“Hello Kansas…Are you Missing Some Clouds?”

Hello Kansas…Oklahoma…how about Nebraska…we are having the most incredible bizarre weather we have ever had here…a bit crazy…a bit wild…wild west weather…ride ’em cowboy!!!

Good Morning…Juniper Canyon!

Today does not look like the spring weather we usually have…at all?

Melody just had a brief morning shower…and she is not that impressed either.

At 9:00 this morning it became 9:00 at night…

Hey Toto…looking for the yellow brick road?

Hang on…me too:)

Last week we had winter…today we had

Whacky Weird Wednesday Weather…

Incredible photography moments…I was amazed as all of a sudden I was seeing images I only saw on the Weather Channel…here!?!?!

Wild weather gives views that make you stop and look with awe…taking your breath away…

Landing you in the middle of the Wizard Of Oz..2012 style.

With Fanny Annie…and of course Hot Rod Cowgirl…and

Toto…we are still here…smile:)

We can relax as God has the night shift…we can all sleep tight, as we drift off humming the “Yellow Brick Road…We’re off to see the Wizard!”

Genuine Hugs With Inspirational Sunshine…Awards And More!

“Among Life’s Precious Jewels, Genuine And Rare,The One We Call Friendship Has Worth Beyond Compare.” 

I am in blogger shockeroos…humbled and honored to be chosen for several wonderful awards from MJ at http://emjayandthem.com/  How special she is to think of me…you made my week:)

I am wowed over wowzee!  “Minnnie….kitty kitty come see me as we need to do the funky chicken happy dance to celebrate!” Minnie is a good dancer…she boogies down!

Uh oh I think I woke Minnie up from her cat nap…she looks a bit krabby. Ok my “Kitty Angel Girl”…I won’t make you dance this time…you can watch:)

The first award is “The Sunshine Award”. I try to be sunshiny with lots of laughs and smiles:) Mom used to tell me that “When life gives you lemons…you can make lemonade!”

The next award is “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award”…I hope I can inspire others with life…hope…faith and to keep on a going! My Dad used to say “You gotta keep on a going…no matter what…come on now you can do it. Keep on a going girl!”

The next was “The Hug Award”…I love this how they combined “Hope…The World…Hugs.” Think of the difference the world would be if that was how we all live with hope in the world…with hugs of encouragement. Just remember to “Hug”.

And lastly “The Genuine Blogger Award.” Being genuine is the very best gift I can give others of myself…sometimes it is scary to be vulnerable but it is so needed in this world…this life. If we keep it surface without sharing and being real…we will remain alone.

Okey Dokey…now on to the rules of the awards…time to share your heart…your thoughts and life:) Right pretty green eyes kitty…she is so very sweet and pretty…she is “The Queenie of My House…My Minnie Mouse!”

First off thank the person who nominated you for these awards and also put a link in to their blog.

Thank you MJ    http://emjayandthem.com/

The rules of accepting “The Sunshine Award”…are question and answer time…it is genuine time!

 What is your favorite color?

I love all colors but the color red is totally me…I love red to be a deep deep red color. Growing up Mom told me “now no you have red hair so you can not wear red”…hmmm…I love red:)

Favorite Animal?

I love my kitty angel Minnie…and I love my horses Melody, Annie and Buck…all kitty angels and our barn cats Pat and Jack…dogs, all our dogs…cows and calves…well ok I suppose the bulls too but they are so difficult to move and they prefer hiding and holing up in brushy places…dang them…ok where is my dog? Growing up on a cattle ranch these are the animals I loved and love…I love all animals:)

Favorite Number?

I love the number 7:)

Favorite Non-Alcholic Drink?

Diet Coke with fresh lemon and if not that then fresh brewed ice tea the old fashion way on the stove top…dump the grounds into boiling water and boil for 20 minutes…then strain…add ice cold water and drink…oh my:)

Prefer Facebook or Twitter?

Neither…but I love my blog!

My Passion?

My marriage and relationship with Wild Bill… my faith and relationship with God…my horses and Minnie always…my life as a cancer survivor…a positive attitude…life giving thoughts…living and growing old with WB and Minnie and my ponies…always knowing that God is ever present in my life…and…I love love love to write and write and write…and shoot picture after picture…my creative gift is writing and photography along with dance…music…horses…it is all a beat…a connected beat of life…when I ride I listen and count the beats of my horses feet…that is life…if you get quiet you too can hear the beat of life all around you.

I am seriously passionate in this picture as my life is in my hands:) First ride on Catahoola Bugs…it was February and cold..

