Hot Rods and Secret Labs

Hot Rods and Secret Labs….what does that sound like but Holton Secret Lab!

“Should you accept this mission?”

I decided last weekend that no matter that it is cold out, it was time for another HSL photo shoot to let you know what we are working on…we have many various projects going currently.

By the way…all you car people out there…you can click on all these pictures and they will blow up and fill your screen…makes them look very nice!

I love the shot of the “53 F-100″…it sits right and looks bad to the bone…it is parked in front of  “The Secret Lab.”

Currently we have been working on two F-100 Ford pick ups.

We call this “56 F-100 The “Chrome One”…the paint and all the chrome make it shine beyond belief!  It is like a mirror…and shines like a wild thing…it is going to be a show stopper this year.

It  has a big heartbeat…yah-yah! Can we all say…incredible…awesome and fast!

When you see this F-100 in person…it is jaw dropping and ver cool.

Can you say “Zoom Zoom?” This belongs to a “68 Cougar” that we have built a new suspension for among other details….if this car pulls up next to you at a stop light…forget it…it will blow your doors off!

The ever changing scenery in the lab…I never know what I will see on the rotisserie…here we have a “54 Willy’s” cab on one end and a “35 Dodge” cab on the other end…getting ready for priming.

We spend hours customizing each customer job to their specifications…from a louvered firewall…

To a custom dash and interior as most customers would like to have more gauges and air conditioning installed as well as satellite radio etc.

Another custom touch…a back light on a “35 Dodge Belt Line.”

It takes many shop hours…labor along with talent to create and fabricate hot rods into outrageous and outstanding rides.

This “48 Ford Coupe” is in process right now…it is getting a new heart and suspension.

This is a “46 Ford Tudor ” that we built and if you look close at the two vehicles you can see that we customized this Ford a lot.

Here is my “36 Ford Pick Up Cab” sitting on top of the paint booth…”Hey…wait a minute Wild Bill…I want my pick up finished!”  I used to own a 35 Ford Pick Up that got sold…arggghhhh!

On any given day this is what I see…

Cool stuff…nice stuff…custom delight stuff and yee-haw…oops…sorry…the cowgirl got the best of me:)

 Cragers…wow…unfortunately you do not see them as much now…when I met Wild Bill they were the only wheel to have…I loved them then and I love ’em now!

And Bella Bel-Air!

And this very cool F-100!

This was just a very brief look at “Holton Secret Lab” as there is much more to showcase.

“Hang on and check back with us”.

“We deliver the unexpected.”

“Burn ‘Em and Enjoy The Ride or The Drive!”

Until next time…”Your mission is complete.”

This brief will self destruct in 5 minutes…over and out!

Ho Ho Ho Merry After Christmas And Happy New Years!

Ho Ho Ho Merry after Christmas hello and as we approach 2012 we wish you the best of the New Year! ! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas time with your families.

Our Christmas was blessed with family, friends and lots of good food. No we do not have this much snow…actually we have none…this picture was taken in 2009 in front of “The Lab.”

Christmas morning broke, gifting us with a beautiful Juniper Canyon dawn which was glorious.

I love the early morning mist in this picture just as dawn broke…you can see the soft swirls of it. You can see two of our horses too…Annie is standing up and waiting on breakfast while Melody is laying flat on her side taking a nap….she likes to stretch out for her naps…she trusts me enough that I can walk up to her to scratch her while she is down…she is so sweet.

Santa Claws brought “Minnie Mouse” a new play house…it even matches her fur:)

I wonder what Santa brought Wild Bill? It looks like something for his horse Buck…ok smile WB.

Looks like Buck got a new bit…Wild Bill is modeling it…hmmmm…I wonder if I can put this to good use?

A-ha…Minnie got a little catnip…yee haw…we try to do it right down here on the farm!

Merry Christmas Yippee Ki Yay Kiah…we love you lots and lots:) Did you like your new chew toys and bones? Ah it looks like you enjoyed the black bird…

Minnie Mouse had a good Christmas…she loved her new house and her cat nip too…ahhhhh life is good:)

Wild Bill welcome to the technology of a Mac…you will love it. As you see…he is enjoying it and playing with  it:) We both have the iPhone 4S with the Siri feature which is awesome!!! Both our laptops have a similar feature.

Speaking of  Macs…as I said they are cool!

These are farm country Macs…hay swathers that we are painting for one of the local farmers here. They are parked at my back door…Hot Rod Cowgirl is not figurative.

