Celebrating The Days Of My Life…April 11th 2006…An Amazing Day In A Country Girl’s Life!

We celebrate April 11th as it is “one of the blessing days of my life”…a new day and a new birthday!  I had been diagnosed with wide-spread non-invasive breast cancer a few weeks before…we could still do something proactive as it was contained and had not become invasive or spread. It was the size of a small orange, so we chose to do the most proactive treatment we could do…a double mastectomy with immediate tram flap reconstruction with a 99.7% survival rate for a healthy life.

We explored the other options…but it was recommended by both the radiologists and my oncologist that we do a mastectomy due to the large wide-spread area. I was young and healthy…with lots of life yet to live with WB. Having been high risk for many years, in many ways, to us it seemed like a gift as we could choose the best option for us.

When they took me to surgery it was 7:15 in the morning and when I opened my eyes again and I saw my hubby “WB” it was 2:15 the next morning, April 12th. I was okay after 18 hours…16 hours surgery and 2 hours recovery…to me that is yet a miracle. I actually had 4 more hours of surgery after 48 hours…so in total between April 11th and April 14th I had a total of 20 hours surgery without complications. Through the months of recovery I healed quickly and was back working out at the athletic club by October.

 “Wild Bill” shared with me how scary it was for him as it was hard to watch other families wait…then leave to greet their loved ones who made it out of surgery and were in recovery. OHSU was a huge teaching hospital and he only heard a few updates in that long 18 hours a part.  He was the last one in the waiting room that early dark morning, when my Dr. came out with a smile letting him know that I was fine…all was well.

I am healthy today…my usual silly ding-dong self… living a happy life!

Today we wear pink to fight cancer…to bring awareness to the disease and to give hope that there is life beyond cancer:)

Instead of making lemonade out of a bunch of sour lemons…since we are out here in the farm country…let’s make bread out of kernel’s of wheat the same way. “Grind It and Just Do It!!!!”

I thank God for sparing my life…for giving me a future, a hope and a life!

Where ever you are…please support raising money for the cure of cancer! It is striking more and more people each and everyday…it is an insidious disease that needs a cure!

We can find the cure!!! “Let’s Just Do It!”

“LIFE”….We Can Fight…Yes We Can!

 “Save a Life”…Make a difference America!

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