Prefer Getting Or Giving Gifts?

When I receive a gift I love the thought and the fun of seeing what was chosen for me, by the person who loves me or who cares…and I Love giving gifts…it is fun to be creative in figuring out what this person you care about wants or needs…I enjoy putting my heart into it and making another person know that yes…you are “Loved” and cared for:)

Favorite Pattern?

This is pretty cool to me as far as a pattern goes….wink wink:)

Or how about stripes…I love stripes so very much…stripes is the very best:)

Favorite Day Of The Week?

Saturdays and Sundays…peace and quiet:) Hopefully with WB.

Favorite Flowers?

One of every color as every flower was made by God…and He loves His horses with various colors.

The Genuine Blogger does not have any rules to pass on…it is a “Genuine pass on award.”

As for the Hug (Hope Unites Globally) award, you can read its origins here.

And the only requirement for accepting the HUG award is to pass it on to at least one person.  Ditto for the Very Inspiring Blog Award too.

MJ…thank you for believing that I am a true blue genuine blogger and genuine person…that means a lot to me:)

 I am to nominate and select 10 blogs to pass on the awards to. There are so many blogs and all of them are very good…this is a tough decision.

1: http://megtraveling.com/

2: http://wolke205.wordpress.com/

3: http://campfireshadows.wordpress.com/

4: http://theviewouthere.wordpress.com/

5: http://creativenoshing.wordpress.com/

6: http://googsy.wordpress.com/

7: http://sugardishme.com/

8: http://michaeltuuk.wordpress.com/

9: http://tracielouisephotography.net/

10: http://bentehaarstad.wordpress.com/

Congratulations…OK Guys and Gals…Time To Do The Funky Chicken Happy Dance…I Am With Ya:)

Go check out the blogs above and also MJ’s blog  http://emjayandthem.com/

Hugs HRCG Also Known As MJ Too:)

Portland Roadster Show 2012….Part Two

The Portland Roadster Show opened to the public last Friday at noon and ran until 7:00 Sunday night. It draws around 40,000 through the gate each day and with 500 custom, restored, classic and beautiful cars…there are some incredible cars to see and drool over…it is a fun show as we have gone enough that we know some of the people and that makes it special to us.

I love seeing the new cars that come to the show with the various modifications and the creative touches…however it is hard to leave our display as Wild Bill is always in demand to talk to about either restoring someones car or building a dream car or doing a frame off restoration on a car that has been in the family for years, so each night when we leave for the hotel we walk a different route so that we can see more of the cars.

Before I show you some of those I want to show you the 1956 F-100 that we took and also a few more pictures of  the 1972 Bronco…they both won Best of Class in their classes which was awesome for the owners and awesome for us too:)  It is fun for us when the owners tag along with us to show their cars as we have a chance to know them more as friends and share some laughs and memories plus we get to share in their joy when they win!

1956 F-100

The Roadster Show was the F-100’s first show debut…Wild Bill was still putting the last bolts into the hood after we got it unloaded…it is that fresh of a build….in fact it is back in our shop today as we have to finish the wiring yet. It was a show stopper as the color is incredible…the silver looks like chrome in person under the lights…and we used a blend of colors in the blue FORD on the tailgate that makes it pop out.

I love how the motor reflects into the firewall…and the glow of the unusual color as it shines like a jewel. Winning Best of Class was the icing on the cake for Stan and Marie…we were thrilled to see Stan float up to the stage to accept his award. He was here today in the shop to see WB and he is still floating:)

We had a perfect amount of space to display both vehicles in a good way…and parking at a slant was good too as it was not the usual line of parked cars…I like different:)

Look at the color of the Bronco, it is a custom color…in person it is even prettier and has incredible depth…almost like it is 3D…winning Best of Class two years in a row is very cool:)

Lots of colors and various styles of cars…

I love this car…very rare…and the color is gorgeously incredible!

And this car was in your face…outrageous and my hubby loved it.

And then we found this one that emanates “Bad To The Bone.”

I love the paint and the flames…and the look:)

“Quit taking my picture Cowgirl…Grrrrr”…he really doesn’t mean it:)

I took a picture of this very cool Chev. Pick Up as the color on it is British Racing Green. We are considering painting “Jagged” this color as he is a

1928 Dodge Coupe with a V-12 British Jag motor in him, compliments of Wild Bill. Until we saw this color, we were leaning towards black. Now we are re-considering…what do you think?

This morning when we woke up,  “Hello Winter…sorry to tell ya but Spring is here…so vamoose!”

