Winter Wonderland Has Transformed Juniper Canyon Into A Twilight Zone

Winter wonderland has transformed Juniper Canyon into a twilight zone of frozen earth and frozen air.

For several days now we have had heavy fog and frigid temps.

The landscape has become a monochromatic world of frozen tundra.

While the trees are clothed in a whiter shade of pale…and gray.

The heavy frost is slowly transforming ordinary things into weird shapes and  images.

The trees though held captive by the bleak grayness are beautiful in their own way…if you look for the beauty amidst the stark contrast with the sky.

Both man and animal alike is feeling humdrum from the gray days…as evidenced here from Melody to Patio Horse…. “What are you staring at me for?”

This kind of weather wears on you after a while and yet…there is still an odd beauty to the frozen days…our lone evergreen shrub looks frozen yet festive for Christmas!

My log fence is dressed for the holidays with its white garland…can you say brrrrrrr.

Melody is still not sure about “Patio Horse”….”Annie did you see that weird horse over on the patio….I tired to talk to it but it just looked at me with its frosty glare and icy hair.”

” Patio Horse” is a bit threatening with its eyes staring at you.”

Ooooops the grayness and surreal twilight zone pulled me into a warped sense of reality for a moment…sorry for the lapse…ok moving on to decorations….let’s forget weird and dreary for a minute!

This is one of our traditional decorations…not sure where my Mom got this Moose but she loved it and I dig him out every year.

And this is my Christmas Angel that I have had since I was little. She is one of my keep sakes and yearly traditions…the first decoration I get out right after Thanksgiving.

“Wild Bill” brought the tree home last night on “Melody” who was not thrilled as you can see by her look. I am hoping to get the tree decorated tonight!

The front porch wreath is up to welcome visitors…with a cherry Merry Christmas!

However our handrail looks a bit hairy and icy today and not too welcoming.

One last tree shot…despite the mundane days if we look hard there is beauty to be found all around us:)

Could not resist this fun shot…Happy Monday!

Last report I heard was that “Patio Horse” was running wild….keep your eyes open for him!

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  1. Roxanne
    Jul 16, 2013 @ 08:27:44

    Thankfulness to my father who told me about this website,
    this web site is in fact amazing.



  2. wolke205
    Feb 25, 2012 @ 09:09:52

    What a lovely winter wonderland 🙂



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