Spooky And Stupendously Spectacular!!!

Wild Bill and I decided last Saturday that we need to get more of our outside projects done…I would mow yards and deal with weeds etc. while he uses the trencher to dig a trench for the new pipe for the new well…as you can see in the picture below it is quite a process.

We have 2000′ feet of new pipe to install for the house, shop, barn, irrigation etc…it is a huge job with trenching, running the backhoe as needed, and laying the new pipe and fittings etc.!

As I was finishing up the mowing I looked up on top of the hill behind our house and saw these ominous black clouds drifting in overhead.

There was no doubt that a storm was imminent…I got WB’s attention and pointed towards them…then I ran into the house to grab my camera!

Why is it that when I see clouds like this that I think of ET or Jabba The Hut???

I couldn’t seem to fit the incredible clouds into my lens…the cloud cover was massive and I knew I had a short window of time to capture the magnitude of the storm…I needed to get as far back as I could!

Finally I ran hard down into the pasture across the road and I captured this photo…you can see how the clouds were transforming the blue sky into night…at 2:00 in the afternoon!

Ok Toto this is not looking good…HRCG get your buns back to the house!

The storm slowed to a stand still overhead…something was going to happen as I could feel the temps dropping from warm to cold…which was an odd feeling.

I ran back to the front porch…whew…pant-pant…whew. Running is not my thing…walking fast is good or riding a horse!

I could feel a brisk breeze on my face as the air got colder and the dark clouds began to turn white.

And then the heavens opened and all hail broke loose!

Thankfully the hail began to turn to rain within a few minutes…heavy rain where you could almost not see through it like a fog…we actually got 1/4″ in 10 minutes!

By late afternoon we were back to life is good in Juniper Canyon…blue skies with the sun shining and birds singing…I could not help but break out into song:)

The hills are alive,
With the sound of music
With songs they have sung
For a thousand years

As the day slowly ended, God blessed us with one of His beautiful sunsets…I never grow tired of seeing all the incredible colors of nature and the world God created all around us:)

Buck says the day ended well:)

Minnie says…hmmmm…ok well kiss my stripes…why…no reason…remember I am the “Cat” and my goal is to keep you guessing:) I know Minnie Mouse and I loves you lots!

With that said…follow your heart…take along your forever friends and family…they will keep an eye out for you as they travel along with you…they are your heart and a blessing from God to your life:)

Wishing you a Sunny and Shinny Day:) Happy Monday wherever you are!

One Lovely Blog Award Times Three!

I love receiving awards as I also get to nominate other fellow blogs as well:)

Cat Protectress and her amazingly awesome cat, Slash gave me my first nomination at http://catpurrology.com/2012/06/09/a-humble-thanks-plus-30-nominations/ . If you have not checked out this blog I recommend that you do it today as Cat Protectress and Slash rock!!! Protectress loves her Slash and loves all cats…her goal is to be sure that all cats are well cared for and loved. I truly understand how she feels as my kitty Minnie is my heart…I protect her and love her and try to make everyday special for her. I too love cats:) Be sure to visit their site:)

Congratulations to both Cat Protectress and Slash for your nomination for this award:)

http://catpurrology.com/ …Where Cats Rock!

Thank you so much Cat Protectress for this awesome award and thank you Kitty Angel Slash!

My second nomination came from http://randpphotoalbums.wordpress.com/2012/06/19/we-just-got-nominated/ …Renee’s and Pallas’s Photo blog is an awesome blog of life in New Zealand  and also her photography! I enjoy her blog very much as we have a son and daughter in law who moved to New Zealand last year…we have yet to visit them but with Renee’s blog I almost feel that I have been there:) Oh and the other part that is fun is they love horses too and of course that speaks to my heart too!  Be sure to visit their site:)

Congratulations to Renee and Pallas for your nomination for this award!!!!


Thank you so much for nominating me too!!!

And then I was nominated by http://teepee12.wordpress.com/2012/06/20/lovely-blogger/ as they too were given this award! Congratulations Serendipity on winning this award as you too are very deserving of this award. Be sure to check out this blog if you haven’t already:)  Lots of great photos and video with a bit of everything…a very worthy blog!

Congratulations Serendipity for your nomination of the Lovely Blogger Award:)


Thank you much for nominating my blog for the Lovely Blogger Award too:)

These are the rules for receiving this award:

1.)  Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.

2.)  Share 7 things about yourself.

3.)  Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire.