 Have a Fantastic Friday wherever you are…I took a bunch of cool pictures coming home from Portland…so stay tuned:)

And yes I’m still a Cowgirl…just have a bit of Hot Rod too:)

Blogger Awards!!!

A few weeks ago I was honored to receive several awards  from Heather at  http://sugardishme.com/ who was given these awards herself and in turn has passed them on to me:)  She has a great cooking blog and also writes about life…has some great stories about her boys and her recipes.

First was the Kreativ Blogger Award:)

I try hard to be Kreativ but sometimes I have to dig and ruminate for a new idea….and get creative:)

The second award is The New Blogger Award:)

I am in award shocker-roos…

One of my favorite pictures of my parents…I know I have shown it before….Mom was a true cook. She cooked on a wood cook stove…without running water…electricity or any of the conveniences. Ranch crews in the early years ranged from the average of 6 to 25…Mom had no telephone or internet or tweets or facebook…cell phones…na-da for Mom to know exactly how many to cook for…but on a moments notice Mom always had enough food for whoever showed up at the dinner table and always had a smile:)

Somehow I got sidetracked…I was thinking about Heather being a good cook…and I thought of my Mom too:)

Seven Things About Me

1. Mom told me when I could take care of long hair I could have long hair…I quickly learned how to take care of my hair and traded in the pixie hair cuts for pig tails!

2. When I lost my Dad and found out that Mom was terminally ill too…I made arrangements to cut my waist long hair off and did…I did not tell anyone so both Mom and WB were shocked as my long red hair was part of me. It took several years but it is long again thank goodness…and it will stay long forever:)

3. Wild Bill and I will celebrate 36 years this year…he is still the love of my life and my heart…my man and my soul mate.

4. I have three awesome horses that I love and appreciate…I have had horses ever since I was born…Dad had me on my first horse who I called “Prince” when I was two years old…they are like my hair…part of me.

5. I love writing and photography as well as music and dancing.

6. I have never lived in town or had neighbors that lived close to us. When we go to a large city it is a bit nerve-wracking.

7. I am not a TV watcher…I find it mindless and boring.

Ok I get to pay it forward…I nominate these 7 blogs and pass the awards on to each of them. Here are the links for you to click on and read some great blogs…and look at some great photography.

My Seven Blog Nominations To Pass The Awards To Are:

1.  http://somethingtoliveby.wordpress.com/

2.  http://tau0.wordpress.com/

3.  http://justanotherdayoutwest.wordpress.com/

4.  http://jesusknowsmyname.wordpress.com/

5. http://anothercowgirlup.wordpress.com/

6.  http://skedazzles.com/

7. http://aislingjenningsphotography.wordpress.com/

Ooops I almost forgot….

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you with a link posted on your blog back to their blog.

2. List seven things about yourself.

3. Pay it forward by nominating seven bloggers.

Let’s head over to check out what’s cooking at  http://sugardishme.com/ ….I need ideas for dinner tonight:) Thank you Heather…..sorry it took me so long to get this posted:)

Hot Rod Cowgirl Heads To The Portland Roadster Show 2012…Part One

Hello my fellow bloggers and friends:) I am finally able to update you on the last week at the Portland Roadster Show.

We left last Wednesday morning for Portland, Oregon…which is over 200 miles from our front door step.

This is about half way into the trip to Portland…we are now in the Columbia River Gorge…as you can see the terrain is vastly different from what I usually photograph.

The Gorge is beautiful and scenic but you usually have weather of some sort…we had snow off and on as well as mist from The Dalles on…only once did the trailer slip a bit….and HRC  prayed a lot!

Setting up at the Expo Center last Thursday morning…the Portland Show invites us to put our car trailer into our display as they like the trailer and people like walking through it…WB and his buddy Jack are rolling out the awning…WB is on the ladder trying to tear some tape off with his teeth…ding dong now quit that!

Here is a small view of the inside of the trailer once the car is unloaded.

And here is what I got to do….not fun! Cleaning and scrubbing the tires of both vehicles that we took once they were unloaded. My fingers are still cracked and split as I had to use my fingers tips to get into the deep places in the tread on the Bronco…I was thankful that my Sister Blah Blah other wise known as T,  helped me do the Bronco tires before they left for home…the party poopers!

I kept my smile and as you can see the part of the tire that is done is shiny clean and black while the part not done is dirty and blah…it makes the car when the tires are detailed out…the differnce between winning or not.

