Waiting On Dinner

Waiting on dinner…staring intently…a few impatient paws in the snow.


Melody is like a clock, when its time for food, its time for food…she nickers for us to get our rears in gear!


Yummy nummy for my tummy…munch munch munching…mmmmm…”Mommm, my hair is a mess so don’t take my picture now!!!”


I met these guys at the Round Up…they were curious about what I was up to?


They were doing some serious munching on their lunching:)


Sharing a fun picture of my Leo mare Lottie with her new filly, Lilly who was only a few days old…Lottie was a special one…I keep looking for another Leo bred horse like her but Leo is not common anymore. I had to watch Lottie as she was an easy keeper and could gain weight by just looking at grass or hay.

CCI00000 Marcy and Lil Toot

Little Toot was waiting on din-din too…I still have the cookie jar  that you see on the counter, its white with colored cookies on it…I also have the old cupboard painted green as it was the original cupboard when the house was built. I stripped the paint off down to the original wood and it came out beautiful! And I still have my red hair with no gray at all in it…yee-ha:)


What About Bob?…and why is he in this post? He goes where he wants, he does what he wants and he does not care about you! I tried one time to shoo him away from my two horses who were in the corral next to the barn as they were worrying and wondering what he was…he just looked at me not budging an inch, instead he pawed the ground while making grouchy grumpy bull sounds…fences could not keep him in…he always got out and went visiting the neighbors cattle…great!


This was across from our house in the mid 1940’s…the pit you see to the right of the picture was where they slow roasted b-q beef all night to feed everyone…they always had a great turn out.


A picture of history, the way life used to be when we had time to make a connection with others face to face instead of fabricating life on social media sites.


My Dad and one of his close friends came up with the idea of having a local country rodeo…they called it the Juniper Joust.


Wishing you all a happy….fun….and relaxing weekend! HRCG and Minnie are over and out for now! And where did Bob go?

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  1. bulldog
    Apr 04, 2014 @ 19:56:47

    still snowing??


    • Hot Rod Cowgirl
      Apr 04, 2014 @ 20:00:56

      No…I took so many photos this last year and came across this…seeing Melody gave me the idea of writing on dinner time on the ranch….she is so funny and lovable:)

      Did you have surgery or health illness? I have not seen you for some time but….must have missed your post.


      • bulldog
        Apr 04, 2014 @ 20:06:45

        I have posted on my ill health that required an emergency operation and a stay in hospital, but on the mend now…

      • Hot Rod Cowgirl
        Apr 04, 2014 @ 20:11:35

        I am sorry I missed out. If I we were retired I would have more time…but running our office is full-time for me. ..and the fun parts of my life right now our on the back burner…I hope you are healing nicely and back to normal soon:) I have missed your posts and wondered…I prob missed during tax season when I was a nutty cowgirl:) God Bless and will pray for your healing:)

  2. Jonathan Caswell
    Apr 04, 2014 @ 20:18:04

    Can’t horse around….taking care of your animals!!! :)


  3. Nylabluesmum
    Apr 11, 2014 @ 16:12:32

    Isn’t it wild how 4 leggeds KNOW when it is their meal times?? I am awoken between 6-6:30 A.M. for 1st breakfast. When I get up again it is 2nd brekkie. Then there is lunch around 12; then mid day snack at 3 pm & supper around 7 pm followed by midnite snack at; you guessed around 12 midnite, lol….it has been 8 years of this routine; I think I am properly trained now HRCG!! ;)
    Love BOB!! He is one hunk of bull….your horses are lovely too…..
    Minnie is looking great also!
    Hoping you had a wonderful week. (I was so busy it took me all week just to get here, lol…)
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue <3 <3


    • Hot Rod Cowgirl
      Apr 14, 2014 @ 17:57:03

      I know it is sooooo true huh? My horses are the same way….anything time past 4 in the afternoon they are looking for me to come feed them…and every morning like clock work when I first get up and head to the kitchen Minnie follows as she wants her water refreshed:) Bob was a force to be reckoned with….he did what he wants to do! Wishing you a wonderful week too…hugs and loves for Nylablue too:)