I am real…a bit hot rod…a bit horse gal…a bit farm girl….thats me:)

Right Melody?

My hubby bought me this awesome ring from ZPT Silver…notice the bucking horse? That is the Pendleton Round Up logo and I love it!

Hot Rod Cowgirl’s garage…”Jagged and Sadie Sue Suburban”…we name our vehicles around here.

Note my cool bug shield painted by my hubby with his signature flames…and “Jagged” looking mean and nasty…waiting for good weather again.

This cowgirl thing goes way back to when my Dad stuck me on a horse before I could walk…this is me at a horse show way back in the mid 1980’s…it was extremely hot that day and I was riding one of our ranch bred horses Sally…it was her first horse show and we did fine except when we rode by some little kids who dropped their full plastic cup of ice water…poor Sally jumped but we managed to maintain and finish our class in western pleasure:) I was so proud of her as she had lived forever way out in the country so this show was a big eye-opening experience for her. Personally I like riding  my horses out and working cows or gathering cows…but in the 80’s I thought ok what is this horse show thing…had to find out…and it was ok but not my thing. Note…look at the hat …notice the feather and the high crown? Styles have changed…thank goodness!

Hot Rod Cowgirl and Wild Bill along with Holton Secret Lab wishes you a Happy New Year! Stay tuned….I did a photo shoot today and will upload some new pictures on my next post.

Check Out My Other Blog On Holton Secret Lab

Check out my other blog on our website Holton Secret Lab. If you like Hot Rod Cowgirl…you need to go check out what put the Hot Rod in the Cowgirl:)

Our newly revamped website is up and running. I still have lots to update on the website but that will take time yet. I think I have about two years worth of updates with events, restorations, awards, articles etc. Part of the problem was having to pay a web tech to upload my pictures and news…with our new website I can upload news and new pictures due to Word Press. Thank you Word Press!!!

Type this address  into your browser and go to Holton Secret Lab.

If you go to the web site…check out all the links and see some awesome work and cars…then head over to the Blog link and you can read about the “Secret Lab”.

This is the header for the Blog…Hint Hint…Cool Cars!

Like this one! Incredible 3 D flames huh? My husband is a creative artist.

Amazing 1972 Bronco…built and restored with custom fabrication and details from the ground up…this Bronco is jaw dropping…it won the very first show it went to at the Portland Roadster Show…winning Best Of Class!

Our current “Wild Bill” build in progress “Jagged”. A 1928 Dodge Coupe with a V-12 Jag motor in it and yes it runs really well! Look close at all the custom fabricated work on this car. “Wild Bill” had to make the headers, manifold and the intake. “Jagged” has nitrous injection with a dual four tunnel ram. “Jagged” is going to the Grand National Roadster Show.

Another cool shot of the 1972 Bronco…incredibly customized and truly one of a kind! It needs to be in a magazine…it is beautiful.

We have owned “Bella Bel-Air” now for 6 years. We restored her to stock and that includes the paint. It is fun to drive her as truly you feel like you are back to the 50’s or 60’s.

“Mr. Blu2” at our restored gas pumps that we use for photo ops with the cars we restore and paint…it is fun for me to take the pictures and then roll back the time.

Cruzin Magazine interview at the “Lab”. All customer cars that you see HSL built and restored…we had about 20 customer vehicles lined up in front of the shop that day.

“Wild Bill” got a louver machine a few years ago and of course he went nuts…he has 936 Louvers on “Jagged”!

Close up of “Jagged’s” heart…why you ask…because we can. V-12 Dual Four Barrel, Tunnel Rammed, Nitrous Injected Jaguar Motor…in our 1928 Dodge Coupe with a 5″ Chopped Roof and lengthened 10″ to fit the Jag motor on a custom frame…all built by “Wild Bill” and Holton Secret Lab. If you go to You Tube I have a video of the beginning of the build on Jagged. Go to YouTube and search for Holton Secret Lab…I have 15 videos of various frame off restorations that we have done.

I know I know…you came to my blog to see horses and ranch life and cowboys and cowgirls…the wild west!

Yes I am still a 100% cowgirl here…this cowboy scene that you see, is happening about 150′ from Holton Secret Lab…on the other side of the 103 year old barn.

I could not leave out Fanny Annie…she is a sweet girl:)  Ok “Wild Bill” I am getting back to Hot Rods!

This gray “1936 Ford Five Window Coupe” is on You Tube too…the video is incredible as the restoration was intense….lots of fabrication of parts as we could not locate a few of them…quite a bit of rust repair etc. The “Gray Ghost” as I call this “36 Ford” came out beautiful!

