Minnie Mouse Won “The Shine On Award”….Meowsie Woo Hoo Award!!!

Minnie was nominated for The Shine On Award by her buddy dog, Frankie at  http://emjayandthem.com/2012/07/01/shine-on/

Minnie’s Mom, who is HRCG, is buddies with Frankie’s Mom, MJ:)

Minnie is meowsie honored and humbled to receive this award….and she just grabbed my laptop and took off…Minnie what the heck are you doing?

Oh ok I think Minnie wants to be in control of the keyboard…oh heaven help us…I did not know she could type???

Hey she may be working with me in the office tomorrow…Min Min…I love my girl and you rock on girl:)

She loves attacking her red mouse…Minnie loves red…it makes her go into her tigress mode!

Minnie loves her Navajo blanket…she likes to roll up in it and hide or she hides her toys and attacks the lumps:)

This is the Minnie exercise known as the “scratch my kitty back on my Navajo” meow yeah this feels good!

Be sure to head over to check out MJ’s blog…she is a great writer and she asks questions that you think on.  http://emjayandthem.com/

 Frankies a cuty patooty too…

Thank you MJ and Frankie  for passing the Shine On Award on to meowie me Minnie….Mes truly appreciates it:)

These are the rules for receiving this award:

1.)  Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.

2.)  Share 7 things about yourself.

3.)  Nominate 10 or so bloggers you admire.

4.)  Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know.

5. Answer some questions too:)

Seven Things About Me:

1.) My Mommy feeds me treats everyday and I feel very special…she tries different ones too:)

2: I loves belly rubs by my Mommy year round:)

3: I feel very loved when my Mommy prays over me and she does all the time:)

4. I work on keeping my stripes straight each day along with various dots and white areas as I am a very fastidious kitty:)

5.) I love love love my Mommy and Dad…they are the very best ever:)

6.) I love my toys…and sleep! Love love love it when Mom has a blanket on her lap for me to snuggle up on:) I do not like it when she wears shorts…her skin does not snuggle very well!

7. And I do not hunt mice…ewwwww….ick!

Hummmph…I need a cat nap…get that dang camera out of my face!

Here are my nominations:

1. My gf Sundae who is beautiful with all her colors and her beautiful heart:)  http://thesedaysofmine.com/category/family/sundae/page/2/

2. And then there is my amazingly hunky handsome friend Sam…what a cute guy he is  and fun! http://onespoiledcat.wordpress.com/

3. Zoey the cool cat is really cool too….check them out:)http://russelrayphotos2.com/

4. A very fun and hip kit cat blog… http://catfromhell.wordpress.com/

5. Love this blog and you will too:)   http://isobelandcat.wordpress.com/

6.  A fun kitty cat blog as she has lots of kitty cats to love and blog about:)  http://sunni-survivinglife.blogspot.com/

7.  A blog that has something for everyone:) http://catnipoflife.wordpress.com/

8. Minnie loves Slash…thinks he is quite the cool rebel kitty:) http://catpurrology.com/

9. And she loves Tux as he reminds her of her sister Satchmo who was a total tuxedo kitty… http://sophisticatedkat.wordpress.com/

10. Speaking of Satchmo…Minnie likes hearing about the adventures of this Sach…with all those pretty stripes like Minnie’s… http://satchmothecat.wordpress.com/

11. We love reading about Texas and Milou…Minnie and her Mom thinks they are truly beautiful with beautiful kitty hearts:) http://texascatny.wordpress.com/

12. Minnie and I both love reading about beautiful Savannah…she has such a sweet heart and has been through a lot. http://savannahspawtracks.com/

13. Minnie loves the three Moggies! http://mythreemoggies.wordpress.com/

14. Both Minnie and her Mom love this site as Kitty Blogger has a great sense of humor and she makes us laugh:) http://kittybloger.wordpress.com/

15. Tigger is cute and fun….we loves reading his blog of wisdom and Zoe is very pretty too:) http://tiggersteachings.wordpress.com/

Questions To Answer:

What is my favorite color?

Well…tan, black, white, carmel, gray…you know…my beautiful coat of many colors! And red!

What is my favorite Non-Alcoholic drink?

Nice cold fresh country water…love it when Mom fills up my bowl with it:)

What is my favorite animal?

Well…cats of course…hello!

Do I prefer Facebook or Twitter?

I love my face and my Mom and Dad’s face:) And a twit is annoying!

What is my favorite number?

I like 7 but I also like being 18 this year too:)

What is my favorite flower?

Is catnip a flower?

