Here Comes The Sun

Here Comes The Sun….(doo doo doo doo)….Here comes the sun and, I say it’s alright.

Little darling, its been a long cold lonely winter. Little darling, it feels like years since its been here. Here comes the sun (doo doo doo doo) and its alright….

We were up before dawn a couple of days ago as we planed a trip to the city for a Costco run and various errands…

While I was waiting for the coffee I decided to take a few pictures of the kitchen decor for fun as usually there is nothing really fun when you are up before daylight waiting on the caffeine…

We gathered around stomping our feet to keep them warm and planned out the day! As soon as the coffee was done Wild Horses could not keep me from grabbing a cup….

And Wild Horses were running as you see but I got my cup of coffee and the world righted itself once again….whew!

I was taking my first good sip of java when I noticed a reddish hue reflecting on the wall…I threw up my kitchen window blind…and was immediately grabbing my camera!!!


Click and wow…coffee smoffee…I will take a sunrise like this to capture any day!

Melody and Annie are watching too but…

“Hay…put that camera down and get me my hay!!!” Ok ok I’m on my way…now where did I sit my coffee cup?

January 26th 2006…Not The Usual Normal Day But A New Normal.

January 26th 2006 was not the usual normal day for WB or me as it was time for my six month mammogram…it was a toss up…would I be clear or would there be another suspicious spot. I had 8 suspicious high risk breast biopsies in the five years before and because of that I had sought out a specialist in breast cancer at OHSU in Portland.

That crisp cold morning we left home in the dark not knowing how the day would go. We stopped for coffee and pastry about an hour into the drive in a place called Boardman…we both needed caffeine and sugar…and when we climbed back in the car the sun came out with blue skies.

Nervous? Yeah I was…it was possible that I would be diagnosed with what if this or what if that…”if” was a huge word in 2006…what we would do and how we would choose?

I knew without a doubt that my husband would be ok with me no matter what. I was me…a cowgirl…WB’s wife…a daughter…a mother…friend and sister…I was young. Our life was just beginning to take shape and we had so much yet to do.

10 hours later we found ourselves in a weird kind of shock…when your breath goes in and does not come out and you can’t breathe. There was a large area that the head of radiology told us that was highly suspicious…he was certain it was cancer. We saw my Dr. immediately after the mammogram and he agreed…he wanted to do a biopsy as soon as possible a few days later and on February 9th I was called and told that yes it was cancer.

Three weeks later we were at the Portland Roadster Show with three customer vehicles we had restored…we were signed up to go before the cancer diagnosis and no we will keep going and live our life…we brought home three Best Of Class Trophies…yeah baby!

 My oncologist explained what we could do to treat my cancer and how we had three choices…we chose to be very proactive as it was best for my survival…and it was the right one.

Do I look like a push over folks?  Cancer smancer…Fran Dresher said it right on! The key with life is no matter what we are dealt with, we gotta keep a going with the attitude that it will be ok. Smile and know that you will kick whatever it is…do not ever give up ever! Everrr!

Tonight I am celebrating life…hang on Minnie!

January 26th will always be a sort of birthday to me…the war of life that was won by faith…a new life fought hard for…and I am here!

Where ever you are tonight…where ever your heart is and your life is…celebrate your life and know…you have a purpose…you are needed and always keep the faith in tomorrow!

No matter how dark it may get…keep going knowing that you can do this…it will get better or will be a new normal that is even better than the old normal!

Watch out I may be taking your picture…Hot Rod Cowgirl on the move!

Over and out:)

Writing On Frozen Winter Days

Writing on frozen winter days when you are confined to the house, can feed your  soul with visions that you can not find by looking out the window. For me, writing is a vacation for my mind as I explore my thoughts and imagination…dreaming with a pencil to paper.

Living out here the view before you constantly changes with the light and shadows during the day…each season has a light of its own…I never get tired of watching the landscape play through the day. Often in winter we have fog that lingers close by…can you see the wispy mist quietly waiting to seap slowly back down into the canyon?  This frozen fog can be incredibly dense…even the most seasoned person who has lived here forever will find themselves lost in the murkiness of the mist and the nothingness of the fog.

The frozen world seems surreal…eerily quiet and unnatural…life seems to be on hold…like the gears on a truck…when shifted into neutral there comes a pause between gears as you shift…then the transmission catches and off we go in high gear again. I like how winter forces us to slow down and rejuvenate…before life once again grabs that gear with a hectic pace.