This “1970 GTO” was also intense with lots of rust repair etc. and for those that do not know…black paint shows every flaw…so if it is “Black and Beautiful”…it is Beautiful!!!  This GTO is a crowd pleaser as you do not see these rare cars very often anymore. Go take a look at the YouTube video of this “1970 GTO”…it is impressive. “HSL strives to do every car good enough to be painted Black.”

This is the link to the YouTube Channel.

We go to the Portland Roadster Show every year with several of the customer car builds that we have done. It is a fun week for us and for our customers that go with us. Lots of people and it is fun to get out and meet new potential customers. Of course we always hope we will win several awards each year for our customers and for HSL!

Typical view at HSL…incredbile cars! This “1970 Chevelle” is on You Tube too…..and this little Chevelle has won lots of awards! Check out the ghost flames on the hood!

I think that “Wild Bill” spent too long in the sun that car show day…hmmm…stay tuned.

“Have A Happy Sunday!”

“Over and Out from Hot Rod Cowgirl…Hobby and I getting ready to cut a cow, which was so much fun, the next second of this sequence we were cutting. OK Wild Bill…I know it is time for me to go make dinner:)”

Thank you Kristen of

If you need a new web site…get hold of

Hot Rod Cowgirl Heads To Holton Secret Lab’s…Hot Rod Shop For The Day!

Hot Rod Cowgirl heads to Holton Secret Lab’s Hot Rod Shop for the day as we had our house fumigated a few weeks ago…we do this every couple of years to get rid of spiders and various country bugs…and we have to vacate the house for a few hours…that means Ms. Minnie Mouse who is the Queenie of my house and myself move out for the day to the Burb and the Lab.

Minnie is 16 and a half years old….but acts like she is 7 years old…she is the sweetest girl!

Sadie Sue becomes our hang out place for a while….Minnie even has her own cat TV video that I can play for her in the Burb.

Ok well Ms. Minnie is not happy…do not blame her…but…we have to get those darn Juniper Canyon bugs out of our house. I promise we will watch your video Minnie:)

Off we go to the “Lab”…which is not that far from the house.

“Hey Leonard…what’ cha doing?”

This is a typical “Lab” picture…here we have two vehicle bodies on the rotisserie…a 1935 Dodge on this end and a 1954 Willy’s on the other end.

“Well…what do we have here?”

“Hmmmm….son Greg and Troy in the trunk…almost sounds like a game?”

Wild Bill says “Ok so what are you guys doing?”

“Hey It Is The Troy In The Trunk Game.”

” Troy” now realizes that “Hot Rod Cowgirl” “is taking pictures”..he is stuck and can not get out fast enough!

Serious panic time…”Does my butt look big???”

“No Flame…only when you ride a horse:)”

One of the cool things on the wall at Holton Secret Lab…with a cowboy flavor.

Typical “Lab” decor.

Can we all say together “Zoom Zoom.”

Always different various jobs going on at HSL.

Side shot of “Jagged” and son Greg working on the frame for the 1948 Ford that you see above.

This is the Media Blast Room…which we call the holodeck room…we grew up with Star Trek soooo…we often media blast the cars that we work on to take the old paint and body work off so that we can find the rust and places we need to repair and re-build…this is a rare 1969 Mustang on the rotisserie….stripped to bare metal. We use plastic media which is better than sand as it does not pit the metal or cause it to rust.

“The Lab” from a different view and angle….coming out of the paint mixing room.

Father and Son…”See this is what I mean.”

“Uh…wait I need to think…this takes intense thinking Greg”.

“Ok I think you have it.”

I love sneaking around the shop and catching everyone from different views.

Troy sees me and I am sure he is going to duck or hide:)

This is the custom fabrication part of the “1935 Dodge” dash.

More custom design by HSL on the “35” Dodge.

“Wild Bill and Leonard talking and thinking on customizing something on the Dodge”…what you see is wisdom, talent and experience.

“Wild Bill” messing with “Jagged” and Greg working on the “48 frame”.

Our fabrication area is a bit full…but that is good:)

“So Dad is Mom still sneaking around taking pictures?”

“Ah…yep she is…look busy son and maybe she will go bug Leonard or Troy.”

Another shot of the frontage of Holton Secret Lab from above…kind of cool.

Since I am in the barn..had to get a shot of something horse related.

Back to Holton Secret Lab….this is what we do here…incredible restorations and builds…perfection with attention to detail.

