Cowboys..Horses…Aussie Dogs…Late Fall

Cowboys…horses and Aussie dogs…always make  for a good story and good photos!

October snuck in gently with warm temps the first week but now is letting us know that our late fall-summer is officially over. I had to finally change out my capris and t-shirts for jeans and sweaters.

I never get tired of taking pictures of clouds and funky colors…out here where I live…this is what we see on a daily basis…I keep my camera handy for shots like this!

We are to get rain this week finally…the farmers need it for fall seeding for next year’s crops.

Can you see the deer…they are my early morning and evening visitors.

I love how the light filters through the clouds this time of year with soft beautiful colors that bathe the land in golden hues.

This is little “Buck”…he is our newest family member joining us here on the Juniper T.

Buck is special to us as he belongs to our Cowboy Son. We first knew Buck when he was two years old…he lived out here for a while on the ranch while Curt broke him to ride.

The round corral was built that year with Buck in mind.

When our Cowboy Son and his wife called us to see if we would like to own Buck, we immediately said yes! They live in Seattle now where the weather is gray, rainy and muddy…they felt that Buck needed to come home where he would be out of the wet weather for his feet. A decision that was not easy.

Buck is the classic old-fashioned quarter horse build which I personally love:)

Curt trained Buck and he trained him the right way!

This is a horse that listens and trusts…it was not easy for Curt to leave Buck as they are very connected in heart and spirit.

The relationship you have with your horse is profound and truly from God above. Horses are incredible…beautiful…spiritual beings and they love us…they feel and think.

You have not been loved until you are loved by your horse…it is a very special bond.

Cooper…you are such a good boy… I love you too:)

Curt is getting ready to ride bareback…making the halter lead rope into a rein…and talking to Wild Bill.

Wild Bill is making some profound point…I wonder what he is saying…hmmm?

As you can see…Curt truly takes Wild Bill seriously:)

Camille and her herd of Aussies! We all love our Australian Shepherds!

Cowboys and horses…and the women who love them.

Riding Buck…with Cooper following.

Camille keeping her eyes on the gang…”You guys sit and stay and be good.”

This picture brings back old memories…Curt on Buck with Coop following.

Summer night 2004…Curt on Hobby with Buck following.

Coming down the rail…2011…I think I have seen this before?

Yep pretty close…Buck is following down the rail as a colt in 2004.

Buck and Curt 2011

Buck and Curt 2004…this was Buck’s first ride and Curt rode him out into our fields with a halter…no bridle…and all went well.

Wild Bill and I plan to go on some mountain trail rides and plan to ride all over out here…it is incredible out here in the summer as when you ride on top of the hills you can see three distinct mountains…with incredible views for miles.

We will watch the sun go down and the moon come up…taking time out to enjoy life when we can…away from the stressors of life…it is true that there is something about a horse that is good for the insides of a man or woman.

We will ride both Buck and Melody this next year…they will carry us on down the dusty trail:)

Annie will be broke to ride this next year too…and that will mean lots of time on her too. I am looking forward to it as I have ridden alone most of my life…except when my Dad or Wild Bill rode with me on the Juniper T.

Thank you Curt and Camille…we love you both very much…and Buck will always be here for you to come home to and ride…anytime.

Curt On Hobby…”Bo The Incredible Aussie”…And “Little Buck”…Summers Night 2004.

My guy with Bo on the left who is Dash’s Father…Dash is on the right…Bo was significant in our getting Aussies…when Curt introduced us to Bo we fell in love with him right away…he was protective and could be scary mean if the wrong person came around….and he was always here with us…did not wonder off…very smart dog.

Curt with our Kiah and his Tuff…they are brother and sister…not from Bo but from a different lineage…very smart dogs too.

Another shot of Camille with the gang:) ” Sit still so I can brush you!”

Typical summer nights on the Juniper T.

Buck is awesome and beautiful….so are the hearts behind him.

Look for joy this week and good stuff…simple stuff…family times…making memories…your life has a beat…listen for it and find your rhythm…it’s there…so often we do not get quiet enough to hear it with the fast pace of our lives…but it is there…and the peace that comes with it is incredible.

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  1. Marcella Rousseau
    Nov 13, 2014 @ 10:18:43

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos ; – )



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