Here WB is helping me with the second vehicle tires and wheels…lots to do and get ready once you do get to the show. See my entry…the saddle? I thought I would show the original car seat:) Hee-hee wink wink:)

My hubby Wild Bill built this 1972 Bronco…it is custom and beautiful. We bought the Bronco back in 1993 for WB to build and have fun with:) And he did for several years when he had time…if you look close there are no door latches…he built the tauna cover that is open in this picture…of course he louvered the tail gate and did an amazing job. I could go on and on about the various customizing he did to the Bronco…

See the ladder bar suspension under it….WB designed and made them….WB is very innovative and creative….he is an artist of restoration with customizing, building and creating. We sold the Bronco a few years ago…which was hard for us to do as it had been part of our family for 16 years. It won Best of Class last year at the Portland Show…the first show for the Bronco…note the flames on the rear end housing:)

This is just one row of the 500 plus cars that were displayed at the roadster show…it is a huge show to attend and the vehicles are pristine…perfection…incredible!

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part Two…and the rest of the story:)

Thank you MJ for the awards:):):) I have missed all of you!!!

Spring Has Sprung Forward…Onward We Go!

Did someone say “Clouds?” I love clouds with their amazing creative shapes and their colors but the best part is capturing the clouds playing on the landscape.

I strive to capture images that tell their story in the image. Seeing a picture that is part of the story…and the story is in the middle of the picture is incredible.

I love writing, writing, writing…words, words, words to paper…and camera to the eye, click, click, click. I am addicted and can not seem to get enough…I am always scanning my surroundings…outside or inside looking for a creative image to shoot pictures of…thinking the whole time of words to write with it

I love capturing that shot that draws you into the shot…such as this group of beautiful clouds that hang and build as I take shot after shot of their incredible majestic beauty.

Horses are another one of my favorite subjects as they are so spiritual…so intuitive to your thoughts and your spirit….horses are God’s gift to us or maybe we are God’s gift to our horses. In this shot Melody was waiting for her breakfast, standing in a headwind with full expectations of her food and knowing that first she would get loved on as we greeted each other…she is so incredibly perceptive…and has such a huge heart of love for me…I am truly blessed by her each time I see her and spend time with her:)

And you know how much I love Minnie Mouse…she also is one of my favorites to take pictures of…she is very photogenic and lots of fun…she will fetch her bouncy ball toy and pack it back and forth to me as she wants me to throw it again…loves her red colored mouse and also her squeak brown mouse that actually looks like one…and she loves to throw her toys up in the air to catch them and then she will roll all over with them…Minnie is an amazing part of our lives…she has our hearts…and she thinks I am weird with my camera taking pictures of her but she lets me and just loves me back…my blessing kitty girl:)

I was experimenting with my camera when I noticed the clouds and sky were doing incredible things but the sun was right in my face…after debating I thought well ok lets just go with it and shoot anyway:)

Clouds, light and colors…stir my creative juices into a frenzy and my writers brain kicks into overdrive with ideas.

Ethereal images speak deep to my heart as the soft light of eternity falls from above.

Magical moments softly shinning…

And then because it is now spring in Juniper…the wind picks up blowing the dark clouds up and away…replacing them with beautiful colors and golden light.

My ethereal clouds are almost gone but the sky is clearing and the clouds are changing to new views of…

Magical incredible clouds that are artistically wispy and perfect for a shot.

I love spring weather and clouds…you never know from minute to minute what to expect!

And I never get tired of our views, our crazy weather and incredible clouds…the landscape and our life here in Juniper Canyon!

Simple March Days

Last Sunday was one of those rare warm spring days…and Minnie Mouse was taking it in breathing all those yummy outside smells!

She is so very cute!

Mom can you smell that!!! She is in her jungle mode scoping out her pray…and planning her attack!

While Minnie was occupied with spring smells and Wild Bill was playing on his laptop, I had the opportunity to go for a walk with my camera….it was truly peaceful, warm and beautiful.

The light was beginning to change to a golden soft light…perfect for pictures.

Before we know it this wheel will be turning and watering the pastures once again.

I love the sagebrush…the colors of the sky…the land…and the clouds.

Various hues of light dance as the sun is slowly fading…

The sky seems to constantly change as the golden light softens Juniper…

Amazing….from second to second the colors change all around me as I click and snap picture after picture.

The sun is dipping into a can of various colors of orange, gold and purple as it sets.

The sheer gold light reflects itself into the landscape…

Until our sun slowly sinks lower behind the hill…gently rolling over to go to sleep after a long warm spring day

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