4.)  Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know.

Seven Things About Me:

1.) I have refinished just about all our furniture in the house. I love wood!

2.) I’m a homebody….do not like going to town….home is where the heart is:)

3.) I can be cowgirl rough and tough but I have a very soft heart and care deeply.

4.) I give God glory for my life and for my hubby…my animals and our home.

5.) I had long hair all my life until I found out that my Mom did not have long to live the week we lost my Dad. I did not tell anyone that I was going to do it…I just did it. From waist length to shockingly short hair.

6.) I have long hair again thank goodness!

7.) On a summer night I love to be on top of the rolling hills around here on my horse…you can see Mt. Hood, 200 miles away, with the sun setting behind it. You can smell the wheat and also the quiet of the land as the day is done. Riding horse back out here during the summer is magical in the early evening…and you can ride forever!

My Nominations Are:

1.) http://isobelandcat.wordpress.com/

2.) http://www.michellealzola.com/

3.) http://godguidesme.com/

4.) http://wendyellenthomas.com/

5.) http://triciabookerphotography.com/

6.) http://bentehaarstad.wordpress.com/

7.) http://creativenoshing.wordpress.com/

8.) http://morningbrayfarm.com/

9.) http://tracielouisephotography.net/blog/

10.) http://theviewouthere.wordpress.com/

11.) http://sugardishme.com/

12.) http://megtraveling.com/

13.) http://momentsclicked.wordpress.com/

14.) http://naturepicsblog.com/

15.) http://iphonephotog.wordpress.com/

I have a few more to add cuz I was nominated three times:)

16.) http://seeingspotsphoto.wordpress.com/

17.) http://sarahtakespictures.com/

18.) http://onespoiledcat.wordpress.com/

19.) http://travellingartist.wordpress.com/

20.) http://throughmylens365.wordpress.com/

Receiving an award always lightens your day and puts a smile on your face:) I hope all the above bloggers enjoy this wonderful lovely award!

Thank you Cat Protectress and Slash! Go see what they are up to at http://catpurrology.com/ you will enjoy this blog…where cats rock:)

Thank you Renee and Pallas for thinking of me and for the blessing of this lovely award:) Ok now head over to http://randpphotoalbums.wordpress.com/  and check out photos from New Zealand!

Thank you Serendipity for choosing me for this:) Stop in to say Hi to Serendipity at http://teepee12.wordpress.com/ you will find a fun blog filled with photography, video clips and great writing…hurry over and enjoy:)

Thank you thank you:) I feel lovely and blessed…humbled and honored:)

Look what I grew in my hostas…it’s a cute yet grumpy Tucker…she does not like having her picture taken!!! “Ok Mom…quit taking my picture…my hair is a mess and it will make my butt look big!”

Have A Lovely Super-Duper Thursday!!!

Happy Father’s Day Dad!

I am a bit late with posting this but seems life right now is a bit fast and crazier than I want…today is a very special day of honoring our Dad’s.

This is my Dad…he was an amazing man…he lived with a left stiff leg from a football injury during his senior year in high school. Yet not once did he ever complain or make excuses for his life. Instead he fought to live a normal life and he did. I saw it and was witness to it…Dad was the real deal when it came to being a cowboy and a great Dad!

Dad with his horse Jingle across the road from the house in the 1940’s.

Dad roping in the 1950’s…

Dad in the 1970’s running one of the biggest cattle ranches in the state of Oregon. One of the very last cattle ranches in the state to drive their cattle down from the mountains in the late fall to the winter pasture. It was a 90 mile cattle drive with 800 head of mamma cows.

Newspaper Article On The Juniper T

Yearly Fall Cattle Drive

Cows headed home…we drove the cattle every fall for almost 30 years and by the time we did it the last year…it was a piece of cake. They knew where they were going…home.

Dad looking weary on the drive about half way through. This is my Dad…his horse Bucky…his dog Blue. He was pretty much John Wayne to me and Mom and kinda scary to Wild Bill:)

Oh come on WB Dad does not look scary here!!!

 “WB are you gonna marry my daughter?”

“Yes sir….I am!”

“She is our little girl…and our only child…so I am watching you!”

“Don’t worry Dad…I am good with WB.”

I have so many good memories of growing up riding with Dad and working cows…but some of the best ones are when Dad took me fishing or when he taught me how to drive a four speed Scout up in the mountains…he was the solid comfort in Mom’s and my life…and he always kept a going.