What is my passion? 

Keeping tabs on Mom and always being with her no matter what…I love my Mommy!

Thank you so much for nominating me Frankie and MJ:)  You are awesome…go see them at http://emjayandthem.com/

 “My Name Is Minnie Mouse…I Am The Queenie Of The House…I’m The Cat Who Knows Where It’s At.”  Mom has a complete song about me:) She loves me lots and I could be a model too:)

Congratulations And God Bless You!  All God’s Animals And People Shine!

Minnie and her Mommy, HRCG,  Hope You Have A Meowsilly Terrifically Tigerifically Thursday:)

Scenes Of The 2012 Pendleton Round Up From Hot Rod Cowgirl!

As I write this post, The 2012 Pendleton Round Up Is Officially Over Until Next September 2013. Pendleton, Cheyenne And Calgary Are Known As The Big Three Rodeos Among The Cowboys Who Favor Them…Some Cowboys Say That Pendleton Is Like Coming Home. Pendleton Has 102 Years Of Rodeo History, Heritage And Community Support. Hundreds Of Local Volunteers That Follow In The Footsteps Of Their Families Before Them…As Each Year They Put On One Outstanding Rodeo!

Come See For Yourself And Experience The Magic Of Pendleton…Seeing First Hand Why This Rodeo Is Filled With American Cowboy Heritage, Heart And Soul.

Did I Mention I Have A New Camera From Wild Bill For My Birthday? He Blessed Me With The Sony a77 And I Love It:)

My Cowboy Buddy…He Loves Horses And Cows And Someday He Will Have His Own Ranch…It Will Be Top Notch:)

Are You Guys Ready To Rock And Roll With The 102 Year Old Beat Of Pendleton?

Here Comes The Flag Bearers! God Bless America…God Bless The Cowgirls, The Cowboys And Their Horses!

One Of Our Four Beautiful Round Up Princesses…She Made The Run In Across The Arena…Jumping The Fence…Calmly Smiling And Waving To The Crowd…This Is A True Round Up Princess!

The Flag Bearers Are Awesome…I Love Seeing Our Flag Waving…On The Back Of A Horse…Perfecto!

Beautiful Princess Cowgirls And Beautiful Horses!

 Queen Alex Of The 2012 Pendleton Round Up…Making A Perfect Jump!

Here Comes The President Of The 102nd Pendleton Round Up!

Its Official The 2012 Round Up Has Begun!

History Is Being Made And Recorded In The Books! Look At Them Go!

Beautiful Teepees Filled With Native American Heritage…Hallmarks Of The Round Up!

The North Grandstand Is Ready To Boogie With What ONLY Pendleton Can Deliver!

Hang On Tight…Pendleton Gets It On With Action!

Cowboy Ponies Resting…Waiting For Their Events.

Contestants In The Warm Up Area…Giving Support With The “You Can Do It Attitude”…Which Is What We Do As We Honor” The Code Of The West.” If You Grew Up With It And Lived It…You Know What I Am Talking About.

 The Sports Medicine Van Stands By…As Well As Top Notch Equine and Animal Vets…They Are Ready To Help Any Injured Contestant, Volunteer Or Injured Horse Or Animal…Dr. Corey Has Been My Vet For 32 Years With My Horses…He Is Outstanding In His Field!

Bucking Horses Hanging Out Behind The Scenes…These Horses Are Loved And Well Taken Care Of…They Have Great Value And Are Raised By Their Owners To Buck And Perform.

Pendleton Has It All! And Bill Dawson Is Incredible With Repairing The Historic Wagons And Getting Them Ready For The Parades And Arena Presentations.

Horses Stand By Patiently…Taking A Rest In The Shade.

What I Love About The Round Up Is That I Get To See My Favorite People…And This Couple Is On The Top Ten Of My List:)

Hey Cowboy Dog…He Actually Told Me He Travels To Lots Of Rodeos And Loves It…But Pendelton Is His Favorite:)

Horses Discussing Their Owners And Their Ding Dong Events…LOL…And Waiting For Their Time To Shine!

Outside The West End Of The Round Up Stadium…You Find Another Part Of The Rodeo Back Here Behind The Scenes.

You See Cowboys Swinging Their Ropes…Loosening Up…Trying To Relax…And Cowgirls Relaxing Their Horses By Giving Them A Job To Do…With All The Commotion It Helps Both You And Your Horse To Have a Focus.

