A Day In The Life Of Hot Rod Cowgirl For Oregon Dayshoot 2013!

A day in the life of Hot Rod Cowgirl begins in the dark dawn of July 15th for the Oregon Dayshoot 2013! The Dayshoot first began 30 years ago in 1983 to depict life in Oregon on any given day of everyday life. It’s a way to record Oregon history and what our lives were like in 2013 compared to the first Oregon Dayshoot in 1983.


It’s 4:30 in the morning on July 15th and I am excited to be a part of Dayshoot 2013! I’m ready with my camera…a nice clean card, along with a spare one and extra batteries too. And its time to begin as I step out to capture the sunrise…it was well worth it but I wish the stars had shown up in the photo too!


Yard sprinklers were doing their thing…I lightened this photo up so you can see the drops of water! A fun time of day to be up and taking pictures of life in Juniper Canyon!


Here comes the sun…I do truly love this time of day anymore…used to not be crazy about it but then I got into photography and I love the sunrise and the sunset…the two enchanted times of light and capturing images with hues of color that knock your socks off!


Yard Bath or Showers! We have had the sprinklers only 1 year and I love them. It is so much easier to water the yard with a switch instead of dragging around hoses all over. WB said too he thinks all our gophers have left due to the water!!! Yeah!!!


Finally daybreak…I am the only one up and I need coffee soon…it is now 5:30 in the morning! And its going to be a beautiful day! I love it as it is so quiet and speaks deep to my heart of God’s beauty all around us if we will look and observe.


 Annie was up and wanting her hay breakfast…”Morning Mom, dayshoot or is it dayhoot-cares…I’m hungry and yeah yeah about taking pictures…just gimme my hay and I will pose for you later ok.”


And here’s Pat and Jack putting in their two cents since Annie got to. “Well really Mom, you need to sit down here and pet us, rub and love us and feed us treats!” I miss Jack so much as he was beautiful inside and out!”


“No way Mom….what are you doing outside at this time of day….get in here and I need treats too and lots of pets and kitty loves!” “And who cares about this dayhottenany or whatever it is called!” “Humph!”


As the day slowly wore on, it was over a 100 degrees and too darn hot to be out very long. After lunch I figured I would go check out the shop…WB said to come down and grab some photos of the guys working for fun! So here I am in Wild Bill’s shop wondering if I can catch some sneaky action photos of the guys working on cool cars:) And I LOVE Corvette’s!


Here’s Bryan working away but I think he is hiding…Hey Bryan…quit hiding and smile!


Come on Clay, look up and smile at the camera…geez! Clay is working on a very cool 1935 Ford Pick Up…it is going to be very classy when it rolls out of the “Lab!”


“Ahhh HA! I caught you Wild Bill! Smile for me and what are you doing now? Hmmm, well I am having trouble getting the guys to smile like they are having fun with all these super cool cars to work on!!! At least you will smile at me if I try to capture you working on one of the cars right?”


Apparently not…and hmmmph…hey WB come on and look up!!!! He gets all obsessed over Corvettes too like I do! This is a 1976 Corvette…hey WB LOOK UP Dang It!


I know maybe Nathan will look up and smile….by the way this is a 1958 Metro…cute huh? Nathan likes to draw and he drew the smiley face on the Metro and at least it is smiling, and looking at the camera!


I know what they are saying….”Here she comes again, so look like we are discussing something very serious” “Ok Terry and WB come on and look at me you ding-dong guys!!!”


And one last picture of Bryan working on a 1949 Chev. Pick Up…


Guess I will head back outside to see what is going on….Hey heres Jagged, our 1928 Dodge Coupe! WB likes louvers can you tell?


The landscape view in bright light of day! This is the view of the sunrise photos I was taking at dawn…looks way different huh?


Typical scene outside the shop…lots of kooool custom cars in front of our old-fashioned service station!


And the day is winding down…horses doing the nuzzle after their dinner


Hey Dash what do you think? Hmmm…he not looking at my camera either….geesh!!!


Enjoy the summer as soon…it will be gone…and big fat WAH! I LOVE nice warm 80 degree days and the sunshine! Have a wonderful weekend and peaceful night wherever you are and a Simply Sunshiny Sunday! Smile and…click click click!

