004.

Buck and Curt 2011

Buck and Curt 2004…this was Buck’s first ride and Curt rode him out into our fields with a halter…no bridle…and all went well.

Wild Bill and I plan to go on some mountain trail rides and plan to ride all over out here…it is incredible out here in the summer as when you ride on top of the hills you can see three distinct mountains…with incredible views for miles.

We will watch the sun go down and the moon come up…taking time out to enjoy life when we can…away from the stressors of life…it is true that there is something about a horse that is good for the insides of a man or woman.

We will ride both Buck and Melody this next year…they will carry us on down the dusty trail:)

Annie will be broke to ride this next year too…and that will mean lots of time on her too. I am looking forward to it as I have ridden alone most of my life…except when my Dad or Wild Bill rode with me on the Juniper T.

Thank you Curt and Camille…we love you both very much…and Buck will always be here for you to come home to and ride…anytime.

Curt On Hobby…”Bo The Incredible Aussie”…And “Little Buck”…Summers Night 2004.

My guy with Bo on the left who is Dash’s Father…Dash is on the right…Bo was significant in our getting Aussies…when Curt introduced us to Bo we fell in love with him right away…he was protective and could be scary mean if the wrong person came around….and he was always here with us…did not wonder off…very smart dog.

Curt with our Kiah and his Tuff…they are brother and sister…not from Bo but from a different lineage…very smart dogs too.

Another shot of Camille with the gang:) ” Sit still so I can brush you!”

Typical summer nights on the Juniper T.

Buck is awesome and beautiful….so are the hearts behind him.

Look for joy this week and good stuff…simple stuff…family times…making memories…your life has a beat…listen for it and find your rhythm…it’s there…so often we do not get quiet enough to hear it with the fast pace of our lives…but it is there…and the peace that comes with it is incredible.

Behind The Scenes Of Pendleton…Let ‘Er Buck 2011

Behind the scenes of Pendleton…Let ‘er Buck 2011…I decided this year I would go behind the scenes with my camera…this is where you see the real life of the contestants….the people….the livestock…the all “American Cowboy Life”. I love it as it is the real deal…truth in pictures…I hope you enjoy the photos that I captured…I have a few in the arena too but will do one more post for them as my posts seem to get long quickly.

Horses behind the grandstand…sleeping…hanging out…waiting.

Cowboy parking behind the grandstands…I would not want to pull in with our trailer and try to park…no way.

Round Up Indian Village.

Cowboys warming up…talking with friends and trying to relax.

Cowboy town…trucks, trailers, horses…I love the heart beat of the western life of the cowboy and cowgirl.

Cowboy ponies and wild ponies…does not matter as all are the same in the horse world…some are trained and others are not but they are horses… they all have huge hearts and want to get along.

Sports Medicine Van standing by…hoping to not be needed!

I love watching the horses the most…they have their own language and it is all body language…I am trying to learn all of this right now….have been a student of horses since I was 2 years old…and a serious natural horsemanship student for 10 years of learning about the horse and I am still learning…will be learning forever I am sure…as you can never know it all and anyone who says they know it all does not know much.

Warming up…and some are cooling down.

Actually laying down and cooling off…feels so good to roll.

And feels so good on my itchy back!

Ok guys lets go…hope you all feel better now that you rolled, itched and cooled off a bit:)

Back to warming up…cowboy style.

Moving with the rhythm of Round Up.

Hoping to win their round…old friends and new friends…cowboys doing the rodeo circuit.

“And I was so dang close to winning…and then lost by 1.1 second…or less…my wife and the kids are good…my horse is doing fantastic…I hope I win…can use the money to pay expenses…no hard feelings right.”

“We need to get together after the craziness of competing and have a bq with our families.”

“Whatever guys….geez…I am trying to get my head on for the final barrel race run of the day…here at Pendleton for crying out loud…and you are trying to bond…geez…ok focus…focus…focus…get my head on right cowgirl style!”

Thinking…praying…sitting…trying to relax…breathing cowgirl style.

Moving and riding with purpose to prepare…some are riding with purpose to relax.

Horses getting tired of standing and being after a long week in Pendleton with the hot weather…the crowds…noises…cowboys…and just rodeo…on one hand I  love it…on another I can see where it would get old.

Cranky and wanting to go home to quiet again.

“Keeping my focus…no matter what!”

“Noise and distraction will not detract me and my horse.”

“So who do you think will win the “All Around?”

“I am going to win….focus.”

I think it is time for a nap or maybe…

Cleaning up the hay…the back horse has both a different color and interesting marks.

Thirsty ponies…taking turns.

The rodeo goes on but is getting closer to being done for these horses.

On the slant…waiting for the go.

What…who..are you? Smile boys:)

Ready to rest.

Under the grandstands 2011…hope you enjoyed life behind the Round Up!

Behind The Scenes Of Pendelton…Let ‘Er Buck 2011!!!

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