My Favorite Picture This Year Is This One:) I Like The Sepia Color And The Horses Seem To Be In Sync…I Love The Build Of “A True Classic Quarter Horse”…Put Together Rock Solid…I Love Muscled Quarter Horse Butts!

The Same Picture With Colors Is Ok Too:)

Pendleton Is Like No Other Wild West Rodeo…Full Of History…Full Of Tradition…Full Of Memories And Old Friends:)

Forever Families Who Have Lived Their Lives Here Settling The Land…Raising Their Families…Building Their Future With Hopes And Dreams…It Was Through The Story Of Their Lives…That The Pendleton Round Up Story Was Born 102 Years Ago.

And Is Still Going Strong Today…Filled With Historical Heritage And The True Western Spirit.

Happy Birthday Dad! He Was Born September 17, 1914…Four Years After The Round Up Began…He Grew Up In It And Played A Huge Roll In It…I Am Proud Of My Dad Forever And Always! He Taught Me Everything I Know About Horses And Cows!

One Of These Years WB And I Are Going To Play Tourist…Go To All The Parades, Dinners, Breakfasts, Main Street And Do The Entire Week Of Rodeo and Happy Canyon:) We Have Always Been In It Or Involved And Have Not Seen What The Tourist Sees…So Yee-Haw!

Minnie Cow-Kitty  Says Meow-Yahmoo! Isn’t She Cute…I Love Her Green Eyes, Her Markings and Her Long Whiskers!

Let ‘Er Buck!

This Was My Morning Sun Today…My Prayers Go Out To All Who Are In The Middle Of Fighting For Your Homes And Your Lands…Your Animals And Lives. I Pray That God Will Send Heaven’s Rain And Blessing You With His Glory…Putting Out ALL The Fires In The Western United States! God Bless You All!

The Pendleton Round Up 2012…Let ‘Er Buck! Hot Rod Cowgirl Is On The Move With Her Camera…Stay Tuned!

Of course you remember last year right?

Lots of horses…

An All American Rodeo…Not Just Any Rodeo But…The Pendleton Round Up!

Get Set…Get Ready…And Let ‘Er Buck! The 102 Year Old Rodeo Officially Started Today With Horses, Cowboys and Cowgirls!

Rough and Tough…Here Comes The Round Up Princesses!

The Pendleton Round Up Queen Follows…These Girls Know How To Ride Fast and Hard!

Bucking Chutes Waiting…

Pick Up Men Helping!

Friday Morning 2011 Westward Ho Parade With 101 American Flags!

Contestants Warming Up…For Their Chance Of Winning Pendleton!

Cowboy Horses…Patiently Standing…Taking A Break.

This Is Pendleton…its boogie time!

Turn and Burn Girl…Rock On and Go!

Traditions And Heritage…Wild Bill Taking The Oxen Through The Westward Ho Parade.

Me Riding My Horse Lottie Helping With The Oxen…Lottie Was 4 Years Old Here And Such A Good Girl!

My Dad On Gypsy…He Was President Of The Pendleton Round Up 1963-1964.

My Mom Attending A Round Up Function…She Is In The Middle Of The Group, In The White Suit.

The Budweiser Horses Came To Visit When Dad Was President….I Got To Meet Them All In Person:):):) They Were Incredible!

Little did I know that Wild Bill and I would move to Wyoming and mange a 110 mile ranch for three partners and one of the partners was Paul, who owned the Melody Ranch in Jackson Hole and whose Mother was a Busch…this picture shows me with the long red hair…to my right is Margo, a lovely lady and friend, to my left is Paul with his Mule “Honey Buns” who was really cool and that is my Wild Bill in the flat hat…actually back then it was a WY. hat…and behind us in the near distance was the incredible Wind Rivers!!!! That is the Continental Divide (not a very good picture of them so I will do a post one of these days on our time there with better photos)

Ok I had to slip one photo in so you could see what i saw every morning and every night and all day long:) The Wind Rivers were incredible and I got to wake up to it every day and watch lightning storms over it every night…I loved, loved, loved Wyoming:) It was the life I grew up in…the American West…horses, cows, mountains and weather, elements of Mother nature…and life…sweet cowgirl life:)

My Dad was asked to be Grand Marshal of The Westward Ho Parade a few years ago…and at the time the main horses we had were younger and Lottie was the oldest, so Dad asked me if he could ride her through the parade. I of course said yes and then I got to work…she had been in parades before but she was only 6 years old and I wanted to be sure that she remained calm with Dad. As soon as I could I got hold of the serape behind the saddle and every late spring and summer evening in Juniper Canyon, I had the serape tied behind my saddle and Lottie and I rode…no make that galloped up and down the hills out here with that serape flapping and rusting against her to get her completely broke to the sound of it and the feel of it.  I was worried as Lottie did not like men for some reason…and she would buck them off! Ask Wild Bill…and he is good horseman!