  4. Nylabluesmum
    Apr 15, 2014 @ 14:54:39

    Horses KNOW when it is meal time too!! I think we are all creatures of habit to a certain extent….
    Nylalbue is like Minnie! Today she did let me sleep til 6:45 a.M. & hten the “EEOOW” alarm went off akak Nylablue ;)
    I love my ‘alarm’ kitty!
    I chuckled about Bob; I have never known a bull that was not to be reckoned with…some are just more ‘bull headed’ than others!! :)
    It has been snowing here today (Tuesday) & is freezing out….absolutely insane weather….I was barefoot 4 days ago *scratches head*
    I am sure the calendar sayz April 15th…..lol..
    Have a good week too!
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxo


    • Hot Rod Cowgirl
      Apr 15, 2014 @ 18:42:34

      I can NOT believe you have snow and freezing temps!!! Total yuk and where is that darn Miss Spring in your area…we had winds today and of curse dust…not bad dust but…yesterday here was around 75 degrees and calm, beautiful. Yah…I know the kitty alarm well…it is almost a scream meow…and I always feel so bad as Minnie gets confused…as you know I worry over her like you do over Nylablue…she is my girl…so now we have a comfy bed set up for her, her litter box is now close to the sofa/bed she prefers and where I sit…her water and food are close by…and she is eating really good and drinking too…today has been a good day for her…her eyes are so bright it is hard to believe she can not see very well…I think she can see shadows…not sure…we go for her check up in May…or before if we need to. She gets soooo scared with going to the vet…it is over 20 miles and even though I have never left her overnight…she gets upset. Huggies and lots of good thoughts…and prayers always:)


  5. Nylabluesmum
    Apr 18, 2014 @ 14:08:34

    Hello HRCG: I apologize for not getting back to you. I am in a massive flare-up of Bone disease & the pain is severe! I end up lying down but that hurts so I sit up & that hurts. I am a bit of a mess at the moment…anyway the snow did that for 24 hrs & then stopped. We had 3-4 inches of snow. It has melted again but we cannot get our temp over 40 F.
    Nylablue did go out in Condo for 1/2 hour today with blankets wrapped around the sides & back of Condo to block the wind.
    I am glad Minnie is hanging in there; she feels all your love & does not want to leave ;) I know that feeling…Nylablue continues to fight to be here….
    Sounds like you have everything covered for her.
    As for the trip to the vet does Minnie have a fave blanket? Or stuffed animals. I know it sounds crazy but NB loves her Dot the Ladybug & Binky Mouse stuffies with her.
    Play music for Minnie…sing to her…anything that distracts her from fretting….
    Also Feliway wipes work!!! Just wipe the inside & outside of carrier down 1 hour b4 tranpsort…it worked on Nylablue!!
    She never responded to the Feliway nebulizer but the wipes worked!
    Go figure!
    Please kiss Minnie for me & I’ll kiss Nylablue for you.,..
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxo


    • Hot Rod Cowgirl
      Apr 18, 2014 @ 16:01:07

      Hi there and its ok, no apology needed…I am sorry to hear of the bone flare up…that would be very painful! Is it osteoporosis? It would be very hard to deal with if you can not sit up or lay down!!! I cannot believe your cold temps and weather! How frustrating!!! I am so glad that today warmed up enough for Nylablue to get outside for a bit…I need to fix Minnie up a cat condo for outside here, she would love it I am sure! I know you know what I mean with Minnie…it is so hard and I never know what to do for sure with her…she has gone down hill the last few months so quickly. I am taking her in next week to see the vet again…she needs to be checked out…I do not want her to suffer or hurt. Yes she has a favorite blanket that I will fix up in her cat carrier next week when we head to town…good idea:) And I will look for those wipes too. I am going to try her on some canned food tonight…she has cut way down on eating and the last two nights she eats and drinks too much then gets sick to her tummy….I hope this food tonight will sit better for her. She seems fine if you are not seeing that….her eyes are bright and clear and she is interested in food and in me:) I will give Minnie a kiss and huggie from you and please give Nylablue one form me too:) Praying you will feel better soon and so will Nylablue:) Happy Easter Weekend:)