Dad, you gave me the gift of life and horses:)

Happy Father’s Day…I learned everything I could from you about life and living and I miss you and Mom so very much.

I thank God for giving me a cowboy Dad like you!

Hotrod Cowgirl headed on down the road with horse power and horsepower:) Over and out…see ya on down the dusty trail!

Whoa…Slow Down…Summer Times A Flying!

I know I know I need to do a post about life here instead of awards….I am sorry to be so dang slow!!!

We have been busy busy with the house remodeling job and doing all the various summer chores….

Wild Bill was taking a picture of me mowing the yard…a country yard is sort of dirty work…out here we do not have manicured yards as we have various visitors such as gophers or critters that dig holes and then when you are innocently mowing the yard you accidentally hit a dirt mound and poof:)

It seems the days fly by and here it is almost half way through June!!!

Yikes I want summer to slow down and stay for as long as possible with warm sunny days:)

With this post I would like to show you how the old house has changed over the years. This is a picture of my parents right before they got married in 1939…when they returned from their honeymoon, Grandpa moved them into the house here in Juniper Canyon…where we still live today.

The house has changed the last 100 years, but it started out like this in 1920…with a full basement and the upstairs. It was a typical white clapboard farm house…built really good as it is very solid. When they poured the concrete for the basement they poured it deep…and the wood they used for the structure was solid good stuff as Grandpa spared no expense as he wanted the best for his Mother. This picture would have been in the 1950’s…about 35 years after the house was built. I think that is my Dad on the tractor on the left, he is moving dirt in prepping the site for the concrete patio…and I think that is one of my uncles off to the right.

Fast forward to 2007…the patio runs the whole side of the house wrapping around to the front porch. The yellow siding was added to the house by my parents in the 1970’s…the windows were changed out in the 1950’s the first time and eventually replaced with storm windows. In 1980 we moved into the house as  Mom was tired of the stairs…she wanted a one level newer house. I was delighted as I loved growing up in the house…it was home to me. Over the years Wild Bill and I have done various remodels and upkeep to the house.

This year it was time for some major upkeep remodeling with a new roof, new siding, a floor upstairs and revamping our master bedroom and re-doing the concrete patio…along with a new well and all new water pipe to the house etc. This was about a month ago…we have the new roof on and the old siding off.

We added blow in insulation to the outside walls and roof…and then they wrapped the house with insulation…so we have double insulation now and I can tell the difference already!

We chose a Hardie Plank Red Cedar siding as it matches our log fence and also the cedar bat and board shop. I love how it came out!!!  The garage doors need to be painted yet…and we still have to re-do the patio.

Oh my the patio…I roller skated on this patio…had lots of birthdays on it…swam in my swimming pools over the years on it and have loved it…still do today as we live out there during the summer. Our contractor feels they have to tear out the concrete on the side of the house and re-pour it….it has aged a lot the last ten years and it is time to address that too. Ok Minnie…you and me need to head to the high country as this will be very noisy!

Ms. Melody is not impressed either…she is down at the barn…good water and nice stall but….she wants her old stall back right outside my window at the house…when we drilled for water it was in her old stall so I had no choice but to move her to the barn for a while….its ok Mel…we love you lots and we are setting up new stalls for you, Buck and Annie close to the house:)

Me and Mel when she was three a few years ago…first night she spent here after I brought her home. She is a very social horse:)

I will update photos over the next few days to show you what we have done inside the house too:) This is the new floor upstairs…it is Acacia Wood and I love it!

And Ms. Minnie Mouse says “Remodeling stinks…why Mom does this I do not know…of course I am the cat…and I know where it is at…my name is Minnie Mouse and I am the Queenie of the House…Humph!”

We have had several beautiful sunsets….with intense and incredible colors!

Lots of weird but beautiful clouds…

Funky ones of every kind:)

And then there was this big boy…it seemed like it was sitting on us…it was just beginning to rain a bit when I got this picture.

But then it did this and the day ended beautifully once again here in Juniper Canyon…ahhhh.

Minnie had a good day too as she had a nice sun bath before it rained…whew:)

Have a good night wherever you are:) Minnie says “Bye for now:)”

Blog On Fire Award

I was nominated for “The Blog On Fire” award from http://humbledpie.wordpress.com/….I am humbled and honored that my blog is worthy of this award:)

I am to nominate 8 bloggers and include 8 unusual thing about myself…hmmm…???

So here we go with the 8 things about me that you do not know.