This F-100 will be incredible…it is going to “The Portland Roadster Show in 2012.”

Another cool shot of the frontage of “The Lab.”

Hey we are back in our house and all is well here in Juniper Canyon!

It is a late fall night here in Juniper…yeah the colors are incredible.

And amazing Ms. Kiah…we love her lots and lots.

And with that said…Good Night from Holton Secret Lab and the Juniper T.

Seasons A Changing In Juniper Canyon As Summer Slowly Slips Into Fall

Seasons a changing in Juniper Canyon as summer slowly slips into fall…where did summer go? Fall is whispering to us softly now as summer is slowly fading to a quieter time in Juniper Canyon…the business of harvest and life blends late August into September…school is back in session once again and Round Up is in the air as we begin to get ready for the annual rodeo…evenings have a chill now so we slip our jackets on to sit on the patio to grasp the last light of summer.

Time has sped forward and taken us from bright summer days and warm nights to my favorite colors of the earth…the colors of autumn…burnt rusty oranges, reds that are deep in color with a warm glow and yellows that are golden in the golden light…God’s incredible glory in the landscape…and yet as I try to hang on to summer I can feel the breath of fall, softly on my cheeks and I know that summer is tucked away until next year.

Harvest was late but it was a record harvest…the fields have turned from golden-yellow stalks with full heads to stubble that has turned into a deep golden auburn color…harvest is behind us now but we will always remember the harvest of 2011.

Before long the farmers will be seeding next years crops…as soon as we get some rain. Usually during Round Up week we get rain…and this country girl loves it as it smells heavenly on the parched dry earth.

Trucks have stopped rolling by our house and our days and nights are slowly returning to our usual quiet.

We get so little traffic out here that we can tell without looking whose pick up it is by the sound of the exhaust…we country people have big ears for listening!

Lazy dog days of summer are coming to an end…they love us sitting out in the summer months on the patio with them…throwing a frisbee for them to chase…or getting a good bone to chew on…which they are doing in this photo.

I feel a bit of melancholy when harvest is over as the land is dry and bare…sort of feels like the morning after Christmas…one minute you are celebrating in the moment…running from store to store to find gifts…cooking special family recipes and continuing on the traditions that were handed down to you…lots of parties and visits from family and friends…yet the morning after Christmas comes and you feel the let down…harvest can be like that as all through the crop year you have your eye on the crop looking forward to harvest.

From the beauty of the green fields in the spring after winter to the first of June.

When you begin to smell the wheat as the stalks are drying out and the head is filling with grain as it slowly turns from green to a golden yellow…you wait and watch and worry and wonder when you can get going with harvest…anticipation runs high as the farmers ready their equipment.

Finally it is a go and you as a family pull together and get the job done…long days…short nights but you are all in this together…in my family we had uncles and cousins doing the harvest together…for me it was great as I was an only child and I got to come down from the cattle ranch when I was old enough to drive wheat truck to be part of our family harvest…fun times and memories that I still hold close in my heart.

Finally the last day of harvest comes…and boom it is over…now we worry and wait for the rain to come so that next years crop can be seeded…and the cycle goes on. You can see our home down there in the picture…see the straight stretch of road…WB does burn outs there…he pretends he is on Pinks All Out!

With fall now upon us…soon winter will be too. I am already getting Christmas catalogs…I am not ready for snow or cold temps! One morning this last week I had the heat on for a few minutes to take the chill off the house!

Time seems to be going faster…the months blend together and the seasons rush by…I can not believe that 2011 is almost over…I miss the days of old when time was country slow.

Life seemed to stand still during the years of growing up on the ranch for me…summer lasted a long long time then.

Heading home for the summer to the Juniper T ranch…it was our home in the Blue Mountains…lots of green grass, cooler temps and fresh water.

Time was one lonnnggg day at a time…it was horses and cows…life was fine in my world. Oh sure in the evenings I would be bored sometimes, I would eat dinner and then go out and either hunt for rocks in the creek or fish in the creek or ride my horse bareback up the meadow…I would come back at dusk…my folks would be getting ready for bed…if I caught any fish I would clean them…with Mom’s help…by then Dad had “Ira Blue” on the AM radio and the talk show would be fading in and out…simple times…good times…time to go to bed…turn out the lanterns…poof the lantern said when I turned it off.