We still have snow but it is now covered with ice, the top of it has a crusty crunch to it when you walk. We do not venture out anywhere other than to check and feed animals…I am thankful that our horses have heated water troughs, good hay and shelter…but cold is cold.

Last night as we slept we had more icy rain fall for several hours…as soon as it hit the snow it froze. When we looked out this morning, the storm had left a slippery glaze on everything. I don’t mind the snow but freezing rain and ice is the worst to deal with. No traction or control…just skating. When it is like this I give up and do not go anywhere…the Burb is parked as the 40 miles round trip  to town is not worth it. I usually have extra supplies stocked up that we need from the grocery store…when you live far out of town, you stock up when you go to the store as you go to the store once a week or less.

We had blue sky and sun for a few hours this afternoon…the first sunny blue sky in a week!

Such a welcome sight to see. We have more storms on the way but today I am going to carefully go outside and feel the sun on my face…and capture some new pictures…

Like this one right at sunset…I love how the sun made everything so vividly deep with color.

I hope you snuggle in and enjoy the neutrals in your life as much as I do…forget grabbing a gear and grab on to the time we have to rest as before we know it…the icy roads will be dry…winter will be behind us and zoom zoom we will be racing around once again.

 Minnie  Mouse says “Quit taking my picture, my hair is a mess and besides it’s snuggle down nap time…Meow-Meow.”

Ms. Madame Cold Winter Answered Loud And Clear

Ms. Madame Cold Winter answered LOUD and clear with drifting snow…freezing rain and ice…more snow on top of the ice…and frigid cold. Currently it is 7 degrees….wind is blowing a bit between 5-15mph…so it is a nice balmy bone chilling cold tonight in Juniper.

Ok Ms. Madame Cold Winter thank you for showing up but it is time now for you to head back home to the Hinterlands of the North…please or I will be forced to make you drink a nice hot cup of tea or something to warm you up all over.

Ms. Cold would you like to ice skate a bit tonight? It looks divine…a perfectly good time of slip sliding and fall on your patootie:)

Or how about a nice hot warm your tummy up kind of soup….I promise it will melt your heart:)

Living the isolated stuck in the house during a freak winter storm kind of day…you have to figure out creative things to do with your brain and time so you do not die of boredom or sit and chew your lip all day…so today I made ear rings…beading is fun and can take the ho-hum away:)

This is a picture of my process and how I decide which beads I want to use…first I put several beads together…I then look at the colors and light…hold them up to my ear…hmmmm…then I fiddle with them some more…and finally decide if they are right or not. The best thing about beading is that when you get all gussied up for a rare night off the ranch and your jewelery does not match your mood…you can whip up a pair of ear rings and off you go sparkling and shinning…looking darn nice!

Minnie Matilda agrees…she is safe and snuggly in her quilt and happy that I am stuck in the house with her:)

In closing tongight…when Wild Bill was feeding the ponies all three of our amazing Aussie Dogs came to visit me…they are in and out of the shop all day…of course today they never left the shop until Wild Bill fed…and yes they have nice warm dog houses with lots of blankets to snuggle down in at night…and they own the garage too…anyway…Dash is the blue merle male and he is the biggest…Tucker is the red merle female and she is the boss lady dog…don’t mess with her…and then there is Kiah who is the female blue merle that is always so dang cute…she is only a bit over a year old…so she gives poor Dash and Tucker a run for it…she is the young’un.

Tucker sitting with “Her” toy to the right of her…go ahead and make her day…she is “very” territorial about her toys and space.

And here is the cute kid Kiah….”Huh? Did you want me or can I play with Tucker’s toy???”

“Tucker’s ploy…c’mon Dasher…dare ya!”

“Yah-yah I sees it…should I do it?” “Where is that darn Kiah when I need her?”

“Ohhhh I’m so cute…I’m so cute and Mom loves me…I’m so dang cute”

Dasher sees it and wants it and ohhhh what do I do…”KIAH…go for it!”  But Kiah is only thinking one thing…”Mom thinks I am soooo cute and wellllll…hee-hee”.

Minnie is content watching the entire doggie game out the window and wonders….”Dogs…ding dongs and why do they lick themselves?

Stay warm and cozy where ever you are tonight…stay safe if you travel.

Winter Arrived Today On A Weird Wacky Wednesday

Winter arrived today on a weird wacky Wednesday!  Full of gusty wind…whoop ’em up country style weather with mighty might!  Going from snowy blizzard type conditions to freezing rain and late this afternoon freezing temps…it is 21 degrees currently…with a windchill of 11.