God heard my prayers and Lottie did not buck with Dad…he was the first man ever to ride my mare and not have an issue:) I was sooooo relieved!

This Week I Am Taking Pictures Once Again Of My Hometown Rodeo…Next Week I Will Post What I Shoot So Stay Tuned:) In The Mean Time Let ‘Er Buck!!!

Hidden History On A 100 Year Old Ranch!

The last month we have been designing our new horse set up across the road from the house with corals, barns, paddocks, power, water for the auto waterers and etc. In the process we had to move some things….and in moving some things we came face to face with my Grandfather’s life here homesteading and farming our land.

This may not look like much…but it is the history of this ranch being dug up.

Do you know what it is? In my life time it was a water trough…see the pipe in it and the cement bottom.

In the late 80’s and 90’s it became my hotwalker anchor…you can barely see the old water trough as my mare Lottie was in front of it. But what was it originally?

Shez Allotta Leo aka Lottie was one of my best horses…I loved her tons and miss her even more…she was used to the hotwalker and she liked to play around on it like she is doing here. For those of you who wonder what a hotwalker is, it is a form of an equine exercise machine for the horse…I would put my younger horses on it to let them walk out and warm up…it is the same as a treadmill is for us.

So what is this big old rusty water trough anyway? A  flower-pot or a kettle pot for a huge barbecue…hmmm…no I don’t think so…however it can make a perfect flower-pot full of flowers and memories, blooming beautifully like the one above next year. But what the heck is this historical thingy that we dug up???

What was this massively heavy and huge round wheel like formation…hmmm…we are going to alot of effort to save it…so it has to be something near and dear to this country cowgirl’s heart?

Ka-plunko….cough cough geezo Wild Bill…he is laughing at me…he did that on purpose…the big smarty pants..har-de-har…pay back buddy is a b****:)

After WB heard that the payback will be not fun at all…and I am still coughing…I think I scared him…WB lifts the old water trough/hot walker platform, trying to stand it up in the correct original  position.

Could it be one of these?

Yes, it is one of the iron wheels off my Grandpa’s tractors…it looks like my Dad cut the cleats off of it…taking the old iron wheel, pouring a cement bottom into it, making provisions for the water pipe to come up and fill the trough…Dad had two of them fabricated into water troughs when I was growing up…I loved the one that was at the barn the best…

It’s now the one you see in the corner of the yard with all the flowers.

I got caught drinking out of it with my first horse “Prince” when I was 4 years old by my Uncle Rich who gave me a swat telling me to not ever drink out of the horse/cow trough again…your Mother would kill me and your Dad if she found out:) Ok and ok…I never did after that…until we moved to the mountain cattle ranch…Dad taught me how to drink water out of creeks and springs on my belly…oh my gosh pure cold mountain water was the best!!! And I loved drinking with my horse after a day of gathering cattle or even if we were just out for a ride….it was heavenly:)

And that is what history and heritage is all about on a century farm and ranch…it is about finding some odd-looking thing that connects you to your Grandparents. When you live on a 100 years of down home with family history, pay attention to what you are throwing away…what you think is junk may be the very thing that saved your land or built your home. Next summer this old iron wheel will have a new purpose in life…and will be blooming away in the other corner of my yard…it is already in place:)

Have a beautiful weekend wherever you are…look around and enjoy all the life that you see.

And remember…no matter how busy you are….stop and smell the flowers of summer…soon they will be gone:( I am not ready for summer to be over, but I do love fall too:)

HRCG over and out until next time!

Reblogged: Ranch Life: Hot Rod Cowgirl @ The Juniper T Ranch

Thank you Gary, for your support:) I am reblogging your post on Hot Rod Cowgirl:) Be sure to visit Gary’s blog at http://swittersb.wordpress.com/  A great blog to follow with interesting posts on fly fishing, fly tying, travel, life, scenery and photography.

SwittersB & Exploring

The Hot Rod Cowgirl of the Juniper T Ranch in Oregon receives all those special awards for Sweetness and Specialness and it is evident she deserves them. I enjoyed and I am sure you will to her blog  Hot Rod Cowgirl 

Family, traditions, heritage and obvious hard work. What’s not to like. Check out her awards, her blog and the sites she pointed to in passing on the love.



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