This was the bunk house for the cowboys…the front half was Mom’s kitchen…no power…wood cook stove…no running water…yes it was work…but that was what we all knew…it was life to the rancher and his wife…Mom was a cowboy’s wife…and the cowboy’s kid had to bucket the water for her so she could heat it on the wood stove to wash the dishes…it was simple yet peaceful…it was good… I miss it…I miss the beauty of life then….the simple of life then…the good of life then.

I grew up this way and could easily go back to it….Mom was a city girl…her Dad started one of the first Ford Garages in the Northwest…but before that he worked for Pete French on his vast ranch…I have Grandpa’s wool gloves and pipe…he went on to become a state rep for Oregon when Mom was growing up. She told me that when she married my Dad in 1939 she did not know how to boil a pot of water let alone cook…she learned though and was known for her cooking in later years on the ranch.

Mom loved my Dad and she was with him on all his adventures…their marriage was old-fashioned as it was forever…thick and thin…they taught me a lot about marriage and relationship.

We have an old-fashioned marriage too…thick and thin…no matter what…I am with “Wild Bill”  forever and he is with me…I am very blessed…and I love his adventures as they become our adventures.

Such as Photo Shoots with Holton Secret Lab and

Pendleton Woolen Mills…a wonderful rainy and cold June day on location.

Ok “Wild Bill”..where are we going now?

The show must go on no matter the rain and cold.

This is my hubby…the man I fell in love with…the guy…my WB…and I love him and his tenacity.

Here we go…Pendleton Woolen Mills 100th Anniversary Year Catalog Shoot…and they are using our cars!

I wonder what they are saying? Probably something like man is it flipping cold…yeah this is a total crappy day for a photo shoot…I like your cars WB…yeah thanks…how much are you gonna pay us?

The catalog shoot is over and we can finally dry off!

We are  loading up and headed home.

Ahhhhh…we are home….the sun is shining…warmth at last.

Our adventures will continue with this blog…we have Wyoming yet…in this photo the Wyoming wind was blowing so I was hanging onto my t-shirt…next to this monster machine…out in the high desert close to the Oregon Trail crossing.

This was my daily view…the Wind Rivers…and cows…LOVED IT…it was hard to move back to Oregon…the mountains we have here are mole hills compared to my view in Wyoming.

Green River Lake and Square Top Mountain…this is where the Green River begins…I rode above Square Top mountain many times on Pinon Ridge gathering our cows above 10,000 elevation behind Yellowstone…

Wyoming was HUGE country…the first time I rode up Pinion Ridge and looked back it took my breath away…you felt very small as the country was so vast…I grew up in the Blue Mountains but the Rockies were different…I can’t explain it…Wyoming was an ah-ha moment when you just shut your mouth and took it all in…it was a force to be reckoned with…I miss it and part of my heart is still there.

The rest of my heart is here….my home with Wild Bill…and we have beautiful skies and landscapes too.

Seasons a changing here in Juniper Canyon….

Seasons are a changing…constant color and light. Stay tuned….more on the Juniper T and more on HSL…lots of life to share with you…bookmark us and check back several times a week….

The Secret Lab Of Hot Rods

The Secret Lab Of Holton Hot Rods is the topic today because it is a cooler windy day and kind of blah…I thought you needed some eye candy to brighten your view…or maybe I need it for my view?

One thing about owning a restoration shop…there are always lots of cool cars around…I never know from day-to-day what I will see or hear.

Our trailer moves down the road regularly to car shows all over the Northwest. This Chevelle is a beauty and I love how the picture turned out with the trailer. Being the ad person for our business I look for pictures to be taken in a way that I can use for my ads…this one is perfect…shows the nose of a very cool car with all our advertising on the trailer complete with web page info.

Holton Secret Lab delivers some of the most outrageous; yet incredibly classic Hot Rods and Street Rods…American Muscle and Customs…Classics and Vintage Cars in the Pacific Northwest.

Frame off rotisserie restorations…ground up restorations…all in house…custom paint and design…fabrication…we build what you want.

Notice how meticulously clean our shop is?

HSL strives for perfection with attention to detail…an orderly shop helps you know where things are at and helps keep the jobs focused…both Wild Bill and I are clean freaks:)

V-12 Jag in a 1928 Dodge Coupe…I will be blogging more about “Jagged” as we continue to build and finish this car…since it is ours Wild Bill is going all out with his creativity…it already looks wild and bad to the bone!

These are all customer cars that HSL built and restored…this was a magazine photo shoot.