An early morning view today of our girls Melody and Annie waiting for their breakfast. I bet Annie is asking Mel what the heck happened the last few days…she is not yet 3 years old so this white stuff is still a novelty to her.

Chilly winter scenery….a frozen flower barrel with white fluffy snow growing out of it instead of summer flowers on a warm summer night.

Like this:)

I know we need the moisture and also the freezing cold temps which will help kill off the farm bugs…and we need the snow pack in the mountains for the mountain resorts that make their living off of the snow….plus with lots of snow pack the hay fields will grow better hay next summer and our wheat will be another bumper crop and the irrigated crops will produce more food for all of us…so quit complaining Cowgirl….right?

But…..brrrrrrrrr. I went out this afternoon to take a few pictures and froze in the short time of maybe 30 minutes with my Carhart’s and Sorrels on too.

Venturing out in the freezing cold temps to capture moments in time…tells me that the photography bug in my heart is part of the creative writer part of my heart…only with a lens instead of a pencil. Often that one image tells the entire story….life images…moments frozen in time.

Have I introduced you to Mr. Porch Owl yet? He keeps the sparrows away from trying to fly into the windows on the front porch in the spring and summer…today he is looking quite crabby about being blown around with the wind out of the North…he is glaring at me and you.

Hang on Sloopy…Sloopy hang on…this used to be one of my sledding hills when I was little…wheeeeeeee:) Yes without the log fence…LOL.

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.

– Edith Sitwell

Hot Rod Cowgirl’s Fete A La Holiday

Hot Rod Cowgirl’s fete a la holiday…in regards to yesterday…what is a holiday?

Hmmmmm…living in the country as a ranch wife or farm wife and eventually a hot rodders wife still living on the ranch/farm…

Means your life is pretty much committed fulltime to either the cattle and horses or taking care of the land or building and driving hot rods…oh what is a girl to do?

Growing up on both a large cattle ranch and wheat ranch meant I got to ride horses and take care of cows…and take care of the land.

Then I married “Wild Bill”…the crazy hot rod person:)

Follow me back in time before “Wild Bill” to the cows and horses. In the summers my parents and I moved to the mountains with 800 plus Black Angus cows…my relatives stayed here and took care of the land while my parents and I took care of the cows. Everyday we were either checking cows or moving cows to different pastures etc. and if that was not the case then we would be doctoring a sick cow or putting out salt blocks or fixing fence or building fence or looking for the leppy calf’s mama…or taking care of the horses and so on. As Fall made it appearance we began to gather cows…this took several weeks…once they were gathered…then my Dad began a 100 mile cattle drive to the low lands for the herd to winter on.

Through the winter months it was calving time and feeding time. I remember we would get done feeding the cows about noon…then we loaded trucks up again for the next day getting done in time to make one last check on first calf hefers…if we saw one that looked imminent it was either moved to the barn area or we would watch her through the night. In Spring we vaccinated and had a huge several day branding at the lower ranch…and June 1 we moved back to the mountains to repeat the summer pattern.

I know the rest of the world celebrates with several holidays a year but around here and to this country cowgirl most holidays are just another day…Thanksgiving and Christmas we take the day off but if we have cows or horses then we still have to feed them and take care of them .


Holidays were either working or moving cattle or cutting wheat after we were married and moved to the ranch.

Or doing Hot Rod Car Shows on Labor Day Weekends.

Or harvesting on July 4th…

And we usually do not want to see any fireworks!


Tack room wall of bridles and bits.

And working decor…yee-haw:)

Tonight as I close this sort of educating work verses holiday on a ranch post…we are under a severe winter storm watch…winds have been blowing all day…gusting to 45 mph…we are to be inundated with snow the next 48 hours…and it is snowing hard right now…we need moisture…but could we hold off on the freezing cold stuff as tonight I am dang cold.

Sleep well and I am wishing you a warm and gentle night:)

Snow Update In Juniper Canyon

Snow update in Juniper Canyon. Here we go…the clouds were serious with the “Impossible Snow Mission.”

Yep…the snow has landed here in Juniper Canyon finally this 2012 winter.

One last shot…it is still coming down…snow from heaven…tonight we are under a Winter Storm watch for the next several days…I will keep you posted.

May you be blessed by God tonight…snuggle up and sleep well.

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