Ocean Daze…Makes HRCG Plaze!

Ocean Daze Makes HRCG Plaze…The Ocean Is Heaven To Me!


We recently spent ten days on the Oregon Coast….our condo over looked the Pacific Ocean…literally! This was my view off the deck, the windows in the living area and off the deck of our bedroom…magical  huh?


The condos are built on rock that rumbles and roars when the waves crash over it. I shot this photo from our deck looking out…you can see the other condo units that stretch across the rocks…


The first day of our stay, we had huge waves rolling in that were incredible to watch as they hit the rocks, putting on a big show!


And here comes loads of ocean spray looking for windows and you if you are outside!


The Oregon Coast is one of my most favorite places to go to….I love the rugged coast line and the awesome beauty of the Pacific Ocean. The sound of the waves crashing…the sunsets…the storms…the incredible roar of high tide and the out of control power of it all!


I love walking on the beach, barefooted of course, as there is something incredibly cool when you have sand between your toes:) Mom and I escaped to the ocean and the beach each summer the end of August…our excuse was school shopping.


Dad rarely took time away from the cattle ranch…in all my years growing up, we never took a family vacation together as he felt he had to stay and keep an eye on the cows. We wished he would have come with us but the beach was not his thing. In later years he told me that he wished he had gone with us and done more with both Mom and I…he told me to not make the same mistake and to enjoy life with WB as time is short!

Dad and I Herding Cattle

I love you Dad and we did have a good life together on our horses…you taught me so much and I am eternally grateful forever…

DSC01256Off we’d go…shopping a few days in Portland and then we hit the beach…it was a total ahhhh as we both loved the ocean…it was a peaceful respite for us from the cattle ranch and life as we knew it…it was cowgirl heaven:)


Full of amazing peace that washes over you with each wave…as the cares of the world and the tension in your shoulders fades away…and the silence you feel in your spirit, brings a great big smile to your face with a “Yippee Ki-Yay!”  “Yippee Yappee Yahooey…Life Is GOOD!”


Once WB and I arrived at our condo, (and WB could drag me away from the “oh wow did you see that wave….wait…no, oh that one was huge…where is my camera….I have to grab some pictures…whoa, did you see that one…?”) we rearranged our chairs to look out on the ocean…cool view huh?


We scooted our chairs up to the windows that over look the water… you felt like you were floating on the ocean! Our perch for over a week…wrap around (windows on the left side too) views of the water…I found myself stopping in my tracks each day as the view was so beautiful…we loved it:)


Wild at heart and yet so very peaceful to my soul…


There are two places on earth that I stand in absolute awe of God…the Rockie Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.


Both places have uncontrollable power that is God…His glorious presence radiates as I often hear Him say “My child, is anything in your life to difficult for Me?”


His power brings the peace that passes understanding!


I hope you enjoyed the views!


Ya never know I may show up and say “Smile, you’re on HRCG’S Camera or Spotting Scope…


I would rather you be on my camera!”


Have a “Blessed” weekend wherever you are! And remember to live life to the fullest as time passes too fast!


Mom finally got Dad to go to the beach on their 40th Anniversary in 1979! They had fun…notice Dad had his cowboy boots on and Mom was barefoot…yep runs in the family:)


Enjoy each day and be sure your loved ones know that you love them!

Ocean Waves…Sandy Beaches…A Bit Of Heaven On Earth!

Ocean waves…sandy beaches…a bit of heaven on earth…and with each wild wave of the ocean…the peace of rest washes over your weary soul.

Seeing my hubby doing this last week blessed my heart. WB is a very strong man, but his neck fusion surgery has been very painful and difficult, so we went to the most peaceful God place we could go to so he could rest…and that was the Oregon coast.

There is something about the ocean that is very spiritual and healing to your heart and soul…it is the peace that passes understanding to me:)

Maybe it is the wild at heart feeling of the power of the water and the waves…

Or maybe it is the power of the ocean that only God can control…whatever it is…it is balm to your soul.

The roar of the waves we could hear from just about every room in the townhouse, brought deep relaxation during the daytime and lulled us to sleep during the night.

I loved the beauty of the Twin Rocks…two silent partners that have stood the test of time in a timeless world.

Filled with varied light and muted colors that invoke life’s mysteries…and for some reason our spirit connects deeply with the beauty that our heart sees, as life is like that at times….sometimes the muted colors of our life or the memories that have faded are yet the most beautiful and impacting parts of our lives here on this earth.

Incredible views framed with the intensity of life’s blues from the living room balcony.

And with a flick of a moment of life…the views change and are framed with an ethereal glimpse of another world and another time.

The ocean is always changing…maybe that is why I like it…it reminds me of the Rocky Mountains…weather can change in seconds there…views that literally take your breath away…life is ever changing and you move with it…much like you do with the incredible ocean.

And then the sun would slowly begin to set…each night with different colors and light.

Incredible ocean vistas…

Full of glorious sunset beauty…

The last glimpse of the sun and the end of another beautiful day.

I have never grown tired of the ocean…

 Walking forever on the beach…sand between your toes.

A constant calm filled with…

Incredible God given beauty.

Indescribably fun for camera nuts:)

I love the ocean and Wild Bill…

“Thank You Lord for creating such a Wild At Heart and Beautiful Sanctuary of Your Glory for us to go to…and a bit of Heaven on earth:)”

I hope you all have a happy weekend filled with good stuff and know HRCG and WB are thinking of you:)

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