Warm Summer Nights Are Truly Heaven’s Delight…

Warm summer nights are truly heaven’s delight…


Basking in the soft glow of harvest colors reflected on the land, we remember the memories of old…tough years that taught us to dig deep…and the good years full of family times and grace. We remember…and we give thanks for our heritage and the traditions passed on to us that we hold close to our heart.


 Wheat fields immersed in golden amber light, surround us with vivid hues of auburn red delight…that makes this cowgirl farm girl stop and stare…as I marvel at the beauty of the coming crop…that began with one small kernel of faith.


Magical times of twilight and early morning light…always brings summer delight to your heart and a smile to your face. And in the reverence of a quiet country night…wait? What was that???


With the earth-shaking…”Jagged”, rolled up the driveway with the beat of a heavy-duty cam and a healthy ba-boom-ba-boom sound.  “Jagged” is our 1928 Dodge Coupe that WB is building by hand, as he has to build the modifications and literally make the parts due to the limited availability of parts for a 1928 Coupe. Can you believe that he put a V-12 Jag motor in it with nitrous??? Stay tuned as there will be more on that in a later post. And this is a good picture of why I am called “Hot Rod Cowgirl?” Horses in the background and a Hot Rod in the foreground:)


Tuck Girl is in agreement, taking it all in…looking relaxed and happy…wondering where she left her ear plugs?


As the night air shifts, a cool canyon breeze whispers softly that soon, life in the canyon will pick up the tempo from a slow country waltz, to a do-si-do down home harvest swing!


Slowly the day ends, with the last ray of magical light setting softly behind the hill, while overhead the sky is a blaze with glory…and another golden day rolls into a warm summer night…truly heaven’s delight.

Check Out My Other Blog On Holton Secret Lab

Check out my other blog on our website Holton Secret Lab. If you like Hot Rod Cowgirl…you need to go check out what put the Hot Rod in the Cowgirl:)

Our newly revamped website is up and running. I still have lots to update on the website but that will take time yet. I think I have about two years worth of updates with events, restorations, awards, articles etc. Part of the problem was having to pay a web tech to upload my pictures and news…with our new website I can upload news and new pictures due to Word Press. Thank you Word Press!!!

Type this address http://www.holtonsecretlab.com/  into your browser and go to Holton Secret Lab.

If you go to the web site…check out all the links and see some awesome work and cars…then head over to the Blog link and you can read about the “Secret Lab”.

This is the header for the Blog…Hint Hint…Cool Cars!

Like this one! Incredible 3 D flames huh? My husband is a creative artist.

Amazing 1972 Bronco…built and restored with custom fabrication and details from the ground up…this Bronco is jaw dropping…it won the very first show it went to at the Portland Roadster Show…winning Best Of Class!

Our current “Wild Bill” build in progress “Jagged”. A 1928 Dodge Coupe with a V-12 Jag motor in it and yes it runs really well! Look close at all the custom fabricated work on this car. “Wild Bill” had to make the headers, manifold and the intake. “Jagged” has nitrous injection with a dual four tunnel ram. “Jagged” is going to the Grand National Roadster Show.

Another cool shot of the 1972 Bronco…incredibly customized and truly one of a kind! It needs to be in a magazine…it is beautiful.

We have owned “Bella Bel-Air” now for 6 years. We restored her to stock and that includes the paint. It is fun to drive her as truly you feel like you are back to the 50’s or 60’s.

“Mr. Blu2” at our restored gas pumps that we use for photo ops with the cars we restore and paint…it is fun for me to take the pictures and then roll back the time.

Cruzin Magazine interview at the “Lab”. All customer cars that you see HSL built and restored…we had about 20 customer vehicles lined up in front of the shop that day.

“Wild Bill” got a louver machine a few years ago and of course he went nuts…he has 936 Louvers on “Jagged”!

Close up of “Jagged’s” heart…why you ask…because we can. V-12 Dual Four Barrel, Tunnel Rammed, Nitrous Injected Jaguar Motor…in our 1928 Dodge Coupe with a 5″ Chopped Roof and lengthened 10″ to fit the Jag motor on a custom frame…all built by “Wild Bill” and Holton Secret Lab. If you go to You Tube I have a video of the beginning of the build on Jagged. Go to YouTube and search for Holton Secret Lab…I have 15 videos of various frame off restorations that we have done.

