We Remember 9-11-01…God Bless America

We remember 9-11-01..God Bless America. Today we remember September 11, 2001.

We left here August 31 2001, for Labor Day weekend for a fun vacation with WB’s folks…we had our camper and they had their motorhome.

We went up into the Idaho Mountains out of Boise….McCall Lake and Cascade Lake. On the early morning of September 2nd WB’s Dad suffered a blockage to his heart and was air lifted from a small hospital in Cascade to Boise Idaho. WB and I drove the camper and motorhome down the mountain as his mother had gone with his Dad…when we got there they had done a stint and all seemed routine and fine…Dad looked good and they said in the morning we would be able to take him home to recover…so we went to bed exhausted…at 2:00 the next morning on the 3rd we were woke up by a nurse that escorted us to the hospital…we had parked in their camper parking…Dad was not responding…he did not come around and sadly we left the hospital without him that surreal and incredibly sad morning.

I followed WB and Mom in the motorhome to their home in Vale. I had lost both my parents within a year of each other and I knew….the sadness and incredible loss of our parents. The funeral was September 6th and we came home late on the 8th…we had barely turned our sight to business at hand which was the shop…and me. I  had an abnormal mammogram that spring in March…biopsy came back ok but put me in a high risk area….they wanted a second look at six months…my appt. was the 11th.

I had just come downstairs and Wild Bill had the TV on…..both World Trade Towers were hit and on fire.

Then they broke in to tell us the Pentagon had been hit…..then back to NY and one tower fell…and in another surreal moment the second tower fell…my appt. was at 11:30 that day….WB looked at me and I at him….I said well maybe you had better go with me as we do not know if we are at war…he said yes we need to stay together and we did that day…and the next day and the next…we knew life had changed for us…in four years we had lost three parents…and the Twin Towers and the Pentagon…and Civilian Airplanes had been attacked on US soil.

Life had changed…

Yes America had dark days that week BUT we rose up and fought…God was with us…we stood STRONG AS A UNITED NATION.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Hope and the promise of God…we go on as nation…united we stand!

We have not forgotten…our prayers are with those who lost loved ones…and for America..and for those that fight for us over seas…we are with you!

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