1. Because I grew up here in a very isolated area I get extremely nervous when I have to travel to large towns such as Portland, Oregon….sweaty palms and severe twitching along with nervous break downs in the traffic and finding directions when I get lost…traffic and big cities…huge ugh!

2. My Dad was President of the Pendleton Round Up when I was 10 years old. I grew up with the Pendleton Round-Up Rodeo. Dad was inducted into the Round Up Hall Of Fame in 1990….he was called “The Cowboy President”.

3. My Maternal Grandfather was an Oregon State Representative in the Oregon Legislator .

4. I believe “Ya gotta keep a going…no matter what…in all circumstances of life.”

5. I was stepped on by my Dad’s horses when I was 2 years old. The babysitter left me at our barn so I climbed into the corral with about 8 horses as I wanted to pet them etc. When Dad heard I was alone with the horses he rushed to the corral and found me lying face down…he picked me up and slapped my back…I spit out horse manure and was able to breathe again. I had a broken shoulder and a hoof print on my chest…my shoulder healed up fine but every once in a while it throws fits. One would think I would not want anything to do with horses after this incident but I did and do. They are part of me…I love my horses:) The physical hoof print mark on my chest that day went away but I still have hoof prints on my heart.

6. I played the flute in high school and also the piano by ear.

7. I love summer nights here…the sound of our nightly crickets in the small creek…the smell of wheat drying out for harvest…beautiful sunsets and sunrises…ahhh:)

8. I love Black Angus cows as that is what my Dad raised…we had 800 mama cows…and 100 plus bulls…and every summer was an adventure:) I miss those incredible days of a cowgirls life:)

Okay here are my eight nominations:

1. http://bentehaarstad.wordpress.com/

2. http://skedazzles.com/

3. http://catpurrology.com/

4. http://ilikephotoblog.wordpress.com/

5. http://naturepicsblog.com/

6. http://scottbourne.com/

7. http://briangaynorphotography.com/

8. http://lifeintheblueridges.wordpress.com/

I hope this award blesses all of the above bloggers…we are a community…and it is good stuff…thank you all for being my friend and also for the amazing work you all do:) Thank you again to


Be sure to check out all of the above blogs and meet some incredible artists:)

The Sunshine Blog Award…Wowzer!

I received my second award this week….wowzer!

I was nominated for the Sunshine Blog Award from Ania @http://aniaarcher.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/1021/

 Thank you so very much…I am humbled for sure that you chose me for this awesome sunny award:) Ok now I am to answer 10 questions about me and then pass on the award to 10 other fabulous bloggers.

Ten Questions About Me:

1. My husband says I often have 10 million words per day so he is happy that I blog to get most of them out! I am a writer at heart:)

2. I love each season…as they each have awesome qualities and fun things to photograph:)

3. I love my Mac computers…the iMac is totally awesome and the Mac Book Pro is too. I am hooked to Macs forever!

4. I love music….all kinds…and dance. Dancing to me is the best exercise!

5. Gone With The Wind was my first real epic movie….I read the book in Junior High and managed to fall in love with Clark Gable too!

6. Horses Horses Horses….love all of them!

7. Every summer I lived all summer in the mountains at our cow camp….no TV or other kids to hang out with or no telephone or electricity or running water. I learned from a young age how to entertain myself by being in God’s glorious scenery:)

8. I love natural horsemanship…to me it is the only way.

9. For several years I was a family/marriage/individual counselor…I loved helping people and teaching life skills.

10. I love taking old furniture and refinishing it…I love it when someone tells me that “oh no that is a piece of junk”….then when I get it done and moved to my house the same person says to me “where in the world did you find that piece of beautiful old furniture?” It is fun to make old things new again:)

Here are my 10 nominations for the Sunshine Award!

1.  http://emjayandthem.com/

2. http://semiruralfarmlife.wordpress.com/

3.  http://campfireshadows.wordpress.com/

4. http://nokotahorse.wordpress.com/

5. http://phototalkdaily.wordpress.com/

6. http://philosophermouseofthehedge.wordpress.com/

7. http://thesedaysofmine.com/

8. http://justanotherdayoutwest.com/

9. http://onespoiledcat.wordpress.com/

10. http://godguidesme.com/ 

Be sure to check all of the above out. Thank you again  Ania http://aniaarcher.wordpress.com/

I truly appreciate all my supporters and fellow bloggers! Thank you all for your encouragement and friendship!

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