I know I know…you came to my blog to see horses and ranch life and cowboys and cowgirls…the wild west!

Yes I am still a 100% cowgirl here…this cowboy scene that you see, is happening about 150′ from Holton Secret Lab…on the other side of the 103 year old barn.

I could not leave out Fanny Annie…she is a sweet girl:)  Ok “Wild Bill” I am getting back to Hot Rods!

This gray “1936 Ford Five Window Coupe” is on You Tube too…the video is incredible as the restoration was intense….lots of fabrication of parts as we could not locate a few of them…quite a bit of rust repair etc. The “Gray Ghost” as I call this “36 Ford” came out beautiful!

This “1970 GTO” was also intense with lots of rust repair etc. and for those that do not know…black paint shows every flaw…so if it is “Black and Beautiful”…it is Beautiful!!!  This GTO is a crowd pleaser as you do not see these rare cars very often anymore. Go take a look at the YouTube video of this “1970 GTO”…it is impressive. “HSL strives to do every car good enough to be painted Black.”

This is the link to the YouTube Channel. http://www.youtube.com/

We go to the Portland Roadster Show every year with several of the customer car builds that we have done. It is a fun week for us and for our customers that go with us. Lots of people and it is fun to get out and meet new potential customers. Of course we always hope we will win several awards each year for our customers and for HSL!

Typical view at HSL…incredbile cars! This “1970 Chevelle” is on You Tube too…..and this little Chevelle has won lots of awards! Check out the ghost flames on the hood!

I think that “Wild Bill” spent too long in the sun that car show day…hmmm…stay tuned.

“Have A Happy Sunday!”

“Over and Out from Hot Rod Cowgirl…Hobby and I getting ready to cut a cow, which was so much fun, the next second of this sequence we were cutting. OK Wild Bill…I know it is time for me to go make dinner:)”

Thank you Kristen of  http://nine2fivecreative.com/

If you need a new web site…get hold of http://nine2fivecreative.com/

Horses and Hot Rods

Horses…Hot Rods and Howdy from Juniper Canyon…..where Juniper T Ranch and Holton Secret Lab are located.

How many Street Rod Shops are located in the middle of a wheat field on a century old family ranch?

Remember the movie Field of Dreams?

Build it and they will come…and our customers have.

Two Graduates From “The Lab”

A beautiful Chevelle With “Wild Bill” ghost flames….”Wild Bill” or WB is my husband and he is a wild artist and inventer…and a cowboy too in his heart but these days he is riding the shop and herding all those pretty cars around and building outrageous customs and doing complete frame off restorations.

This is our Hot Rod, “Jagged” that Wild Bill is building. It is a 1928 Dodge Coupe with a V-12 Jag motor in it….WB had to invent the intake manifold…then he had to reconfigure the carb to work with an American Edelbrock Carb…he made the headers and fabricated the vehicle to fit the engine…totally “Wild Bill”

More HSL Graduates

Moving on to cowgirl stuff….do you know what “Hooking On” is with a horse? I am going to show you a sequence with my horse Hobby and I in the round corral.

As you see I am in the middle of the round corral and I am sending Hobby to go the direction that I chose.

Here I have asked Hobby to reverse directions…you want your horse to reverse direction by turning  towards you. If they turn away from you then send them on and do not let them reverse until they stop and turn in towards you. This is a matter of respect as you want them to look at you.

I asked Hobby to stop and she did….she turned towards me and is standing still waiting to see what I will ask next.

Hobby is hooked on…which begins the foundation of trust…she wants to stay close to me  as she feels safe  with me as her leader.

No matter what direction I turn and go…Hobby is with me…this is what you want to see…she has no halter or lead rope and she is choosing to stay with me.

Smile Hobby…I love Ya!

We are both getting loves! Since these pictures were taken we have added sand to the round corral, which helps with the (cough cough) dust!

Fanny Annie is enjoying the cool evening after a hot summer day…what a view we have here….it is truly incredible to watch the colors change throughout the day and into the night.

You never know where I will be taking pictures…..see you on down the dusty trail and remember to smile!

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