  6. Nylabluesmum
    Apr 18, 2014 @ 16:59:21

    HI HRCG: No it is NOT Osteporosis! The opposite in fact!
    Diffues Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis meaning eaclge talon bone suprs all over the body….very painful!
    I had to take Codeine tonite & it is barely working…OUCH! I am going to reat alot this weekend….
    Not sure why this flare-up is so bad? I had Lidocaine in March; sometimes it does not work so well. Could be the Barometric Pressure. Or that I tried to hack at the snow piles to get them to melt quicker…..
    I just have to be patient & it will settle down…eventually.
    Without alarming you I am going to calmly suggest you get Minnie to VET ASAP!!! What you are describing sounds like Pancreatitis…..something not be left untreated!
    As Minnie is a very mature cat that could be fatal….
    I am praying for her & for you…
    Nylablue sneds her ‘eeowws’ to Minnie & you also.
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxoxoxo


    • Hot Rod Cowgirl
      Apr 18, 2014 @ 18:10:41

      I talked to my vet….she does not feel it is that…we will see her Monday…..but I am watching her like a hawk…she ate pretty good tonight….I bought the flaked chicken Blue all natural can of food…she chowed and so far has not thrown up…I wonder if the dry cat food is too rich or hard to digest. She drank her water today and seems to be restful now. I have the vets number to call this weekend as she knows Minnie well and loves her…I am praying hard….and hoping it is her age mostly that has slowed her down along with not being to see very well…keep praying with me:)


  7. mythreemoggies
    Apr 18, 2014 @ 22:42:20

    Lilly looks spitting image of my mum’s horse George :-). Hope all is well over the pond x


    • Hot Rod Cowgirl
      Apr 19, 2014 @ 06:26:56

      We are liking the warmer weather…nights are yet chilly but the days are nicer…loving the sunshine:) Minnie is happy watching the birds…and horses are happy seeing the green grass growing…and Ellie is growing up:) Wishing yo a Happy Easter and a sunny weekend:)


  8. Nylabluesmum
    Apr 19, 2014 @ 17:19:23

    Praying right along with you HRCG!!! Maybe it is just a sensitive tummy due to age! I sure hope it is something minor. Glad the Blue food is working & no repeat performances. I know you will watch Minnie like a hawk; we are two peas in a pod… ;)
    Happy Easter to all there from us here <3 <3 <3


    • Hot Rod Cowgirl
      Apr 19, 2014 @ 21:21:06

      Thank you much for checking in:) You are so sweet:) Minnie is doing MUCH better…she has not thrown up now since Thursday and that same night she had issues with going #2…she finally passed all she needed to and this was when she got sick…so I think part of it was the stress of that and also being older etc. Today she has eaten, drank her water and been happier…I am amazed she is eating canned foods but so glad she is as it will help her. Yeah I worry over her all the time…she is my girl and right now she needs me. I love he lots…and I am thankful that Nylablue is doing good and I am praying for your pain to go away too…God is good and He will help us and watch over us:) Big Hugs and lots of prayers too…and good thoughts…hoping you feel the peace of Easter tomorrow…rest and heal and get to feeling much better…both you and Mylablue:) Happy Easter to you both:) God Bless:)


  9. Nylabluesmum
    Apr 20, 2014 @ 14:34:54

    Helo HRCG & Minnie & all the rest of your family!
    Happy Easter <3
    I am so so relieved that Minnie is doing so much better. Awesome!
    Prayers were answered.
    Today was a purrfect weather day:68 degrees; Sunshine, warn southern breeze…Nylablue & I spent 3 hours on the patio :)
    I felt VERY peaceful today & I am sure Nylablue felt it too.
    Hoping you had a wonderful day & that the coming week is calm & peaceful there.
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too <3 <3 <3


    • Hot Rod Cowgirl
      Apr 22, 2014 @ 18:06:25

      Hi There:) I am glad to hear that Easter was a nice warm day and you two could get outside! Perfecto:) Minnie is doing better…she still seems to not see at night but has some vision or sees shadows maybe during the day….she is eating, drinking and no throwing up so am hoping her tummy is settled down more….it has been stressful for her to not see…I try to be her shadow and help her when she needs me to. Easter for us was quiet and peaceful……we all just napped and then did a bq for dinner. Hugs to you both and lots of prayers:) Love, HRCG and Minnie:)