Best of Class…Portland Roadster Show

For those who are not familiar with the Portland Roadster Show it is a large regional car show in Portland, Oregon. Usually runs well over 400 cars and draws over 20,000 people per day of the three-day show. It is an honor to be accepted to show your car in the show and when you win it is over the top as far as winning goes…I will do a post of the first Roadster Show Wild Bill and I attended with three cars that HSL built….all three won best of class out of 400 cars…we were thrilled!!!!

Wild Bill has painted flames for over 40 years…this picture shows depth in the intricate flames…almost 3D looking…WB you are an artist!

Amazingly cool car…all the comforts for today and it goes down the road with good old horsepower…where is the “Oh Sh*t Handle?”

“Mr. Blu2″ Portland Roadster Show Best of Class Winner Many Times Over.”

Love this car…the design of the body, fenders and grille…the belt line…the smooth classic lines.

It is interesting that the light effects how the color looks…inside car show lights verses outside car shows in direct sun.

Outrageous Super Bee Clone.

At the Portland Roadster Show…has won many times.

This shade of red is a crowd pleaser…lots of depth and shine…very classic and fits the car…when you see it pull in at the car show everyone takes notice due to the throaty sound and the stand out red.

A very rare Kaiser Manhattan…full frame off resto…look at all the amazing chrome…it sparkles!

Incredible lines and unusual design make this Kaiser a crowd pleaser…Portland Roadster Show winner and has won all over the nation as the owner takes it to national shows.

I will be adding this car to our website soon…

Also go to You Tube as I have the Kaiser Restoration on video….as well as several other vehicles…forgive the music as I had to go with You Tube music…just search for Holton Secret Lab and you will go to our video page…here is the link too

Car Shows

2007 Portland Roadster Show. We entered 10 customer vehicles that HSL restored and brought home 12 trophies.

Very rare 1969 428 Cobra Jet Grande.

Did I say flames?

These are only a few of the cars that Holton Secret Lab has built or restored for their customers….I will post more of our vehicles in the future…stay tuned.

I will update this blog 1-2 times per week so be sure and bookmark it…check back…pass it on to your friends and family too…it will be interesting…look us up on the web…I am in the process of rebuilding the web site with We are still working on it and it will be updated with all the vehicles that are not on it yet. My web designer is using a program that will allow me to update it daily if I need to.

“The Secret Lab” delivers…we are unique in what we do here…your dream can be on the road in a few months…dreams that become realities…in “The Secret Lab Of Hot Rods.”

Horses and Hot Rods

Horses…Hot Rods and Howdy from Juniper Canyon…..where Juniper T Ranch and Holton Secret Lab are located.

How many Street Rod Shops are located in the middle of a wheat field on a century old family ranch?

Remember the movie Field of Dreams?

Build it and they will come…and our customers have.

Two Graduates From “The Lab”

A beautiful Chevelle With “Wild Bill” ghost flames….”Wild Bill” or WB is my husband and he is a wild artist and inventer…and a cowboy too in his heart but these days he is riding the shop and herding all those pretty cars around and building outrageous customs and doing complete frame off restorations.

This is our Hot Rod, “Jagged” that Wild Bill is building. It is a 1928 Dodge Coupe with a V-12 Jag motor in it….WB had to invent the intake manifold…then he had to reconfigure the carb to work with an American Edelbrock Carb…he made the headers and fabricated the vehicle to fit the engine…totally “Wild Bill”

More HSL Graduates

Moving on to cowgirl stuff….do you know what “Hooking On” is with a horse? I am going to show you a sequence with my horse Hobby and I in the round corral.

As you see I am in the middle of the round corral and I am sending Hobby to go the direction that I chose.

Here I have asked Hobby to reverse directions…you want your horse to reverse direction by turning  towards you. If they turn away from you then send them on and do not let them reverse until they stop and turn in towards you. This is a matter of respect as you want them to look at you.

I asked Hobby to stop and she did….she turned towards me and is standing still waiting to see what I will ask next.

Hobby is hooked on…which begins the foundation of trust…she wants to stay close to me  as she feels safe  with me as her leader.

No matter what direction I turn and go…Hobby is with me…this is what you want to see…she has no halter or lead rope and she is choosing to stay with me.

Smile Hobby…I love Ya!

We are both getting loves! Since these pictures were taken we have added sand to the round corral, which helps with the (cough cough) dust!

Fanny Annie is enjoying the cool evening after a hot summer day…what a view we have here….it is truly incredible to watch the colors change throughout the day and into the night.

You never know where I will be taking pictures…..see you on down the dusty trail and remember to smile!

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