Writing On Frozen Winter Days

Writing on frozen winter days when you are confined to the house, can feed your  soul with visions that you can not find by looking out the window. For me, writing is a vacation for my mind as I explore my thoughts and imagination…dreaming with a pencil to paper.

Living out here the view before you constantly changes with the light and shadows during the day…each season has a light of its own…I never get tired of watching the landscape play through the day. Often in winter we have fog that lingers close by…can you see the wispy mist quietly waiting to seap slowly back down into the canyon?  This frozen fog can be incredibly dense…even the most seasoned person who has lived here forever will find themselves lost in the murkiness of the mist and the nothingness of the fog.

The frozen world seems surreal…eerily quiet and unnatural…life seems to be on hold…like the gears on a truck…when shifted into neutral there comes a pause between gears as you shift…then the transmission catches and off we go in high gear again. I like how winter forces us to slow down and rejuvenate…before life once again grabs that gear with a hectic pace.

We still have snow but it is now covered with ice, the top of it has a crusty crunch to it when you walk. We do not venture out anywhere other than to check and feed animals…I am thankful that our horses have heated water troughs, good hay and shelter…but cold is cold.

Last night as we slept we had more icy rain fall for several hours…as soon as it hit the snow it froze. When we looked out this morning, the storm had left a slippery glaze on everything. I don’t mind the snow but freezing rain and ice is the worst to deal with. No traction or control…just skating. When it is like this I give up and do not go anywhere…the Burb is parked as the 40 miles round trip  to town is not worth it. I usually have extra supplies stocked up that we need from the grocery store…when you live far out of town, you stock up when you go to the store as you go to the store once a week or less.

We had blue sky and sun for a few hours this afternoon…the first sunny blue sky in a week!

Such a welcome sight to see. We have more storms on the way but today I am going to carefully go outside and feel the sun on my face…and capture some new pictures…

Like this one right at sunset…I love how the sun made everything so vividly deep with color.

I hope you snuggle in and enjoy the neutrals in your life as much as I do…forget grabbing a gear and grab on to the time we have to rest as before we know it…the icy roads will be dry…winter will be behind us and zoom zoom we will be racing around once again.

 Minnie  Mouse says “Quit taking my picture, my hair is a mess and besides it’s snuggle down nap time…Meow-Meow.”

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