  10. Nylabluesmum
    Apr 23, 2014 @ 11:24:17

    Hey there HRCG: Sunday was perfecto! It haz been cloudy & cold since; can’t let Nylablue as it is so chilly :(
    I am in horrid flare-up & can barely function…very upsetting.
    Hurrah for Minnie!!!! maybe it was just a kitty tummy bug?! I am just so relieved she is back to normal :)
    As for the sight I know I was Mingflower’s shadow for her whole life & moreso those last 2 1/2 years.
    We are “Seeing Eye Humans”, lol…
    Glad you had a wonderful Easter.
    Sherri-Elen & Nylablue too xoxo


    • Hot Rod Cowgirl
      Apr 23, 2014 @ 19:46:22

      Yes that would be upsettingly hard….I am thinking of you and sending some good get well wishes…not fair at all! I am learning in regards to health issues that being close or in your 60’s seems to bring them on I swear. I have had to wear a heart holter the last 48 hours….got it off this afternoon…am sure all is fine but my heart does the funky chicken dance often so my dr. wanted to check it out….and tomorrow I go for my yearly with my gyn…oh fun…not! I know we truly are the seeing eye humans for our kitties…I feel so bad for Minnie as she truly has times of panic and fear as she is not sure she is safe and she will yowl…I always run to her to reassure her but…it is so hard…she does not try either of the stair ways which I am glad about…she likes to sleep on her special Mom quilt when I go to bed and she prefers it to be where I sit on the sofa so I always arrange it for her…the nurse asked me what I was doing going up and down stairs at 1:30 in the morning and I explained about Minnie and she almost cried with me…I am glad she is healthy and I do pray for her sight to be healed…so I’m praying for a special kitty miracle for Minnie and Nylablue and a special miracle for you:) Hugs, HRCG and Minnie


  11. Nylabluesmum
    Apr 24, 2014 @ 10:26:21

    Hi HRCG: Mingflower would give an odd Siamese yowl too when frightened or unsure & I woudl always comfort her. I used to carry her on a soft pillow from bedroom to living room. I would put pillow on my lap & she would snuggle on the pillow. We spent many an evening together like that. I would lift Mingflower & pillow off me & put on couch to go make tea or use bathroom; then put pillow & cat back on me when I was settled again…LOL I sure was trained well wasn’t I???
    Nylablue has me trained for her needz well also.
    As for the health issues appproching 60 has nothing to do with my probs. I have had Fiibro & OsteoArthritis since I was 25. The Skeletal Hyperostosis started in 1998. Was diagnosed in 2001….took Socs along time to figure out what was wrong. There is no cure; there is not much that can be done at all.
    The only reason I have BP issues is due to lack of mobility..it is a vicious circle.
    Nylablue is doing brilliant & I am glad of that!!!! :)
    She is a miracle….
    I hope the heart monitor test comes back normal.
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo


    • Hot Rod Cowgirl
      Apr 28, 2014 @ 08:51:36

      Hi there:) Am so glad to hear that Nylablue is doing well….so is Minnie:) Minnie is slowly getting used to her new normal I think. She seems more relaxed and content overall…she will have moments of fear and like you I try to comfort her and reassure her that I am right here. I am sorry to hear there isno real cure for the medical issues that you have…I am sure it has to be painful and frustrating! I hope that you will be recovered from this attack on your health soon as in right now:) Sending Monday hugs and gentle thoughts your way:) HRCG and Ms. Minnie


  12. Nylabluesmum
    Apr 29, 2014 @ 17:02:24

    I am so happy Minnie is back to herself…I think the modicfications you made have helped Minnie to feel more relaxed, Plus your love is invaluable…
    Alot of people do not realize just how much a feline can thrive with a Human’s love.
    Nylablue is 9.40 lbs so her weight is up & she is looking better. She had her B12 & pepcid shots & her oral Mirtazipine today…eating well.
    As for me, the 6 month Chiro report was not good; in fact it was quite upsetting. I fear the Hyperostosis is winning….it has now gone into my spine & all the Chiro can do is “TRY” to keep it from progressing…plus I have severe Neurological damage….I am under contract til August so will continue to go…if there is no more improvement I will not renew…
    Worn out & depressed.
    Sorry I am a ”buzzkill” :(
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxo


    • Hot Rod Cowgirl
      Apr 29, 2014 @ 20:39:46

      Ahhhh yes our kitties, and all our animals need our touch and our love…so very important and you are right it makes such a huge difference. Melody, my 9 year old mare, loves me and when I pay attention to Annie at all or any other horse, she pouts…she gets her feelings hurt..she is so sweet:) All of life needs to feel loved and needed whether that life is human or animal..it is a part of our identity…we love to be loved and we love to be needed. Nylablue weighs more than Minnie now….Minnie is around 6.5 pounds…I am so glad that Nylablue is doing well and progressing in her health…I keep praying for her to be healed and for Minnie to have her sight restored. And my dear girl, I am praying for your health and for your healing too:) I wish I could give you a big hug and some hope, encouragement…I am sure it is scary an very painful..I pray Sherri-Ellen for your healing and for your restoration…keep on believing for a miracle:)You are loved and very much needed:) Huggies, HRCG


  13. Nylabluesmum
    May 01, 2014 @ 17:58:40

    Oh darling Melody pouting!!! I can just envision her doing that when you pay attention to the other horses.
    Nylablue does not mind me feeding the ferals but if I pay them ‘too much attention’ she pouts too. It is really very cute but I don’t carry it on long. Don’t want to upset my girl. She was good when we had strays on the patio that I fed tiI could get them to Shelter….I think I saw Nylablue waving “byebye’ when MoJo & Shalimar went with the Shelter Operator, hahahaha!!!
    I checked Nylablue’s weight & it is actually 9.7 lbs. She used to weigh 10.5 lbs so any weight she gains back is great!!!

    Thank you for your prayers. I am rethinking my medical care this month. I am not sure what direction I will go in. I have lost hope in a miracle. As long as Nylalbue is well I am content. This bone disease will not just go away; it progresses….that is its nature. I just have to cope as best I can.
    Wishing you a wonderful Thursday night….May 1at already…this year is racing by….
    (((HUGS))) Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxoxo


    • Hot Rod Cowgirl
      May 05, 2014 @ 14:34:14

      Hi there:) I’m way late in answering your messages…I’m sorry Sherrie-Ellen…we had a super busy weekend and today is ending up differently than I thought too….seems with summer now coming and the nicer weather we are out and about more running into friends and etc. Although we had a client fly up from AZ to see his almost finished car, a 1933 Highboy Roadster…he is so excited! So Saturday we entertained clients and their families for most of the day.Yesterday I had a wedding shower to go to so that took most of my day and now it is the work week again:( Me is tired but happy to see so many others happy too:) I hope that you are doing well with health and that Sweet Kitty Girl Nylablue is doing well too…Ms. Minnie is doing pretty good…we have a routine down now to eat, then drink and then her litter box time and then I carry her back to her safe zone on the sofa…of course I fret over her and all of that but if she can keep feeling more secure then I will try her sleeping with us again…will shut off the stairs so she can not get hurt etc. I feel bad she has decided to sleep down here rather than upstairs with us…I hate to think of her alone…I check her often. Sending kitty purrss and hugs to you and Nylablue:)


  14. Nylabluesmum
    May 05, 2014 @ 17:15:35

    Wow HRCG you have been uber busy & no apology necessary!!! I am glad you are getting out & about…That Highboy sounds awesome!!!
    Nylablue is needing her Depo shot so we will go to the Vet’s tomorrow.
    I have been sorting myself out regarding the Chiropractor & have decided to stop going. Nylablue & I posted a blog Saturday about the situation. I am beyond fed-up. I am hoping things will resolve & he will be fair with me. I know I will never let some one talk me into Authorized payments again because trying to stop them is ridiculously difficult :(
    I am thrilled Minnie is stable & you have such a great routine for her….reminds me of my Mingflower….I can imagine having Minnie sleeping downstairs upsets you. I would be down there with her, lol…
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxo


    • Hot Rod Cowgirl
      May 06, 2014 @ 11:02:53

      I will be praying for you in regards to resolving the chiropractor issues….and for Nylablue to have an easy day at the vets with the shot. I have slept downstairs with her as she will sleep on the sofa where I usually sit, I make her a bed every night and I will sleep on the other end….but I have not been able to talk WB into it…so I kind of go back and forth:) LOL!


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